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Annotated Bibliography: Portrayal of Women in the Media

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Literature Review

The last 20 years has been a steady increase in the number of women professionals, although most common in the media business, politics and the economy continues to rely on men as experts in. Mostly Women portrayal news stories about accidents, natural disasters, or domestic violence instead of their professional capabilities or proficiency. Women in politics are similarly sidelined. Canadian journalist Jenn Goddu analyzed newspaper and magazine 15 years on the treatment of three women’s lobby groups. She found that journalists likely more focus on the domestic issues of the politically participated woman’s life (such as their fashion, routine life and way of living and dealing) rather than her point on the issues.

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Arpita Sharma, studied the Portrayal of Women in Mass Media in India. He stated that Indian sate have a free and responsible press. He investigated the issue women were sold in Eluru of Andhra Pradesh that issue news published in 1998. On such kinds of incidents he found two major aspects. One is women still only sold and purchased and unwanted away if you cursed suffer discrimination and degrading of women in various parts of the country may be a reflection of goods is considered one of the eateries. Second, but only a few sensational newspapers flashed on issues, emphasizes the role of the media in public construction. Usually, it is determined the place in the newspaper. He added that in India a few newspapers are running women’s page that represents the beauty tips, recipes and fashion.

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He also studied the women’s magazines seek constantly to lead the feminine energies in narrow channels and define their concerns, concerns and aspirations within imposed arbitrarily “framework of women’s work”. Apart from the looks and dresses stress it comes to the development of the mental faculties and the behavior in a way that they can fit into women’s male dominated social structure. He studied the structure of the stories in magazines and described that women are described with the ambition of life get a straight man and his retention at all costs.

The media advocacy group studied, the women’s and men’s news and current affair programs (1994) they stated that women have traditionally been associated with areas limited relationship programs. Even those women call their exterior prettified setting; can be seen to give their views on topics related to home and family.

In conclusion words, Sharma says that Media in India not to discuss serious issues related to women and women’s roles in society is equal to its own rights and makes a sufficient effort to ready to play. To change this situation, the benefits and disadvantages of the bride and the media constantly monitor is required.

  1. Arpita, Portrayal of Women in Mass Media

The news media is changing to reflect their increasing women’s representation in political status as elected representatives and community participation and and New Zealand national policy is clear. But it does not mean that the old adage applies better. Every day on television, radio broadcasts and print media increased visibility of women, in politics, structural, systematic gendering. This time, however, Women themselves with tolerance, gendering of tolerance and the representation of women in politics sexist media feeds. The media does not reflect the truth in politics or outdated, the ladies sexist images and words and concepts are mired in the “private sphere” about women’s place (van Acker, 1999).

New Zealand while on top of the world in terms of women’s political resources are represented as instances of the trivialisation and condemnation, and continue to occur, in some cases, trivial media portrayals of women employed by the public relations strategies for political gain. I would suggest. Neglect, in its original form, dotted with high-profile women in the contemporary political scene, but the evidence is less relevant to the concept of women’s perspectives, is still in some places is omitted. Journalism educators in the 21st century in terms of visibility/invisibility of gender theory, news and media, you must reboot for the quality of less represented.

  1. Susan Fountaine, & Judy McGregor, Reconstructing gender for the 21st century: News media framing of political women in New Zealand

With more than 50 State Capitol Hill each year representing the women, many women politicians have noted that the same treatment is not allowed, such as media men. In a study of women politicians on the news focuses on character traits and its policy more arguments less than male colleagues for that.

03. News coverage of female politicians focuses on personality, males on the issues

Date: July 3, 2013, Source: SAGE Publications

Dunaway et. al studied the Traits versus Issues: How Female Candidates Shape Coverage of Senate and Gubernatorial Races, in the State Elections of 2006 and 2008 elections, approximately 10,000 newspaper articles covering the data collected across the USA. The study authors Dunaway et. al, the focus in terms of the [political] stated that the net change between the races. “The previous literature and their own expectations, in General, women candidates are racing against male races more likely the property feature stories.”

They found that Only 6% of the time and the character traits to choose coverage problems% 34.5 time, male-female issues from time to time the races, properties,% 10.8% focused on articles and only male selections, 33.0 character properties is focused on the issues from time to time,% 9.4% 32.1 found stories stories. The researchers concluded that, “personal characteristics and properties of the candidates with a more focused news races women candidates and finding the Governor campaigns especially stark.”

  1. J. Dunaway, R. G. Lawrence, M. Rose, C. R. Weber.Traits versus Issues: How Female Candidates Shape Coverage of Senate and Gubernatorial Races. Political Research Quarterly, 2013; DOI:10.1177/1065912913491464

In nature, this paper adopted the content analysis method. This did it “begins with the small Big Naira Kobo”, entrepreneurship is a leading national newspaper in Nigeria, a property of the column to explore women’s participating in the media frame Because he was selected to work in the newspaper business desk signature page column. Analysis, paper print media framing, enhancing their socio-economic empowerment for Women Entrepreneurship is important for the world as a tool that can serve as the finish.

Therefore, the Mission of becoming a real instrument of social change punch newspaper to fulfill this while maintaining his “begins with the small Big Naira Kobo” column property of the positive image you will have to increase the numerical quota framework women’s characterization, frame. To the extent that these are three of the four women featured in the successful entrepreneur, the punch is acting as a complementary agency of women empowerment, Women women’s ability to use their own aspects of the control is defined while they participate in the way of effective group work for social change.

  1. Samuel Okere, & Justina Sam-Okere, Print Media Framing of Women in Entrepreneurship: Prospects for Women Empowerment IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science (IOSR-JHSS) Volume 9, Issue 6 (Mar. – Apr. 2013), PP 31-38 e-ISSN: 2279-0837, p-ISSN: 2279-0845.

The depiction of women in the Indian media, it’s just a bad time is rude. Newspapers to give news about rape, crime, politics, scandals, sports and Economy, serious discussions and debates on women’s issues in General is completely missing. Local media reported the woman Gets a share of only pages where the colorful portrayal of a lot of players in the TV serial or movie stars, as well as some of the warm welcome, and pin-up about the grapevine. The British press, hot babes snaps and party-Mania lives on the provision of very erotic Photo Gallery star hotels. Even sports stars are a way of depicting their physical attraction photos.

The woman in the Indian media, be it Movies, TV series, news, media, Visual advertising, or modernized traditional media, social science research and studies of people indeed for a space is a big concern. Some studies have found women (status and equality of opportunity) the inevitable social issues related to the sensational stories of crime stories in the newspapers about women with less than nine percent between 52 to 63 percent. (Nitin Jugran Bahuguna)

  1. Dr. Sanjeev K. Sharma Depiction of Women in Indian Media- A Case of Introspection for Media Planners. Published in Samaj Vigyan Shodh Patrika, Amroha, Vol. I, No.1, April-Sep.2005, pp.32-36

Grant (2013) argued that analysts tend to think in terms of two broad categories: visibility, reporting and quality. How much a person shows the visibility or discussed, and how important is placed in a newspaper or news broadcast coverage.

Women election participants from time to time get a lot of news coverage due to their novelty value because they associate with powerful man, as in the case of Chow, who married with former NDP leader Jack Layton is mentioned in every newspaper stories according to Grant analyses of coverage of the 2006 Canadian federal election. Such kind of women coverage portrayal women as different because of their sex, likely norm of as the men view however, it is not clear that it would be a direct electoral drawback for women. In fact, depending on the quality of the coverage more coverage may be useful for candidates.

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Grant also found in his study that important issue ofhowmen and women news story are covered differently. He stated that coverage of female candidates usually fall under the four categories; sex object, mother, pet, and iron maiden, each of which is equal to the representation of women in politics more generally, as well as for the danger of gender equality.

However, Iron Maiden is another popular and at the same time, the male “toughness” while “unfeminine” implicitly criticized the women candidates is my discovery book news, intruder behavior with exaggerated. This news depiction of women politicians, aggressive behavior is actually harmful to the voter may be to find the book for the evaluation.

He concluded that when a woman goes on the distasteful, voters’ evolutes her news stories more negatively, and a result that was not produced for her male comparators in this portion of the study. The general attitude and reporting directly link between news media under the cross-hairs of women assessing the political.

  1. Grant. G, Elizabeth News Media Coverage of Elections Contributes to Women’s Political Under-Representation 2013 http://womensuffrage.org/?p=22202

The study focused on women’s issues related to the Newspapers by the welcome. The two daily newspapers in Hindi, ‘ Amar Ujala Jagran Danik is taken to ‘ work ‘ and ‘. Both papers published and in Dehradun (capital of Uttarakhand state) circulation of Uttarakhand. Researcher analyized the newspapers about equality women’s issues such as Health, education, sexual harassment, violence against women, police brutality and crime-related issues. All kinds of printed material on these issues articles, news, analysis, opinions, Editor, the letter was taken for analysis as a separate column, and etc. the year 2006 was selected to examine the contents of the newspaper.

Newspapers are less indicates that the percentage of women’s issues. Usually, the newspaper is a good place for an eye-catching image of women in the news; property, or ads. Women’s issues in terms of sexual harassment such as more coverage to violence, crime and police brutality than the equality health, education, health coverage. The newspapers give a high rate of sexual abuse against women, developmental problems and other issues less coverage than this issue. The analysis also indicates that the given space vs. equality, health, women’s education, as well as other topics to Newspapers by negligible. The newspaper society in a changing world does not provide a balanced picture of women’s diverse lives and contributions to the data. He concluded that “participation, representation and advancement of women in the media and its impact on access and use, and as a tool for empowerment of women”.

  1. Dr Vandana Nautiyal & Mr Jitendra Dabral WOMEN ISSUES IN NEWSPAPERS OF UTTARAKHAND Global Media Journal – Indian Edition/ISSN 2249-5835 , Summer Issue / June 2012 Vol. 3/No.1

Women in the absence of mass circulation Urdu language newspaper in a way that is evident in the senior ranks, in addition to smaller circulation in shaping social attitudes which the province plays a very important role in the regional press. Independent press, but applications of self-censorship and ethics, the outlook varies according to demand and audience made the newspapers. For example, while some shun the violence and disregard for others are projecting to highlight the needs of the people. The main concern in a way that the projection of women. Even while “direct damage, this time the female victim, rape, wife-beating and humiliation of names through print, photo or both, always hinted at this without the permission of their privacy by. Objections to grow poor especially disadvantaged and often “made outcast”.

  1. References

Butt & Mourion (1996) studied the portrayal of women in general press, is practically non-existent with the exception of magazine sections and limited news. The Women’s lack of realism in private press and exhibits extreme offers the sad situations with fantasizing or is over-whelming portrayal. In addition, the scope of women in rural production, women’s education, health, etc. is your own level of performance compared to the low level. The woman seems to be unaware of the needs of communities, and the private press skill does not address the various layers in a positive direction, whereby, in a variety of trades and social assistance programs is displayed, and a comprehensive and realistic way to portray positive women taught in different areas of our society contributes to this by the media projected us and women real projection would be a turning point for the progress and development of Women in the country.

  1. Butt, A. G. & Mourion (1996). Portrayal of Women in the Communication Media, Lahore: Pakistan Women’s Institute.

Gibbons (2006), in her latest study of women in journalism, found that women continue to be the breaking and making news away from the second sex. Radio, television and newspaper content on the same day, a full day after 76 countries that ignore the issues and resources for underrepresented and sometimes downright notice, regardless of the medium also commented. Women outnumber men as newsmakers in single big news. The effect of gender-based violence, intense women even stories like inserts; the judge is the voice of a man. This report, women second class status, grossly, and in general the judge reveals.

  1. Gibbons, S. (2006) “Women’s Lowly News Status Is a Global Insult” Women News, Run Date: 02/22/06, http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm?aid=2646, Retrieved on 19th July, 2006

Tiongson (1999), presented an outline of Isis International-Manila, “Violence against Women in Media,” a media pack, March 1998. She said that the depiction of women in the media that the victims, nurturing, selfless, obedient, and dependent, his mother and his wife, being heterosexual, sex-object, whore, mistress in Asia – the characteristic was consistent, she said and also contributing to the development process, many women workers, farmers and professionals. To make matters worse, some members of the media tend to the efforts of women’s organizations or alleviate the cartoon. News women’s visibility is often sensational stories, rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence and other violence-related.

She further assumed that Asian media stereotypes, inaccurate and Biased media portrayal of women persistent content and pictures of stereotypical and traditional roles of women, thus perpetuating patriarchal and sexist gender identities, and to strengthen the relationships between men and women. Constant negative portrayal of women and freedom of expression in print, broadcast and Film screening has become a license for. This is an insult to women’s portrayal of the nature of, in fact, it’s hard to pinpoint in the last few years has been more subtle and insidious.


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