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The Rat: Chinese Zodiac

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The symbol of the rat is regarded as to one of the most conspicuous symbols of the Chinese zodiac. It must be special since it’s the first symbol of the complete twelve year cycle. The general perceptions that western people have about the rat are entirely opposite from those of the Chinese culture.

To the westerners the rat is nothing more than a pest but for the Chinese their tradition of the zodiac symbols has positioned rat on an elevated location. Also, the deep insight of the Chinese philosophers of olden times enabled them to see the innate qualities which the rat possesses.

Chinese are famous for their great observation skills. The ancient Chinese were able to see that by nature the rat’s natural character bears some likeliness with some human characteristics. The observers created a character sketch of this zodiac symbol that elucidates all the qualities that the rat exhibits in his natural atmosphere.

Rat Characteristics

People who are born in the years 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008 are said to be born under the Zodiac of Rat and share characteristics associated with the animal Rat.

People under the rat zodiac are perfectionist, intelligent, hardworking and perseverant individuals who work their way creatively to meet their end objective. Objectivity is one of the qualities attributed to rat people, if they’re a part of something they like to be in total control of it.

People born in the year of the rat are not only labelled with the zodiac sign for namesake, they also have these qualities deep down inside them.

Chinese Zodiac Rat compatibility

The zodiac cycle starts off with the symbol of the rat. Rat individuals are known for their sharp mind and a spirit of objectivity. Their personality is such that makes them extremely compatible with the dragon zodiac symbol. They also get along with the fun loving monkey zodiac despite of the fact that the two have quite discrete characteristics.

The rat’s personality discords with the horse and the lively rabbit.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Rat compatibility

Both being clever and intelligent, having many loyal friends and a taste for a good life, two Rat individuals together can indicate a nearly perfect pair. They’re great family members, always reassuring and caring. Two Rat people in the same family will surely have loads of fun together, they love excitement but both are unlikely to be responsible about finishing the household chores. Arguments are likely to end as quickly as they began.

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Chinese Zodiac Rat and Ox compatibility

They are a definite case of opposites attracting and make an interesting pair. Where the Rat person is social, fun, witty and clever the Oxen is serious, shy and even a little rigid. The Oxen is attracted to the Rat individual’s lusty, light-hearted approach to life and the Rat loves the Ox’s trustworthiness and sense of honour. Rat individuals are caring, reassuring and generous towards their dear ones. A rat person makes the shy Oxen feel well-taken care off. Both the signs are faithful too; if their relationship is ardent, they probably won’t give each other any reason to feel envious or possessive. The Rat individual is able to get the Ox person to ease up a bit and have a little fun and the Oxen bring a stabilizing effect to the Rat person’s life.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Tiger compatibility

The Rat and the Tiger individuals don’t the best match in the world. For one reason, they’re just a bit too alike for comfort. Both of them love to be the centre of attention possessing charm and a magnetic personality. At social event, both might find themselves competing for the spotlight, particularly the Tiger, whose daring, authoritative disposition always wants to triumph. As lovers, these two might have an unbelievable debut; they’ll react eagerly to each other’s exciting, arousing natures. Though, after sometime their clashing character traits may begin to get in the way.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Rabbit compatibility

These twosomes make an unusual yet compatible pair. The Rabbit individual’s quiet, sweet subtleness might get lost under the more extroverted, hasty and energetic Rat, however, both signs are capable of great love and devotion. These two would particularly be very compatible as lovers; the Rabbit lover would benefit from the Rat lovers supportive, protective nature and sexy demeanour, and in return the Rabbit person in its own way would give idealization and protection to the relationship. They would have imbalanced arguments which are most likely to settle down in Rat’s favour.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Dragon compatibility

These two have a close to perfect compatibility. In all kinds of relationships they share an unparalleled rapport. Being the most celebrated sign, a Dragon might bowl over all other signs but the Rat plays off the Dragon’s deep energy and serves up its own. Both of them enjoy seeking attention, a Rat person with his clever wit and persistent verbal games keeps the crowd entertained while the Dragon with his intelligence and magnetism that keep people glued to him. Due to Rat individual’s nature of keeping his own interest and the large ego f a Dragon person, the twosome might have arguments but they would be resolved quickly.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Snake compatibility

Once these two learn to overlook their differences they make a compatible pair. The Rat individual may get tired of the Snake individuals slow pace and ambitionless-ness since a rat person is much more active than the philosophical and intuitive Snake person. In turn, the Snake partner may get tired of the Rat’s quick-witted vocal games, since he is a deeper thinker. However as lover they can make a good duo, they respond to each other’s charms and have a hot connection.

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Chinese Zodiac Rat and Horse compatibility

Both have gregarious natures, clever wits and needs for constant encouragement, but the Rat person depends upon his loyal friends while the Horse needs a lot of independence. A Horse individual might end up feeling trapped in a too-intimate relationship, but a Rat individual likes to know who and how much he has on his side, from friends to money. The occasional insensitivity by a Horse individual might make his Rat partner feel unappreciated and the Rat person’s tendency to hoard possessions might make his Horse partner feel uneasy. As lovers, they instantly have hot connection which ultimately does not work out well.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Goat compatibility

They’re a bit of a mismatch, but with a little understanding and effort they can make their relationship work. The differences arise because of the dissimilar needs and interests of the two. On one hand the Rat person is about being with friends attending social events and on the other the goat individual is an artistic soul who loves to spend time alone seeking his inner self. However, they do establish connection at home if deeply in love. The generosity and warmth that a rat individual has for his loved ones is appreciated by his sensitive goat partner.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Monkey compatibility

They make a fantastic pair. Being fun and energetic signs they love parting and hence have a great time together. Both of them are a bit egoistic which leads to occasional arguments and disagreements but the Rat individual enjoys arguing and debating while the monkey individual is a born performer, they both enjoy clashing. As lovers, they share a hot connection since they play off and feed each other’s energies and tend to be favourites among their friends as a couple.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Rooster compatibility

They make a good pair if they understand each other’s motivations. The quick-witted Rat individual is a plotter whose shrewd mind might not measure up to the straightforward and honest Rooster individual’s standards. In love, the Rooster lover does not have much to complain about when it comes to his Rat partner’s generous and loving ways. They tend to have fun together as both of them love to hang out with friends.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Dog compatibility

Despite their differences, these two make a great pair. Trustworthy, discreet and duty-bound, a Dog individual is a wonderful friend and a Rat individual loves to be surrounded by friends and value true friendships. The steady qualities of the Dog person tend to bore a Rat person but the Dog’s moody nature keeps the Rat interested. As lovers, they can do a lot for each other.

Chinese Zodiac Rat and Pig compatibility

They make a great pair in business; friendship or love. A Pig individual puts friends and family first and becomes loyal member of the Rat person’s social circle. Pig people possess a really luxurious nature which goes well with Rat people’s good taste. In a close loving relationship, the rat individual would treat his pig partner with exotic food and luxurious treatments that the pig lover so much desires.

Chinese zodiac Rat personality traits

Charming, aggressive, adaptive, opportunistic, ambitious, calculating, crafty and good at problem solving, Rat individuals can survive in any situation. Quick witted and smart, Rat people tend to have good instincts. Because of their confidence and stubbornness they prefer living by their own rules and hate being controlled. They’re party animals and love blabbering around with people and others also like being with them because of their humorous, easy going and expressive nature.

Chinese zodiac Rat woman

The Rat woman is creative, intelligent, vivacious and charming. She can be a successful woman if she wants to be. Compassionate and well-liked, she always looks elegant and stylish. She chooses to always keep her environment neat and clean and is an excellent wife material. Open, direct and honest, she is not a quiet type of person. She’s Expressive and persuasive and knows how to make her point using the right set of words to avoid offending anybody. Open, direct and practical she is a true model of prudence and frugality. She purchases second-hand goods and cuts down on expenditures. Rat moms know how to take care of her children and are not stingy. Gossipy and talkative, the Rat woman cannot keep quiet and it is advisable to not confide all your secrets to her since she cannot keep them for long. She loves to read and is an avid reader.

Chinese zodiac Rat man

The Rat man is aggressive and intelligent. Being good at problem solving, he lives by his own wits. Keeping himself alert for the best opportunities, the male Rat has good business sense and can turn ideas into a business plan. Unwavering and stubborn, once he sets his mind to something, it is very difficult for others to change his mind. A rat man is a man with a mission and will rarely be found sitting silently or waiting aimlessly for something to happen. Sometimes his over ambitiousness and passion for a project or a thing comes and subsides even before others get a chance to understand it. The energetic Rat man always tries to do too much too soon and tends to waste his energy on things other than the project itself. He’s also well-known for his greediness and will closely look at all the aspects before signing a deal.

Chinese zodiac Rat in love

Falling in love with a rat person is not uncommon thanks to their flirtatious ways. They make faithful, affectionate but possessive partners and demand loyalty in return too. If a rat individual feels that his partner is unfaithful, or if his partner is catering others attention, his vengeful side of personality is likely to appear. He might stoop down to a level of being passively aggressive with his partner to teach his/her a lesson. A rat individuals resonating persona and involvement in activities makes him self-reliant and interesting. People under this zodiac do well with romantic partners who are equally independent and involved and such pairings will spark mesmerizing conversation. Rat people are deeply attached their families and they’re likely to have many children. A Rat individual tends to work very hard to keep his/her family safe and contented and keeps in touch with even his far away relatives.


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