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Eyesenck’s Personality Theory Model: Sanguine Personality

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Eysenck’s Personality Theory Model

Eysenck’s personality of theory divided into two categories which are extraversion and introversion personality types. Extraversion type of personality person is usually relax and confident on their own while introversion type of personality person is often a quite person; focus on inner feelings and their emotional will be more negative and not stable as compared to extraversion type of person. Extrovert people are more likely to be out-going person, they like to social and attend event to meet with new people and make new friends. In contrast, introvert people keep things to their own and seldom share to people, they also less likely towards social things because of their shy personality.

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In this world, different types of people having different own personality, by understanding people’s personality is a key to unlock elusive human qualities. All humans are different, everyone has their own value, principles, special strengths, weakness and qualities in handling things in their life; different types of people will think and action in different ways. For instance, Eysenck’s categorize people into 4 types of human personality, which are choleric, melancholic, sanguine and phlegmatic. However, choleric and sanguine personality were fall under extraversion category while melancholic and phlegmatic were fall under introversion category.

Features of Sanguine Personality

Referred to Eyesenck’s Personality Theory Model, sanguine personality is playing a role as the extrovert, talker and optimist. They are emotionally stable compared to people who have melancholic and choleric personality. The characteristics of sanguine personality are sociable, outgoing, lively, easygoing, talkative, responsive, leadership and carefree.


People who have sanguine personality are sociablen; they are supportive in engaging themselves in outside activities and talk to others. Sanguine people have a lot of friends and also have wide social relationship which may have friends that are from different fields or places. Besides, they can make new friends easily and adapt to the situation even in a new environment or with strangers.


People who having sanguine personality is an outgoing person; they are active in joining or participating outside activities. Sanguine people don’t like to stay at home and things that are boring. They like to join or see thing that are challenges and new and they are type of person who enjoy going out or hang out with friends and comfortable in social situation.


People who having sanguine personality is a lively person; they are active at most of the time and having positive energy in whatever things that they do. Besides, they bring fun and joy to people surrounded them and people will feeling comfortable and relax when with sanguine people as they less likely having negative thought compared to melancholic personality. This may one of the features of sanguine that attracted people to talk and make friends with them.


People who having sanguine personality is an easygoing person; they forgive and forgot mistake or bad thing that people done on them. They don’t hold grudges and usually behave in a relaxed and tolerate approach or manner. They have even-tempered and able to control their own emotional compared to melancholic and choleric personality. They seldom mad at people and don’t like to make things become complicated. For instance, if sanguine people commit a mistake they will readily apologize to the person.


Sanguine playing roles as the talker and storyteller, they are talkative and like to repeat stories to their friends. They can talk anything with their friends; such as gossip or discuss things that from general problems until privacy with their friends without feeling tired or bored. They eager to express their own opinion or idea, wish people paid attention on them. Sometimes, due to the talkative personality they are likely to dominate the whole conversation when in a group activities.


Sanguine people are responsive; they give quick and readily response to people. They are open to suggestions; accept people comment and improvement themselves from it. Besides, sanguine people usually are the type of active students in the class; they like to ask and also give response to their teacher questions. If sanguine friends are facing problems, they will response to it and always be there to listen and to give opinion or advice to their friends.


Sanguine people tend to have strong leadership; they have the ability to guide a group of people and give direction to the members about actions that should taken in order to achieve a certain task. Sanguine people like to express their own opinion and ideas in group activities and sometimes they will be the dominant person throughout the whole conversation with their friends or activities. In a group, sanguine will act as opinion leader and they have the power to influence or swing people’s perception and action.


People who having sanguine personality is a carefree person, they are relaxed and less worried. For instance, sanguine people behaving in a happy-go-lucky attitude, when everyone was stressing and rushing for group assignment, sanguine may be one of the most relaxed people among the group members. They are less likely to take thing seriously, free from care and they always enjoy their time in a happy and joy mood.


Communication Style

The communication style of sanguine personality is talkative. People who having sanguine personality are like to talk, they can talk anything from general problems until privacy without feeling tired or bored. Sanguine people talk in confident and relaxed manners; they talk things in more casual way and always share a lot of things with their friends. They like to repeat stories, always response to people questions and give comment or opinion. Their communication style will attract people attention and people will feel comfortable when communicate and interact with sanguine people. However, due to the talkative personality, sanguine people always talk and rush for conclusion. Sometimes, they didn’t give opportunity for others people to speak or express their opinion.

Responsive: “My friend, I am here listening to your problems.”

Carefree: “It is okay, don’t worry so much and everything will be alright.”

Each personality has their pros and cons. The strengths of sanguine personality are they are an easygoing and sociable person. In contrast, the weaknesses of sanguine personality are they have a strong leadership and talkative.

Strengths: Sanguine is an easygoing person, they do not hold grudges. They forgive and forgot people mistake. They have even-temper and able to control their emotion, which make people like to make friends with them. It is because sanguine people will not mad at people easily or for a long time. People will feel relax and comfortable when with sanguine people because of their easygoing personality. For instance, even thought if a person has done something bad to sanguine people, sanguine people will readily forgive the person if they apologize or admit the fault. Besides, sanguine people do not mind share their things to their friends such as foods or ideas. They are also open in accepting people judgement, if people commented something bad about them they will not keep it in heart for a long time but will takes it as opportunity for self-improvement.

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Sanguine is a sociable person, by having this characteristic it will help them easy to get along with others and also help to encourage effective relationship with outsider. Sanguine people will be having a lot of advantages in their life by having sociable personality such as in workplace, school and others. Sanguine person is likely to engage themselves in outside activities, they are active in joining any events which can helps them to extend their social relationship and make new friends. When they go out and know more friends, they actually can learn extra knowledge from other persons and also enhance interaction with other people. This could be a good opportunity for their education or business to go further, the chances that they get might be a good turning point for their life. For example, sanguine person looking for a job after graduation, they might will get job more easily than their friends as they have knew different friends that worked in different fields, it is way easier to approach someone when good relationship is established.

Weaknesses: By having strong leadership personality it might be one of the weaknesses of sanguine people. People who are having strong leadership is usually self-centred, they want people to paid attention on them and wish to be dominant in group activities. They are eager to express their ideas and opinion, they hope whatever they said can be heard or followed by members. However, this personality will cause distancing between sanguine people and their friends. It is because to some extend leader having the power to instruct members to do something, for those people who are not obedience they will surely don’t like these type of person. Sometimes, sanguine person are assertive, they might over confident on their own and like to showing off and self-promoting. They are likely to take the full responsibilities as a leader when there is any job distributed among the members, due to the strong leadership personality

Another weakness of sanguine personality is talkative. Sanguine people are likely to repeat or talk about the same things to their friends without feeling bored or tired. Due to talkative personality, sometimes people that friend with sanguine people may feel they are annoying For example, when sanguine people found that they are not satisfy with what they had they will keep asking and finding until they found out the satisfy answer or result. They need response and attention from others. They talk in a casual or fun way people will think that they are not taking things seriously. Due to the talkative personality, people will feel that they are exaggerating as sanguine people will give excessive information or overselling ideas when communicating to other people.


There are several ways to overcome the weaknesses of sanguine personality. First, sanguine person should learn to listen to others people words before they speak or express their view or ideas. In doing this, they can give opportunities for other people to express their ideas and sometimes the ideas given by people may be useful in their group activities instead of dominate the whole conversation. Second, they should learn to self-effacing which is to tone down their strong approach, avoid exaggerating and overselling own idea as it may help to gain more trust from friends toward them. Third, in whatever thing that sanguine people do they should always put themselves in other people shoes, should consider about other people interest and care more about other people feeling. Besides, it is always important to consider the seriousness of the situation first but not behaving in a carefree attitude at all the time.


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