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The effect of advertisement on people especially children and students

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Advertisement is all around us, we can’t run away from it. One of the most important aims of advertising is to persuade consumers to buy a certain product. In general advertising have a negative effect in people’s mind. The product is done to be so effectively on people, so sometimes they are attracted to a product. And after they buy it they realize that the thing they saw in the advertisement is not really true. Advertisement has many effects on people and some of them are health and safety risks from false fact advertising, subliminal advertising, and deceiving children advertising. The false fact advertisements are deceiving people and lead them to buy products which it will affect negatively on them in the future. The most important audience for advertisement is children. Children are being controlled without knowing with the advertisement that is shown mostly on the TV. They are having problems like obesity because of the powerful attraction of advertisement. The third role of the advertisement is subliminal advertisement and it sends ideas to people especially children and students which is inappropriate for them and effect them in the future.

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The word media was first used in the 1920s, and since the 1950s, amidst the high level of industrialization, mass media, radio and cinema, have been highly influencing politics. Mass media consists of all media technologies, including televisions, internet, radio, and newspapers, which are used also for mass communication. One of the messages the media transmits is advertising. Advertisement is an action to get the public attention towards a product or business through electronic media, or paid announcements in broad cast. Advertising can be done for a product, idea, person, or an organization. However, its importance lies in its containing only one single message that all the audience members would interpret alike. Advertising is a very important part of marketing. It is all around us, we can’t run away from it. Where ever you look you see an advertisement; in your home you watch TV, and on the street seeing billboards. These days, TV and its advertisement are part of most families’ daily life. It persuades people to buy their products. Customers get influenced by several types of advertisement to buy a product. These types are shown in different methods, like TV commercial campaigns, print media campaigns, billboards that are put on the streets, posters, product placement in films and TV programs, newspapers, magazines, and the internet. Studies on advertisement showed that TV ads are the most influential type of advertisement because most people watch TV, and because TV has the ability to transmit messages through sound, motion, and sight. Nowadays, commercials advertise their products that don’t really function the way shown in the commercial. Advertisement programs should be for the people’s benefits not for the company. Consumers should be aware of risks in health and safety from false advertising, customers and children deceiving, and subliminal advertising.

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The economy is an important reason to keep advertisement in any country .Without spending every year hundreds of billions of dollars on advertising, many companies will lose money and many people will lose their jobs. On the other hand people are suffering and spending a lot of money on their medical care because they are being poisoned or had a disease because of the false and deceptive advertisement. Smoking advertisement is the most popular advertisement in the TV shows. It encourages people especially the teenagers to start to begin smoking. Smoking is so dangerous; it has many dangerous effects on heath. It causes many diseases like cancer which has no final cure. Smoking commercials are paying a lot of money to grab the attention of the people by their extremely nice advertisements. And people who smoke a lot don’t realize the detrimental effect of smoking until they become ill and get obliged to pay more money on their health care. In Australia (2004- 2005) smoking related diseases killed 14,900 Australians. This means that 40 deaths occurred every day. The major cause of that death was tobacco diseases including cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and heart diseases. Smoking kills more men than women, and rates were high among the teenagers, young people, and people of lower level of education. We have many advertisements on the TV that are fake-false fact and deceive us and affect our health. Like nowadays, many people without any educational degree advertise for a fake unhealthy medicine for many diseases with a lower price than the real medicine. These advertised product fall under several names like Amana care, Zein, and others. Many of these “so-called” herbal products contain chemicals some of which were tested to be carcinogens. And, recently it was found that a large number of weight-reducing medications that are advertised under

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“100% natural products” contained medicinal chemicals that are known to cause many side effects. Unfortunately, despite these facts, such products continue to be publicized on TV where naïve people get seduced to buy them. Advertisement has many audiences, but it mainly concentrates on two which are children and students. Warren (2008) argues: “Over the last 30 years, the percentage of U.S children which have over weight and obese has more than tripled”. The average time that children spend on media was 5 hours a day. This means that obesity and overweight comes from the extra use of media. Food products use a large portion of the television advertisement. Studies on food advertising have concluded that it is largely comprised of unhealthy foods and appeals uniquely suited to children. Commercials of food advertising are playing a big role in making children become obese. They are using the developed graphics to show the food in an excellent way to grab the eye of the audience. Warren (2008) argues: “With the holistic processing strategies employed, fun and entertaining images of food are easily understood by young children”. Advertiser should promote new initiatives to encourage healthy diets and increased physical activity of children.

How can people know the news of the new technology and a lot of varieties without looking on the advertisement? Advertisement is important in our social life, particularly in keeping us updated by indicating new product or replacement if the old ones. It also needs a feedback from the customers regarding any product. On the contrary, many commercials are deceiving people by manipulating the standards of products. It means that sellers are manipulating something that in realty is wrong. Like the hard disk drive product, they show it that it fits 300 GB but in reality it is less than that. They play a psychological role to make people think that the commercials are making products or selling it in a way to make people benefit from it. For example medicine advertisements are shown in way to let people think that they don’t need a doctor for health problems, it’s enough to listen or see the advertisements of fake medicines. Nowadays, television advertising is showing only the positive parts of the products, but the negative things of the product that effect the human body are hidden. Like the hair color advertisement, they show it shiny and in an excellent way, but when people buy it and the instruction are read and it don’t have that it also cause side effects on skin depending on different skins, which is not shown in the advertisements, this will lead to false labeling on products neglect the reality between the customer and the commercial.

Moreover people face the main problem for beauty products. Sometimes because of the ad seen on television people may be attracted towards a product that is not much important to their life of those may create negative impacts on the body.

It is important to look at the advertisements because it adds to our beauty. It also increases the use of certain product and acquiring more orders. Advertising need new customers to increase the brand recognition. Broyles (2004) says that: “What is seen as subliminal advertisement nowadays began in 1957 by a movie theater”. Many of the perfumes, shampoos and others accessories ads delivers subliminal sexual messages as all the given who appear in these ads in behave and address in a seducing manner. Children and students are growing up with a bad behavior because of these sexual messages. Many people face problems from beauty products. Sometimes because of the advertisement that is seen on the TV attract people to buy it and it is not important to their life and also may create negative effects on their body. Many advertisement like shopping effect people especially women to buy clothes even though she don’t need it but she was attracted by the advertisers. More than that people with little minded that don’t have money go and borrow it to buy the product that they think they need.

Kilbourne (2000) says that: “advertising has a great impact in all of us, but we don’t realize that”. Advertisement seen every day, so people should choose the right ones and know which is good and bad for them. There must be supervision from the parents on their children.


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