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Digital Media And Print Media: Dying Out

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Wordcount: 776 words Published: 4th May 2017

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With reference to the presentation of Fenna Statz on the 14th of December, in which we spoke about the problem that due to digital media, print media no longer will exist in the near future. I hereby want to talk about the problem, to offer a conclusion and a solution.

The problem is that print media is dying. Since the first facts of electronic media and print media has always felt an undue threat. First was the radio and then to the television. Now the internet is apparently up against the vast and widely spread print media. Or print media is dying, is a question that a lot of marketers ask themselves from time to time. Whether they believe in the power of the printed word or choose to put all their advertising dollars into digital media. This report is to provide you more detailed information about the problem that print media is dying and if it will exist in the near future.

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Everyone knows already what digital media is, but most of the people have no idea what it is and how it can help you out when it comes to marketing. It is very important that you get up to speed so you can use this to benefit your business. In fact digital media refers to any type of electronic media out there. Today media has accessed in many ways, including with hand held devices like mobile phones, laptops, desktops, mp3 players, and more. The digital media will take over the world. You can read everything on the internet and everybody has their own network, like social media. Social networking sites are the websites using which you can make new friends and find out your old friends. Not only making and finding friends you can also find many other services available in networking sites. Usually all the networking sites work in a similar way. The difference is just of rules and regulations. Usually people who join these sites have some common reasons like finding old friends, making new friends, dating, religion, etcetera. There are many forms of social media, the most common are: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace. Facebook is the largest social networking site for people connecting with friends and others. More than 500 million people are active users on Facebook, 50% of the active users log on to Facebook in any given day. The average user has 130 friends and people spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. MySpace is the same platform as Facebook, and is commonly referred to as a place for friends. Twitter has 190 million accounts. Almost 91 percent of the Dutch youth is active in the social media. This includes the Dutch youth to the top of the European Union. Only Polish people make more use of social media almost 94 percent. The use of social media decreases with age. In the age group 25 to 55 years, the proportion of those active in social networks in the Netherlands and 54 percent of the age of 55 to 75 years just over 30 percent.

Print media advertising is exactly what it says, it is advertising in a print media arena. The two most forms of print media advertising are newspapers and magazines. Print media also includes many other advertising like: Posters on buses, trains, toilet rooms, subways and a lot of other thing. Also outdoor billboards, ads in phone books, flyers, etcetera. The proportion of Dutch says that someone in their household has subscribed to a newspaper, decrease from 62 percent in 1997 to 50 percent in 2008. This decrease may be related to the emergence of a number of free newspapers. I think that in the future the people will read the news on the internet. News breaks are much faster online than in any other medium, except for live television.

From all that facts of above it can be concludes that now it is very clear where the trend is headed, so no doubt, print media in its traditional form will decline. But I do not think that it will cease to exist in 10 years. Printed media will be less, but there will always be a need for a printed copy by the people. With print media you can share it and you can move it. So keep that fact in your mind if you develop a media strategy. Studies have shown that print advertising has a lower ROI and that should bring down the cost of advertising soon. Think of it is a non expensive channel to advertise.

While we are used to accessing news in real time from the web, print media will still have a role in providing content where timing is not an issue. And the transition to a digital world will not be accomplished within 10 years. I think that will take over more than 100 years.

The government could not forbid the newspapers because it will be always a need by many people.


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