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The Advantages Of Written Communication English Language Essay

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Written communication has greater significance in todays business world. It is an innovative activity of the mind. Effective written communication is essential for preparing worthy promotional material for business development. Speech came before writing. But writing is more unique and more formal than speech. Effective writing involves careful choice of words, their organisation in correct order in sentences formation as well as cohesive composition of sentences. Also, more writing is more valid and reliable than speech. But while speech is spontaneous, writing causes delay and takes time as feedback is not immediate.

Written communication can take place through the following modes :

Letters:- Communication through letters in a very old method. Under this, the message is transmitted from the sender to the receiver through a letter. The receiver may give response through another letter.

Notice:- When many people within an organisation are to be contacted, notice is one of the best method. It is the most common method of masss communication.

Memo or Memorandum:- It is an informal message between members of a company, pertaining to routine matters.

Telegram:- For contacting people at distant places telegram can be used. Since it is gven an impression of urgency to the receiver, immediate response in possible.

Telex:- It is a device (telegraphic device) which has a facility to type out the messages simulataneously on the senders machine and the receive machine. It is a channel for sending as well as receiveing messages.


Written communication helps in laying down apparent principles, policies and rules for running of an organization.

It is a permanent means of communication. Thus, it is useful where record maintenance is required.

It assists in proper delegation of responsibilities. While in case of oral communication, it is impossible to fix and delegate responsibilities on the grounds of speech as it can be taken back by the speaker or he may refuse to acknowledge.

Written communication is more precise and explicit.

Effective written communication develops and enhances ann organization’s image.

It provides ready records and references.

Legal defenses can depend upon written communication as it provides valid records.

Written communication is the only way out when the message is quite lengthy and it is not possible to convey all the points through oral communication.

Written messages are more carefully formulated than oral communication. That is why, they are more clear and specific.

Written communnication is a cheaper means of communication when the parties to communication are situated at distant places.


The ability to write clearly is becoming more and more important, especially in organizations that workprimarily online. Whether you’re using an IM client, a project management app or email, clear writing will speed up the process and minimize problems.

When you’re working with a distributed team, your written communications absolutely have to be as clear as possible. A lot of in-person communication has absolutely nothing to do with the actual words we’re using. Body language, tone of voice and other factors that can completely change the meaning of a few words, and they simply don’t translate to email. Using written communication to manage a distributed team can amplify problems, especially when you factor in issues like cultural differences.

Use precise language:-

Don’t suggest “doing the thing to the stuff” or anything similar – in fact, removing words like “stuff” and “thing” from your vocabulary entirely is a good plan. Vague words are just an opportunity for problems to creep in. That’s true of jargon and abbreviations, too.


Contrast the two sentences below, the first writen by the scientist using scientific jargon, the second revised to plain english language:

The biota exhibited a one hundered percent mortality response.

All the fish died.

Now other one

There are problem with the lease.

The lease has problems.

Keep your sentences short:-

It’s important to remember that the longer the sentence, the more likely that the reader will lose track. When in doubt, err on the side of short, plain sentences. If your writing contains lots of short sentences that it give a choppy rhythm.


Doonesbury cartoons satirize contemporary politics. Readers don’t always find this funny. They demand that newspapers not carry the strip.


Doonesbury cartoons laugh at contemporary politicians, but readers don’t always find this funny and demand that newspapers not carry the strip.

Reread what you’ve written:-

Spell check certainly isn’t infallible, and can’t spot if you’ve used a correctly spelled yet wrong word. In fact, it may be better in some cases not to run spell check at all. Look for problems yourself before letting your computer try to solve them, and pay attention to any automated processes your word processor or email client tries to inflict on your writing.

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Ask for feedback:-

If someone isn’t entirely clear on what message you’re trying to send them, make sure that they can easily come back and ask questions.Incorporate that feedback into your wirting, as well. If you’ve got the time, rewite your message to correct the issues it had, if only to make sure that you don’t have the same problems next time. If you’re working on a big document, write up clean version that make use of feedback, rather than relying on a string of comment’s updates or responses that you can’t guarantee anyone will read.

For Example:-

You go online and you have a disease but you don’t know what it is so, you go to this web site that are about doctors that tell you what kind of disease you have, you type what your symtoms are, and they give you your answer( feedback).

Explain Your Reasons and Thought Processes:-

As you give your opinions thoughout the process it is important that you also explain to the client why you are giving that advice . Clients will often want you to do something that you don’t think is a good idea. When those situations arise, rather than just doing it the way they want or doing it your way with no explanation, take the time to demonstrate to them why you think it is important and what the potentail impacts can be.

Avoid Jargon:-

One of the biggest frustrations for clients is when designers talk to them with terms and phrases that they don’t understand. Although you are working online all the time and you probably communicate with other designers and developers a lot, keep in mind that your clients will not have the same experience, so you should avoid using terms that they are unlikely to understand (or at least explain what they mean).As you work with clients you will get a better understanding for how tech savvy they are, and you can adjust your communication accrodingly. Some clients will have a very good understanding and will be able to communicate without the need to explain everything, and other will have very little knowledge or experience related to the internet and web design.

For Example:-

Blue sky thinking:- This is a visionary idea without always having a practical application.

The helicopter view:- This is simply an overview.

Get our ducks in a row:- Order and rganise everything efficiently and effectively.

Avoid Assumptions:-

Assuming that the client understands certain things or that they want something a particular way can lead to miscommuniation. If you’re unsure about something, take a minute and ask the client rather than assuming and causing a lot of work that needs to be re-done later.

For Example:-

On a crowded station, I may make an assumption while coming back from the office that first train might be missed due to heavy crowd. It doesn’t affect me heavily even if I am able to catch first train amidst heavy rush.


Use Examples When Possible:-

One thing that can really help your comunication, particularly when you are explaning things to clients or giving them choices, is to use real-world examples. Explaining options over the phone or though email can be challenging, and at times ineffective. By using examples to help, you can make things more clear for clients and get more accurate response and avoid misunderstanding.An example of this would be if you are talking to a client about the type of navigation menu they would like to use on their site. Rather than trying to explain the differences you could provide them with URLs of a few sites with various styles so they could see it in a real-wold situation.


Layout considerations recently have become important with the power contained in our word-processing software. Here are some layout considerations that can affect the final appearance of your product:

Colour of ink and paper

Size and length of finished package

Use of illustrations and graphics

Image to project

Estalished corporate guidelines

Logevity of message

Treatment of heading and sub heading

Decision on if and where footness should appear


Clear writing is coherent and avoids muddy, incorrect, overly complex phrases and jargons. Muddy phrases are those that cloud the issue or idea by using too many words or skirting the issue. Clear writing, however, shun errors. Words must mean the same hing to the receiver as they do to the sender. Thoughts should be clear and well organised.

The important consideraions in attaining clarity as follows:

Choose precise, concrete and familiar simple words.

Construct effective sentences and paragraphs

For Example:-

Pompous word(Avoid them) Simple words

demostrate show

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In business communications, you should be breif and be able to say whatever you have to say in fewest possible words. A concise message is complete without being wordy.

Conciseness in business communications can be activaedby observing following guidelines:

Avoid wordy expressions

Include only relevant material

Avoid unnecessary repition

Organise your message well

For Example:-

Wordy: at this point of time

Concise: now

Wordy: due to the fact that

Concise: because

Wordy: in due course

Concise: soon

Care for culture:-

Choice of word should be such that it does not offend receiver of different culture.

Letter format should be in line with receiving organisations system. Various cultural differences can interfere with the productivity or cause conflict among employees. Stereotypes and ignorance about different tradtions ad manerisims can lead to distruptions and the inability of certain workers to efectively as a team.


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