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Asian Carp Problem Literature Review

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Wordcount: 927 words Published: 30th Aug 2017

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Michigan Radio Newsroom. “Obama administration releases strategies for keeping Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes.” Http://michiganradio.org. N.p., 26 July 2013. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

On June 3, 2016 the Michigan Public Radio, which is part of the NPR news station, did a story on the Asian Carp spreading into the Great Lakes. The article takes place in a meeting in Mackinac with the governors of Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and the  Canadian province of Ontario. In this meeting they discussed some solutions about the Asian Carp getting through the shipping canal in Chicago. The Illinois governor believes that is reasonable the separate the great lakes from the Mississippi river system. the Indiana governor believes that if separated it will create a two billon dolor project that not every state can afford. it will cause additional harm if we separate and he believes that it is possible to control the growth of the population of the Asian Carp without closing the canal.

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The NPR organization does not list one author, its stories is written by many different writer. They are partners with PBS who is also a credible source. On the NPR website, it includes other links that take you to other credible sights. In general the website looks very professional and there are no issues with grammar, spelling, or punctuation. This specific story was done in 2016 which proves that is a current source.

I would use this source in the middle of my essay because it explains both sides clearly. It supports both sides and helps explain why this topic is controversial. It also gives the insight of what high positions think about this topic and what they think the solution is. The news story shows that not every state or governor agrees on what to do about this problem and clearly explains the negative effect of each solution.

Ontario’s invading species awarness program. “Asian Carps.” Http://www.invadingspecies.com/. N.p., n.d. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

This website contain information on what the Canadians think what we should do about the Asian Carp problem. At the beginning of the article it gives you background information about the Asian carp. It then goes on and explains the negative impact the fish could have if it invades the Great Lakes. It also explain how to identify the fish if you were to encounter one. the website then explain what they think could be done to prevent the Asian Carp from spreading. This is done by certain fishing competitions and prevention of people making the Asian Carp situation worse.

This website was done by the Ontario’s invading species awareness program and is meant to inform people. Since 1992 they have contribute to the help of preventing the invasion species through different parts of Canada. They have engaged in hundreds of community groups and volunteer the monitor hundreds of water bodies. They have training of two hundred different technical professions and higher summer staff for the invading species hit squad to provide basic invasion species education.

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I would use this source at the beginning of my essay because the website conations a good explanation on what the invading Asian Carp is and what they look like. This website does a good job in providing basic threats to the great lakes such as how he Asian Carp can wipe of a whole ecosystem. It also explains how these fish are spreading through shipping vessels and containers and manmade canals.

National Wildlife Federation. “Asian Carp Threat to the Great Lakes.” Https://www.nwf.org. N.p., 1996. Web. 25 Jan. 2017.

In this website it contains an interview as well as information bout the threat the Asian Carp impose on the great lakes. The interview is from Dwayne Chapman, a fish biologist from Columbia Missouri who gives the scientific insight on the asian carp problem. He said that in the past there has been three fish caught but none in the last thirteen years. However this does not mean that there are no asian carps found in the great lakes. Scientists have found asian carp dna beyond the electric fence and in southern parts of lake erie. THis led to scientist questioning how the dna is being spread. is it being spread by the connection of he waterways or by other factors such as birds.

this source is credible because it is the national wild life federation and has 11 offices across the united states. THey have national reconition and dedicate themselves to protect the wildlife. thisr director Collin O’Mara used to led the delaware department of natural reasources and the environmental control ans cabinet secretary from 2009 to 2014. He was also the youngest state cabinent member in the nation. The national wildlife federation is also a non profet organization.

I would us this in my essay to support to close the connection of the great lakes to the chacago river. This is because is shows a map of ho spread out the asain carp isnot and how easy it could get into the great lakes. I would also use som of this informationat the beging of my essay bacause it explains the scientific view of the asain carp. this source strengthins my essay because it gives a good visual of where the asin carp are. It also provides scientific information by a porfessional to the public and the studies that they are conduction.


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