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Impact of Plastic on the Environment

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Plastic is one of the synthetic materials that has played an essential role in every single moment in our life. Plastic is strong, lightweight, thus plastics have become the most popular products in the modern world. Plastic consumption has dramatically increased for instance household items, toys, furniture, plastic bag, and food containers. Even though the use of plastic has many benefits compared with other materials, however, many plastic chemicals may cause health problems for the environment, people and the lives of millions of marine animals which are dying and becoming sick because of plastic pollution. Furthermore, there are a variety of additives as a stabilizer, plasticizer which can put in plastic processing. So, the lack of misunderstanding and knowledge plastic can directly danger to human health because the chemical in plastic may be dirtied to drink and food. Not only effect to human but also affect the environment like air pollution, water pollution, and animals. Moreover, the number of people who use plastic waste increased in every day, especially, non-recycling plastic that can affect the world. Even if, plastics have many benefits but plastics have negative impacts. Most people should consider health and the environment by using the recycling of biodegradable plastic to reduce the impact of the environment.

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For wildlife such as rabbit, deer, and lion, etc. It can be deadly as they become entangled or mistake it for food. The pollution in the world is mostly from plastic, and it has a terrible effect on the sea or wildlife species. As a consequence, it can damage the economy and food supply for a society that depends on fishing and hunting. Plastic can hurt little organisms like plankton, which larger animals rely on for food. If small animals are poisoned from plastic, the animals which eat them will get toxins. The toxins work their find out the food chain and can even be present in the animal people eat.

Nowadays there are some serious environmental problems caused by plastic can hurt the ocean, and also hurt groundwater sources. Many countries have already faced issues and the water everywhere is a risk because of plastic pollution.  Plastic bags that are scattered When exposed to sunlight, it will break into small pieces, which are toxic chemicals. This plastic debris will be infiltrated into the soil and water sources without being able to see with the naked eye which may cause harm to wild animals and the study also found that many marine animals often die with plastic bags because it thinks that food is eaten without knowing it.

Plastic bags are very dangerous to the environment as air pollution because they are difficult to degrade that will take a long time around a hundred years. There are two ways to get rid of plastic bags.

Firstly, buried is Embedding requires a lot of space and the area will not be able to do farming again because of the plastic bag cannot decompose on their own or may have to be a hundred years. Secondly, burn for drinking straws, plastic lids and food containers which from the problem of plastic waste over the world many people find ways to get rid of, which is not known whether those methods may cause life-threatening and that way is Plastic burning does not help better because if you cannot burn plastic product properly or completely, it will have some toxic gases. Nevertheless, burning complete, there will be gas carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas with thermal properties to cover the world causing the world to heat up. In order to, burning has not a 100% complete solution, causing both toxic gases and generate greenhouse gases. In general, plastic sintering will create more toxic substances in the atmosphere from plastic components. It may be because of lead to contamination of water sources, soil sources, including food which will cause most people to get toxins from inhaling, drinking and eating contaminated food. As for the burning of PVC plastic that causes toxicity to various systems in the body, especially carcinogens and interferes with the hormonal system in the body may affect to the stomach, also increases the risk of heart disease, Respiratory, Asthma, Rash, Nausea, and Headache.

Many people know that plastic bags are popularly put together when we buy things. Moreover, they are general stores or shopping in department stores, supermarkets, and many souvenirs with the properties of plastic bags that are tough and still have more durable than paper bags, including production. Most people in Europe country, they are trying to use a recycled plastic product such as supermarket bags and use cloth bags while shopping. As well as being able to add colors, patterns, logos as a part to create recognition in brands, products, and services as well because customers can easy to remember the brand more than the paper bags which have only brown color. Therefore, the plastic bags are popularly used. In addition, plastic bags also help preserve the environment by using less production energy than paper bags for the production of plastic bags, requiring more than 40% more energy than plastic bag production and the production of plastic bags. Air pollution was higher than in plastic production. It rose by 70% of the production process of plastic bags emits Green House Effect Gas to the environment less than paper and plastic bags were also used in the electricity generation process by burning plastic bags and finding that the amount of sulfur gas that occurs after burning is less than coal and this is the advantage of plastic bags.

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In conclusion, Benefits of plastics that can be used in a variety of applications causing more production volume. Therefore, leading to many problems such as health problems caused by improper use as well as environmental problems in terms of health, consumers should learn the limitations of each type of plastic usage. Although some plastics do not report toxicity to health consumers still need to be extra careful in their use. Especially, involving young children who are sensitive and sensitive to toxic substances for the environment, be aware of the need for plastic applications such as children can affect in the body may affect to the stomach, and increases the risk of people who can be Heart disease, Respiratory, Asthma, Rash, Nausea, and Headache. Plastic cannot be recycled which reduces the amount of plastic waste and reuse may be a sustainable solution to environmental problems. For animals, it is clear that plastic pollution impacts virtually every living organism in the oceans of our world. In addition, the balance of our ecosystem is essential to our quality of life and will depend on the modern world decides to stop turning a blind eye to the issue and make the necessary lifestyle changes.


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