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The Student Field Trips English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 2769 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Field trips increase children’s knowledge through active practical experience. For adding pragmatism to the topic of study and for increasing student knowledge and understanding of the subject, student field trips are beneficial.

Field trips must be preceded by good planning. Pre-visit preparation, trip selection, suitable follow up, evaluation and the trip itself should be given careful attention. Teachers are advised to follow the suggested procedures and to first seek advice from their administrator concerning existing school board policies when panning on a student’s field trip.

Trip Selection

A. Every student field trip must have clearly defined objectives, underlying rationale and a plan of evaluation.

B. Choose the site to be visited. Fix up the time and date for the student’s field trip by getting in touch with the educational coordinator for the site. Get the pre-trip information package, contact persons details like phone numbers and email addresses and the street map or the directions to the site.

C. To acquaint yourself with the major characteristics of the student field trips, visit the site once before the actual trip. Take digital snaps to share with students. You can also get an idea about the kind of activities that can be done during the student’s field trip and the exhibitions you would like to explore with the students.

Preparing Students before the Field Trip

A. Work on the student’s observation and correlation skills through simple exercises. Also focus on building their visual observation abilities. These skills will make the student field trip more productive.

B. Before the field trip, give students specific roles pertaining to one facet of the topic that they will be learning. Students could be grouped based on different subject areas that are to be covered during the field trip like study of art, history or environment.

C. Discuss suggested expenditures, suitable clothing to wear for the student field trip as well as a kit for rainy weather. Standards of conduct and the discipline rules must also be informed to the students at this time.

D. To collect ample and relevant information during the student field trip, help students to learn how look for details and compile a list of some good open-ended questions answers for which can be recorded in the student field trip journals or on a chart.

Post-Student Field Trip Activities

For the success of student field trips, planning for suitable follow-up activities is as important as the pre-trip planning. The follow up is necessary to determine whether the student field trip has been rewarding or not. When setting up for post field trip classroom experiences the following activities provide an all-purpose guide.

• Time should be allocated for sharing common observations and responses to field trip experiences in the classroom.

• Specific projects that students have completed while on the field trip should be discussed.

• Publicize the student field trips by an article in the local news papers by creating a small news report about the happenings in the field trip.

Evaluating the trip

The teachers must fill in the “Teacher Journal” as regards the field trip. For future field trips this will work as a good reference. Here are things that ought to go into the journal.

• Did the students meet the objectives/anticipations?

• What was of sole educational value of the student’s field trip?

• What would be worth checking out during future visits to the same site?

• What special issues should have been tackled beforehand?

• Was there sufficient staff and adult supervision?

• What particular points should be highlighted next time?

This student field trip evaluation should be shared among the volunteers, school administrators and students.

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Things to Remember About Bad Credit Loans

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