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Problem of Environmental Pollution

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Environmental pollution

“The sun, the moon and the stars would have disappeared long ago… had they happened to be within the reach of predatory human hands.” (Havelock Ellis)

We have stepped into the twenty first century, in this century; one of biggest problem faced so far is environmental pollution. Environmental pollution is the contamination caused by man made waste of air, water and land, which effect s or causes discomfort in the ecosystem of earth. Air pollution and water pollution are the most dangerous environmental pollution in earth. According to Havelock If humans could reach the sun, moon and stars they would have even polluted them.

This essay will discuss the consequences of man made pollution to environment and its solution.

The essential oxygen for our body is supplied by air. Human activities release substance into the air, which can cause many problems to human, animals and plants. Some of the effects of air pollution are reducing lung faction, Irritation of eyes, nose, mouth and throat, Asthma attacks, Respiratory symptoms such as coughing and wheezing, reduced energy levels, Headaches and dizziness, Disruption of reproductive and immune systems, Cardio problems, Cancer, Premature death.(Tropical rain forest animals.com). According to many doctors these are some of the diseases that are spread by breathing polluted air.

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One of the major causes of air pollution is “Global Warming”. Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of earth’s surface. “The temperature of the earth is controlled by the balance between the input from the sun and the loss of this back into space”.(Maslin, p 4). Human activities have sent harmful gases to the space, which has resulted in to a whole in the ozone layer of the earth which protects the suns heat form reaching earth. “The gas carbon dioxide has been emitted into the atmosphere in increasing amounts over the past two hundred years and more substantially over the past fifty years. Every year these emissions currently add to the carbon already present in the atmosphere a further eight hundred thousand million tones.”(Houghton, p 13)

One of the biggest global warming effects is polar ice cap melting. “According to national snow and ice data centre there are 5,773,000 cubic tones of water is available in the earth in the form of ice and snow. If all these ice and snow starts to meltdown in once, the sea level will rise up to two hundred and fifty feet higher” (Simmon 2007), which might cause natural disasters like tsunami, hurricane Katrina and etc.

One of the other effects of air pollution is disease and premature deaths. As every one knows oxygen is an essential for a human or an animal to live. The factories, other building in the industrialized places and motor vehicles release harmful gas as waste; this gas gets mixed up with the natural air. When humans and animals breathe this unhealthy air they fall ill. If a pregnant mother breaths this air in can even cause death to her baby. These are some of the effects of air pollution.

In this world one third is covered with water in the form of ocean, lakes, rivers and etc. “Water Pollution means, the contaminated water which cannot be used for any purpose” (Mc Kinney, p 408). The causes of water pollution are industrial waste, oil, radio active waste and marine dumping. When water is polluted in cannot be used for drinking, cannot be used for the crops by farmers and for other essential purposes. The effects of air pollution are diseases caused by drinking water, human and animal deaths and affecting the gene.

Water is one of the basic needs of human and others lives. Human activity like dumping waste in oceans has polluted the water. All the forms of water are inter connected, when people dump plastic, papers, card board and other items which takes time to degrade, pollutes the whole water.

One of the other water pollution effects is human and animal deaths. As every one knows human body and animal body is some of the greatest creations of god. We humans pollute dump all the waste in sea which will take time to dissolve. Due to the waste, chemical and toxic it poisons the water. When human and wild animals drink this water they fall sick then die mainly in developing countries.

The other main effect of water pollution is effect on the genes. In many industrialized area all the factory waste and toxic are dumped in sea. The poor people who live around that area consume water from that sea which will be connected to rivers. When pregnant woman consume that water it directly affects the baby’s gene. When this baby is born there are many chances of this baby being born disabled or paralyzed. These are some of the effects of water pollution.

Prevention is all ways better than cure. There is all ways prevention available for every possible disaster man had made to this earth.

Firstly here are some of the prevention methods for air pollution. In our world one of the biggest industries that are growing is automobile industry. Do you know how much smoke is released in an average auto mobile? The answer is a lot. Because auto mobile has been an essential human need.

To avoid the air pollution by auto mobile people should be advised to use public transport and government should encourage companies to produce electric car and other auto mobile which will not effect the environment.

The other air pollution problem is the harmful gas released by factories. Best way to prevent this is to bring out laws to reduce factories that are releasing harmful gas or encourage them to use green methods for their factory activities which can bring out greener product to the society. “Legislation, such as the clean air act, helps to make sure that the main culprits of air pollution are properly regulated and mandatory laws are in place to ensure that air pollution prevention is taken seriously.”(www.controllingpollution.com)

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One of the other ways to prevent air pollution is to bring out and implement laws that will help to reduce the usage products that will release harmful gas and pollute the air. Laws like maximum gas products a house hold can use, maximum auto mobile a family can have, and rewards for people who use green products that will help the environment should be brought to encourage the society to become green user.

And finally a prevention method for air pollution is creating awareness among the people. You always remember to share you thoughts about air pollution with all the other people in your society, which might help to educate them about the air pollution and its effects to environment. These are some of the prevention methods of air pollution.

Other set of prevention methods that can prevent environmental pollution is for the water pollution. The first method of preventing water pollution is using purified water. Consuming purified and healthy water is a very important activity for human and other living organism. In previous paragraphs the effects of using unhealthy or polluted water was explained. When you consume purified water you can avoid many of the diseases caused consuming by polluted water. Water is one of the best medicines naturally available on earth. We should all ways remember to use boiled and germs free water to drinking purpose.

And one of the other problems of water pollution is the factories that releases waste into river or lake. In many factories their waste pipe is led to a river or lake which is located next to their factory. The government should fine these kinds of factories who are not following the safety rules that are set to protect public. These factories should all so be dislocated from the area In order to clean the waste dumped in to rivers. “One of the main reasons why water pollution is still such a threat to our planet’s health is because the governments of the world either choose to ignore the pollution that business is responsible for or because they want to give businesses ten years to change their industry.”(www.scipeeps.com) According to this article if government decided to shut down a factory they should give them ten years change their industry of the business which might lead to lose of a income to government. These are some the prevention methods for water pollution.

In conclusion, there are two main environmental pollution available. One is air pollution and other one is water pollution. Mainly all this pollution is caused by man. As the result of mans activity now the human and other living organism are facing many difficulties. The earth is a beautiful place but he humans with out appreciating we are causing many discomfort to it, forgetting that what ever you do to earth we are the ones who is going to struggle out of it.“When we heal the earth, we heal ourselves.”(David). If we decide to clean the mess that we have made in the earth, the earth will be a better place. If Humans decided to continue these activities, in future none of us will be left to alive in the world. We could even change this world in to a dessert, which many of us won’t like it. So we should act fast because after us there are many generations to come in to this world.


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