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Precision Agriculture Technician Role

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For a daily task of a precision agriculture technician is collect data for yields for corn or beans or anything like that. Or i could use geospatial technologies to collect data to find out how much nitrogen there is in the ground. The training you would need is basic like how to run microsoft excel and learn how to collect data and put in microsoft excel.You have to have a associates degree.Im looking to work in oklahoma.I would earn about 85,000 dollars a year.

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The benefits of this job would be working alone in a office or tractor. Having quite a bit of days off. Eventually I could be my own boss. After I work for a while i would be making close to 89,000 dollars. The extra education would be associates or bachelors for more money per year. Plus once you got the job you would need training and a little bit of experience with the computers in the tractor before you go mess with software designing and data and stuff like that.

I picked to work in oklahoma is because i think it is nice out there and the only thing out there is land so land is cheaper. So I could have a goat farm like i wanted to and have 50 acres for grain production and 10 acres for goats and other stuff I need for them. The career in long term will help me with paying plus if i have a wife she would help me to if she worked. Then if we had kids we could easily put them through 4-h and mabey even national shows. The job would help me at home so i could go home and test new technologies before anybody else.

This job would affect me greatly because if they ever released new technologies and didn’t want to release it until they knew it actually worked i could take it home and test it and then that would make my grain production better every year. Then the better grain production is means i can buy more land and buy more goats. I could also sell the goats to even make more money so i could buy permint technology for my tractors that would make grain production better and then the circle keeps going. Plus I would start to learn every body from the community. I don’t want to work in a town like indianapolis but more like monticello or smaller than lafayette.

This job will effect my friends by not seeing them but maybe once every 5 years or so. But that doesn’t affect me because that would be good because i don’t like to many people from my school . On my goat ranch i would hope to have a dirt small aircraft landing and my own small airplane to go see my parents or they could come see me. And if they wanted to they could stay at my house or something like that because i’m pretty sure i would build a big house incase of any surprises. Or i could even put some baby goats or have an office in the house for computer software designer for self driving tractors.

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I don’t think it would affect my social life because my social life is my goats and animals because i don’t have friends. So i would still find like 4 friends and hang out with them on friday nights but for the most part i would spend my time at work or at home playing with goats. I think i would still travel but i would probable have one of my friend stake care of my goats so i know they are safe but i would still like to hunt and take my dad to alaska or somewhere up there to go elk hunting.

Overall the job would pay starting out around 45,000 dollars a year and after like 4 years it would be around 87,000. What i would do with that money is buy me around 20 acres of field 10 acres of woods for hunting and 10 acres for farming with barns and goats and then the dirt track small airport. After a few years of paying everything off lie vehicles and michinalenous i would travel some and buy a rv. The benefits of the job will help me greatly because i can use it for grain production and then to buy goats and different stuff Plus it would help me in my job learning how to use all of this new technologies so when i go to install it for a customer i can explain everything to him.

I would teach my kids to fish and hunt and about agriculture but by the time they are born the will know everything and will know better than me because agriculture is just technologies you don’t even need the farmer no more that’s why this job is so needed and it’s especially needed in oklahoma because all the ground is flat and goes forever so a lot of farms own a lot of acer sand they don’t have the time to waste on planting one field when they could be planting five fields and later that season by harvesting all five at the same time


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