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The Negative Impacts Of Cell Phones English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1802 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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“I drive with my knees. Otherwise, how can I put on my lipstick and talk on my phone?” Sharon Stone. In 1973, the first cell phone was demonstrated by Martin Cooper in the United States of America. By the mid of 2009, the cell phone usage exploited to almost all-around the world. Today, mobile phone is a necessary device which allows user to make phone calls from any coverage distance. In addition, it provide many services including, SMS or text messages, e-mail, Internet access, gaming, Bluetooth, infrared, camera, MP3 player, radio, TV, and GPS.

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For many years it has been widely acknowledged that while cell phones make our life convenient, it has many disadvantages. However, still many people continue to ignore the negative consequences of cell phone, and they excessively enjoy the benefits. Teenagers are group of high subscriptions of mobile users. According to Disney Mobile survey “cell phones usage among 10-17 year-olds jumps by more than an hour a day to more than three hours and 45 minutes. The polling of more than 1,500 teens and pre-teens found that 44 percent use text messages and phone call as their primary form of communication” (Diaz). A cell phone can tend to change relationships negative and can lead to some “dangerous liaisons.” The parents should recommend teenagers from over use of cell phone because it wastes their time, it spans their attention, and it facilitates private communication for them.

Teenagers’ involvement to mobile phone: wasting teenagers’ time

Mobile or cellular phone is a huge time wasting machine for teenagers. If we look at some teenagers, they are often keeping busy on cell phones. Some of them are text messaging and making phone calls, and some others are using advanced features of mobile phone, including Bluetooth, IMs and GPRS. Phone calls among teenagers are a usual case. They spend an extensive time talking to their peers. Many mobile phone users claim that one of the main advantages of mobile ownership is the ability to contact friend or family in case of emergency. I would say this is the main reason we keeps the cell phones with us. However, in Afghanistan and some other countries, teenagers use mobile phone not just because of emergency cases, but they using it because of entertainment. A large number of Afghan teenagers made a social network who keep connect via radio program. For example, a teenage boy call to particular radio program, after receiving a warm greeting by the radio operator; he call his name and leaves his message to his group members. Finally, he FARMAISH his favorite song to his one and more group members. Most of the times, the contact number of the radio channel is busy by a lot of phone calls of teens. A large number of teens keep trying in order to get connected to the station.

Text messaging is another form of time wasting among teenagers. Nowadays, text messaging is dominant form of communication among teenagers. In Afghanistan, viewers of TVs are able to vote for their favorite performance through text messaging. Moreover, a large group of Afghan teens are daily massaging to TV channels for FARMISH their favorite song to become broadcast on the TV.

Mobile phones have changed dramatically over the past years. The new advanced feature of WAP and GPRS in the handset allows the user to connect to the internet. A large number of teens are using different types of IMs- Skype, Yahoo, MSN, and Google talk in their handsets. Moreover, teens using internet browser in their mobile phone so they can get access to social network sites, and download their favorite pictures and music. In Afghanistan, the Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC) is providing internet connection in the blackberry handsets. The latest technology, blackberry handsets, allow user to send and receives e-mails from any part of the country where there antenna coverage is exist. Additionally, the mobile applications itself is getting teenagers attention. For example, Bluetooth, video game, MP3 player, camera, radio, and even T.V in cellular phones is attracts teenagers’ attention, and keeps them activity involved in cell phone.

Cell phones causes span attention in adolescence

Span attention in teenagers, is another major problem which results over use of cell phones. Cell phone is a tool which keeps teenagers from social contact with their family and peers. Parents once found children simpler to over passed hours at a desktop computer. Now, so much of that happens on a slim electronic device with a very small screen. They are engaged with both oral uses (phoning) and text-based uses (text messaging). Therefore, most of teens lost their social contact with family members, and some other reduces the opportunities to develop their social interaction with peers. Today, as result of cell phone involvement, a large number of teens feel anxiety and isolated among the people.

For most teenagers it is difficult to concentrate on studies, because their interest is more to cell phone than to their school works. Obviously, being a student needs a lot of effort to get done with assignments and quizzes, but once a student receives a phone call or text message while he or she is studying at home, the student get involve to mobile phone, resulting losing concentration. Today, junior and senior at high school are involve in mobile phones. A number of teens-cell phone users are likely to be woken at night by incoming text messages or calls, and are therefore more likely to be tired and less able to focus on their study throughout the day. According to a report released by the Pew Internet and American Life Project, “a great number of adolescents have slept with their cellphone in or near their bed. Some keep it under the pillow, to awaken for late-night texts. Others use the built-in alarm to wake up” (Large, Andrew). Cell phone can prevent students for being discipline, and resulting low grades at their tests.

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Strongly involvement in pornography at mobile devices is another span attention among teenagers. Nowadays, most cell phones having Bluetooth option which enables teens to transfer porn movie clips to each other handsets and watch them DAR YAGAN GOSHA. The “sexting” phenomenon – the taking and sending of intimate photos of oneself on a cellphone – has made headlines overseas and it is representing teens’ involvement in mobile phone. “A lot of youths don’t realize that it is a permanent record if it gets on the internet,” said Steve O’Brien, of the Department of Internal Affairs censorship compliance unit. “At their age they think they’re bulletproof [. . .] But, these are things that will possibly come back to haunt their concentration ” (qtd. In New Zealand Herald).

Cell phones help teens in private communication

Besides time wasting and spans teens’ attention, mobile phone is also a tool for facilitating private communication among teenagers. Nowadays, cell phone is one of the major issues in Afghanistan. Since Afghanistan is an Islamic country and there is less right for teens to go outside of home, a great number of them are using cell phone as a suitable device for keeping connect to outside. As a customer service advisor at AWCC, a mobile company in Afghanistan, I have experienced the strong connection among afghan teenagers and the thumb-typed keypad. The cellphone is a much more private way of interacting, and I think that’s one thing that teens love about it said Amir Zia Sangin, Afghan Minister of Communication and Information Technology (Rahmani). We have experienced a large number of teens talking on the phone for almost 70-100 minutes each night. Even the customer service advisors who majority of them were under age 20, were actively involved in talking to girls on the phone. Roshan Telecommunication Company, another mobile company in Afghanistan, launched a marketing campaign this week for its phone calls. “Basta Yaraan”, friends’ package, is a pear of sim cards which enable friends to talk for 10 Afs at first dial. Once connected, they can talk for free till 6 hours. This feature is enabling only after 12 p.m. every night. Hence, this is a good opportunity for adolescents who can keep their emotional contact almost for free. Since phone industries are trying to sell their products, they do not mind whether it is used in proper way or just miss use out of it. They facilitate communication among teenagers rather than destroying it. It doesn’t make them avoid people; they use it to meet up (Hartevelt).

Text massaging is another form of private communication among teens. It is much easy and private way of maintain communication with friends and lovers. For example, if your parent is next to you, you might have use text messaging to keep contact with your boyfriend or girl friend. Vodafone spokeswoman Libby Hay said, “about 470 million text messages were sent by under 19 years old boys and girls on its network last month” (Clapperton, Guy). Mobile phone is a harmful process among teenagers, and it possible for the government to limit mobile use among teenager who has using it for recreational. The question might have raised that why it is impossible when a government have attempted to discourage people from smoking by banning all cigarette advertising. This strategy could be applied to mobile phones as well that rule out mobile phone companies from targeting the younger generation.

In conclusion, the cell phone has not only wasting teenagers’ time, but it also destroy them mentally and physically. It is parents’ responsibility to recommend their children for not over wasting their time on the phone. It is parents’ responsibility to stay in touch with their children to keep them track that they should only use mobile phones for essential calls, not for overuse which results drives children attention. It is also parents’ responsibility to establish rules on cell phone use. They can keep track children call history and require them to turn cell phones off at night. Moreover, parent can keep teens in a common area rather than allowing them to take mobile into their rooms, where they can talk or text message late at the night. While teens love cell phones, moms and dads can get burned by buying for them. So it has been left to parents to decide whether they want their children to be more productive or let them over use their valuable time on mobile, destruct their mind, and let them maintain their private communications.

Let’s hope the parents understand this…


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