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Tasks Carried Out During The Internship Media Essay

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Wordcount: 3623 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Phoenix Satellite Television is a Hong Kong-based Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese  television broadcaster that serves the Chinese mainland and Hong Kong along with other markets with substantial Chinese viewers. It has 7 different television channels including Phoenix InfoNews Channel, Phoenix Chinese Channel, Phoenix Movie Channel, Phoenix Hong Kong Channel, Phoenix Emerald Channel, etc. Phoenix Television provides news, information, entertainment programme. It is one of the few privately owned broadcasting companies in mainland China able to broadcast information about events not covered by the government media. The company’s head office locates in Tai Po, New Territories, Hong Kong, it also has correspondents offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

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The channel where I worked in is The Phoenix InfoNews Channel, which was established on 1 January 2001. It was the first Chinese-language channel that covered news from the regions of Greater China, including mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. There is 24-hour broadcasting on financial news, stock market information as well as news headlines worldwide. In addition, it provides comments and analysis prepared by analysts on current issues and topics.

My role at the company

When I first began my job as an intern student, my role was rigidly defined. I had certain tasks that I was to complete the first week along with direction from the other experienced staff. (Making rolling subtitles the first week) The teacher told me exactly what I shall do, what news shall I pick, where shall I replace the news on the software. As I became more accustomed to my work routine, the group leader let me do the thing by my self. She gave me the power to select news and make decision for where to place them and when to broadcaste the news. I was encouraged to generate some of my own ideas to the workplace to make unique contributions to the team. Beside the rolling text, I also helped to a program name “天下”, this program is about popular ting from the internet. Within weeks, I came up with creative idea about the program topics and created ideas and inventory management strategies that were broadcasted. I was lucky to have a boss that I had, she let me do the editing job indenpendentlu after 3 weeks time, thus I attribute my ideas to my manager’s encouragement to come up with my new ideas. Because of it, I feel I have eventually grew apathetic toward my job. After I was given the freedom to take ownership of my role, I became a much stronger resource to my company and my increased performance is proof of that. 

when an I was got the opportunity to determine and define my own roles, it lead to much better performance. Given the ability to define their own role, I will feel more ownership of their responsibilities and gain a deeper understanding of their job function Because the company give me the freedom to shape my own role in a company, I felt just like a staff in the company, and perceived my self as a part of the company, it did will increased my productivity and job satisfaction.  I truly believe employees will perform better when given a say in defining their role within a company

Tasks carried out during the internship

I found my internship to be rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, and enjoyable. For me, it was enjoyable to participate in news production. I enjoy many aspects of the production process from start to finish-activities such as composing scripts, editing voiceovers, and editing the news footage. Broadcasting the news to the public, I feel is an important duty and I learned that the process of broadcasting to the public is an enjoyable process and feeling for me.

My internship had a duration of six weeks. This internship was at a television station that produced broadcast news. While interning, my official title was Student Intern. My specific duties involved working with the rolling subtitles that appear underneath and simultaneous to broadcast content. I additionally participated in the post production aspects of the program, working with other editors. I researched material, made drafts or rough cuts, typeset content, and sent my work to be seen and used by the news anchors. My internship allowed me to develop skills in a specific area of production while also providing me opportunities to interact with various departments and individuals. While I did have my primary focus of work (subtitling), the internship gave me opportunities to learn and participate in aspects of the production process in which I was not always directly involved. There was both specificity and variety. These aspects helped make the internship enjoyable. I had the opportunity to develop a routine and a work process that I could practice, and at the same time there was a sense of unpredictability because there were plenty of times I did other things besides subtitling. It was also very exciting and interesting to interact with so many people who collaborate to make the news happen.

Learning experience

During the summer internship I realized that collaboration and cooperation are things which are absolutely crucial to production work happening. Media production is definitely a group effort. Having social and communication skills are just as important as having production skills. If a person cannot get along well with others, that person will have a short-lived and likely unfulfilling career in media production.

Media and news production appeals to my fundamental need and ability to communicate and tell stories to people. I am a storyteller. Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of media in human history. Media and news production are simply derivations of storytelling. The news, television shows, and movies are all just modern versions of one of the oldest forms of communication human beings have. There must be some instinctual need in humans to tell stories and listen to stories. There is something about storytelling that has a strong and deep appeal to human beings all throughout the world for as long as humans have existed, so far as documented history tells us. I feel a connection to this need to share stories. It is within me. Therefore, my internship at the production studio has personal and professional implications for me. I certainly enjoyed my work and my experience there, which influences the trajectory of my study and my plans after graduation.

During the internship, I discovered that News and media production play very well into some of my natural skills and abilities. I am a person who is patient. I learned about just how much patience and discipline are required for research, editing, and presentation. I am fortunate that I already retain some of the qualities necessary to do well in such activities and processes. People who are not as patient or meticulous would have a very hard time in production. I am also a person whose has the ability to achieve and maintain focus. When I have a task at hand, I know how to achieve and maintain focus from the start of the task until the task is completed. Media production cannot work without people who know how to focus. Some of the aspects of production are extremely delicate both technically and artistically. In order to produce a quality piece of media, production teams must be able to focus. I knew this before my internship started, but after the experience of the internship, I have a new kind of appreciation for some of my character traits.

As a student, it is fairly unknown how one would fair in the real professional world. We never know which qualities about ourselves will help us or hurt us professionally. My experience as a production intern gave me a clearer sense of what about me lends itself to this kind of work as well as what about me should be improved upon to be a better professional whenever my next production opportunity may be. In this way, the production internship gave me confidence in myself as well as motivation to be better. News production is already a challenge in of itself; lacking personal traits that lend themselves to the work only makes the work all the more arduous. These are some ways the internship connected to my personal and professional lives.

My understanding for media after intern

My previous courses in advertising and marketing in prior semesters in combination with my work in media personally influences my thinking now, which is that media is a truly significant aspect for people in the 21st century world. In today’s local and global societies, media is a fixture. I have a deeper understanding of the range of affects media has upon people, especially with regard to have media affects people’s perceptions. I also see how media affects international relations. Media can be used as part of international relations. In fact, a production with an international production crew is in itself an exercise in a kind of international relations. Because media has such an influence on perceptions and international relations, I see how much responsibility media producers and media professionals have to the subject matter and to the audiences that consume the content. This is an aspect of media that appeals to me now. The international aspects, the potential to influence audiences, and the chance to demonstrate social responsibility or professional integrity are things about a career in media that cause me to want to contribute myself.

What I contribute to the company

Again, my internship lasted for six weeks total. During the first three weeks of my internship, I contributed to the production of the scrolling marquee or rolling subtitles that appear underneath the anchor during broadcasts. My jobs was to perform acquire information that appears as content for the marquee. There are many news networks and news programs that practice putting a scrolling marquee of other news while there is news content on the screen. I would go online and search a variety of websites. I would do my best to locate the most controversial, most interesting, and most newsworthy news. After I assembled an adequate amount of news information from my research, I would rewrite the information I found, input into the system, and then the information would be broadcast. I would have to have twelve items of news of the list for the marquee. My duties not only included research and writing, but it also included prioritizing. I had to put the news items I found in an order that made sense and showcased all the information gathered in the best way possible. There was also an element of timing because I had to additionally change which news items appeared on the marquee periodically, usually changing two items every fifteen minutes. In addition to current events and world news, I also had to include stock news, which was new for me as I am not an expert in the stock exchange.

During the remaining three weeks of my internship, I spent time working exclusively with the editors. I worked with the editor for a program called “天下被网ç½-“. With the assistance and supervision of the editor, I would perform research. The research had to be quality and current content that was amusing, important, controversial, or otherwise noteworthy. I located images, videos, and text using only the Internet. After I gathered my content, I composed a rough draft summarizing the content and its potential significance. After I wrote a draft, the editor would send my draft to a news anchor. The anchors would read my work and then report upon it in a casual or informal manner. The anchors would actually use work that made part of their on-air discussion and commentary.

“天下被网ç½-” is a program with a running time or approximately 38 minutes. As part of my team’s research for this program, we had to locate approximately ten pictures, ten news texts, and eight videos. There were times when it was necessary to cut or edit the videos for length. The editor would make or approve of every draft and every draft would go to the anchor. Altogether, there was a small team behind this program, so that was interesting to be a part of large teams and small teams during my internship experience. There were times when the specific forms of research were delegated to one person. For example, one team member may only perform research for images. Another person may only research for relevant videos. In my experience, I had the chance to research for all three types of necessary content. I now have experience researching images, videos, and text. After I located the appropriate material or content, I wrote my drafts. After they were approved, there were instances where I could help the anchor directly as well as assist in the recording of the program.

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From my internship I learned that I have strong time management skills. I had no problems completing my work within a specific time frame or by a specific deadline. I also was able to utilize the resources provided to me very well and on time. For the scrolling marquee job, I always had to update the content slightly before fifteen minutes elapsed to be prepared. Thus, my rolling subtitles were always very fresh. All of the news I compiled was the latest news and the most important. The news marquee is updated quite frequently; therefore, late or old news is unacceptable. If the number of an item has increased, I updated the number immediately. Furthermore, as part of my time management skills, I always made time and got into the habit of double and triple checking my work before sending it off for approval or broadcast. These traits contributed to my level of productivity during the internship.

For the program “天下被网ç½-,” I looked through many different websites and gathered many good materials. I made sure there was variation in the style to make sure the program is suitable for a broad spectrum of audience members. I wrote a draft for the material immediately after the material was found, with accurate, simple, and clear language. The time spent on the draft is normally no more than fifteen minutes. Thus, I must have had good time to find good material. I always finished locating the items I need to find before the time limit expired, and used the rest of time to prepare material for the following day. Sometimes with my leftover time, I would double check the draft, consulting my colleagues on what they think about the news, if they have other comments; I appreciate the commentary and would consider integrating it into my work. These are other ways my traits contributed to my productivity.

As far as my output, with regard to the scrolling marquee, I located and used a minimum of forty news items per day, which is higher than average. Again, the news items were updated every fifteen minutes. Two items were updated for every few minutes. I had to follow the rules for updating information quite strictly. I used less than five minutes for every news item, and subsequently located more items. For “天下被网ç½-,” I had five hours to locate items and write drafts for the materials I found. I always finished on time. I had no problem with punctuality and quality of my work.

I realize that my internship shows me some of the gaps in my knowledge structure or base. As aforementioned, I need to know more about editing and about producing. I want to know more about how to organize and lead people during production. I could always use more development as a writer.

Study and internship

From this experience, I learned about the necessity of both school experiences and work experiences. I think that to be a truly success professional, people should have formal educational experiences in their fields, and they should also have worthwhile professional experiences. The two different kinds of experiences complement each other very well. Having both kinds of experience can only help a professional get better or be his or her best. In school, there is stress on theory and concepts, which is good and necessary to have a theoretical knowledge about the work. In the professional world, a person has a chance to prove or disprove the theories learned in school. The professional world provides students important opportunities to apply what they have learned in the classroom to see what is really relevant, useful, and/or true.

From my university coursework, specifically a course called Writing for Media, I learned that media professionals must write in a specific way. I learned that in every industry there is a specific format and style of writing that is appropriate for that industry. In the media industry, professional must write in a succinct manner, with great clarity and accuracy. The lessons I learned from that course helped me very much during my internship. There was a clear connection between the courses I have taken and the work that I did during my internship. I applied the lessons from Writing for Media over and over during my six-week internship. I composed drafts for programs. Therefore I practiced writing for media in general. I wrote drafts that were brief, yet very clear. I did my best to represent the information in my drafts as accurately as possible. Another course called I took called Fundamentals of Persuasive Communication proved to benefit me during my internship as well. My communication skills increased because of the course and because of the application of lessons learned from the course during the internship. Communication must include listening to others. I had to listen to others during the internship. I was working in teams and I am inexperienced, so I would listen to my team members and I would listen when people would give me instructions and/or feedback. I also learned the differences between listening and listening carefully. My listening skills improved and I became more discriminating about what information is useful to me and what is not. This is how my coursework prepared me for the internship experience.

I still have a ways to go until graduation, so I will take the focus and direction I acquired because of my internship has influenced my current and upcoming choices regarding my remaining coursework. I feel that because of my internship, I will select courses in news editing, news journalism, and broadcasting in the upcoming year.

On the other hand though, there were things that I learned in the internship that I would have never been able to learn just from the classroom experience. I learned much more intensely about my strengths and weaknesses personally and professionally. One weakness is my lack of experience to problem solve during emergency or otherwise intense situations. In the working environment, there is a real, palpable tension that I was not prepared for. The internship highlighted my lack of agility and strength under very serious pressure. This is something upon which I must improve because a lot of media production, especially news media, is very intense and move fast. I need more practice working effectively in this kind of environment. The internship highlighted many of my strengths including my intense concentration. I concentrate very well on my work. I am also good at listening and over communication with different kinds of people. Another strength I learned I have is my ability to adapt to new situations, circumstances and more. After years of studying media theory, I have my own real life experience with the production process of news, and television situation comedy. I know what it feels like to deliver messages to the public in those formats. Those are things I could not learn from a book or in a classroom. This is one way in which my internship proved invaluable.

Difficulties experienced during the internship

My problems during the internship were few. I had troubles working with pieces of production software. I was unfamiliar with them and I found them to be very different from the software I used at school or for school normally. That was a setback because production work is heavily predicated on software. Almost every department in production has its own kind of software to learn. Something else that was a problem or issue was accuracy. There was a lot of pressure to be accurate. Everything I wrote, in terms of the subtitles, would be read by millions. I felt a lot of responsibility, especially to be accurate, clear, and have correct spelling. I never experienced that kind of pressure at school. I had some adapting to change, after all the internship was a new environment with new people. Mostly, I had to deal with the unexpected. I am inexperience in problem solving and working on my own. In school, I have an instructor to ask for guidance; in the workplace, it’s own me.

From a group perspective, my internship could have been improved with a bit more support from other members of the crew.

I already had an interest in media before my production, and even before I chose my major. After having some coursework and internship in media, my desire to work in media has definitely solidified. I want to work as a professional in the media industry for many years to come. My production internship experience specifically has shown to me in what direction I will go after my impending graduation next year.


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