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Fashion Tips For Summer English Language Essay

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Summer is that time of the year where you need to prepare yourself for the scorching heat and when your mantra ought to be ‘less is more’. There is no denying the fact that it can go wrong sometimes. Wearing skimpy clothes to your office or stepping out in the sun in those itsy-bitsy dresses can damage your image as well as your skin. So it’s best to grab a few evergreen summer shirts, for every occasion. They do the dual job of protecting you from the heat while at the same time making you look cool and suave, in the dripping summer heat.

The style quotient

Summer shirts are available in a variety of styles and fabrics to choose from. They come in different fabrics like cotton, linen etc. and you can choose the fabric of the shirt according to your comfort.

Women’s summer shirts provide a sense of elegance and nothing can beat the combination of a white cotton shirt with jeans on a day out. You can team your summer shirts with sexy scarves, ties and other accessories to pull together that perfect chilled-out look.

Whether you have an important interview or are just going on a date, summer shirts are the thing for you. They have the ability to transform you from a regular girl next-door to a professional woman or a sexy chic.

You can pull off the luxurious, French style classic shirts on any occasion. Wearing this type of a shirt can make you feel liberated while ensuring ultimate comfort.

How to wear them?

When you are unsure about which type of summer shirt will suit you, remember that there is nothing as good as a simple button down shirt design in some fine fabric. That is the kind of shirt you can never go wrong with. Just go in for the right kind of fabric in a modest color and you’re ready to go places. A shirt with a basic tee beneath it, along with cool accessories is just so sexy and stylish.

Summer shirts for women, women’s summer shirts, summer shirt fashion, summer shirt styles

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Gadget gifts for a man

Babes and gadgets are the two addictions; no man can seem to get enough of. So, if you’re the hot babe in his life, you may envy the other love of his life, the cool gizmos and gadgets that seem to get his undivided attention. Well, the best way to combat these techy enemies is to make them your friend. This is absolutely true. If you want to impress your boyfriend, all you need is to gift him a cool, ultra-glam gizmo that has been driving him crazy, lately. So if your boyfriend just can’t live without the technology in his life, here are some of the gizmos you can gift him with:

Apple I pad- Well, that’s undoubtedly the gizmo of the year. Every guy seems to be going nuts about it. You can gift your man this latest sensational gadget along with some of its accessories, all of which are easily available at most gadget stores.

Blackberry: If your boyfriend is from the business world, then this is probably the best gadget gift for him and he is sure to thank you for it. The blackberry can help him organize his work, email and enjoy internet connectivity right through his mobile phone, besides the other benefits offered by a blackberry.

Adidas miCoach: If your man is a fitness freak, then he will thank his stars for having you in his life, if you gift him one of these. It uses heart rate zones to create personalized workouts for you and gives you real time feedback.

Apple iPod: This is ultimate comfort for a music lover as you can carry thousands of your favorite song in this portable player. And what’s best is that it will become such an integral part of his life, that he will be reminded of your love for him, every time he listens to his favorite tracks.

LCD Television: If he loves spending time in front of the TV, this is the best gadget gift for him, provided you can afford one. A big LCD television on his wall is just what most men dream of.

And in case you’re looking for a cheap yet effective gadget to gift your boyfriend, you can think about a cool trendy digital watch, a laptop or an mp3 player, whichever suits your pocket.

Gadget gifts for a boyfriend, gizmos you can gift your boyfriend, latest gadgets for men, gadgets men love to have


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Title –

Testosterone is important for women as well

Testosterone is the hormone produced by the testes in males and by ovaries in females. Also some amount of it is produced by the adrenal gland, in both the sexes. In men, this hormone plays an important role in the development of male sex organs. Testosterone is also responsible for the typical male behavior that sets them apart from women, as some studies claim.

Women need it too

Testosterone is obviously considered the male hormone and it is what differentiates men from women. Even though it is found in small quantities in a women’s body, about ten times less than what is found in men, it is necessary for a woman’s health too.

Testosterone, is often termed as the ‘aggressive hormone’, and rightly so as its high concentration in the body leads to several behavioral changes like sense of dominance, heightened sexual desire, enhanced physical endurance and general well being. It also promotes growth of bones, cures mild depression and even relives from vaginal atrophy and dryness.

Libido lifter

In women, testosterone is equally responsible for perking up the sexual desire, as is in case of men. It helps them too to enjoy better sexual intercourse and experience frequent orgasms. However, it is not just related to sexual desire but it also has various other good effects on a woman’s health.

The other benefits

Testosterone has good effect on the brain, the liver and the blood vessels too. It is also cited as an enhancer of cognitive functions. Testosterone is particularly important during menopause, as it helps in reliving the symptoms and reducing the commonly faced problems.

What causes a testosterone levels to drop?

If the ovaries have been removed some drop in the testosterone levels is very likely. Also as ovaries go into dormancy with the onset of menopause, testosterone levels are bound to fall a little if not more.

Aging and deficiency of zinc are some other reasons that lead to testosterones deficiency in the body.

Lastly, if you are planning to take testosterone supplements, just make sure to take advice from your doctor as high levels of it can lead to male pattern baldness, growth of facial hair, acne and deepening of the voice.

Women and testosterone, testosterone and depression, testosterone and female libido, testosterone is important for women


Title –

Trench coat fashion for 2010

Trench coats are hot this year. Do you know when the trench coat came into being? Apparently, it was way back in the early nineteen hundreds, the times of our great grandfathers. Ever since, it’s never completely gone out of fashion. And this year trench coats are hot on the ramps, once again. Trench coats are recognized as a classic item and these ought to be a part of every fashionista’s wardrobe.

Wearing a trench coat

There are different ways in which trench coats can give you that elegant and edgy look. You can either cinch in your trench coat at the waist with a belt for a feminine look, or you can upturn the collar for that bold and sexy look, or you can leave it unbuttoned for a cool and casual look. If you are conscious about your short height, better stay away from long trench coats. These can be worn on every occasion, whether you are out with your friends or are heading a social party or even when you’re going on a date. Some women feel that a trench coat makes you look masculine and dominating, but with simple tricks like pairing a cute pair of flats with them or using an ornate women’s belt around the waist can help you look sassy and feminine.

The style element

The classic trench coat is a great item, but without getting intimidated you can try some different and unusual colors in them, to get that “class apart” look. A lot of different versions of the classic trench have arrived in the market and you should not shy away from experimenting. However, at the same time don’t underestimate the fad value of the good old classic trench. They look great and the best part is that they are still in vogue and are likely to continue the same way over the next few decades.

If you aspire to use a trench coat with professional clothing, then you’d do best to invest in a black sleek trench coat. And, just in case you want to look like a rock star, you can go in for one with embroidered or embossed shoulders and collars.

Ladies, a trench coat is one thing that you shouldn’t give a miss this season, if you want to make your presence felt on the list of fashionistas in your college or in your workplace.

Trench coat fashion, wearing trench coat in style, choosing a trench coat, women’s trench coats

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Animal prints are hot this season

Men just love wild cats and wild women. Wildness is a fixation for them. No wonder, most men simply can’t resist a woman, with a hot body, in vibrant and sexy animal print outfits. You might have wondered why men find women in animal prints so sexy. A possible guess – may be animal prints add visuals to the inner animal instinct and thus unleashes their own wild side to do wild stuff. Anyways, let’s get fashion centric and stop worrying about the reasons. Because the fact remains that animal prints are the hottest trend this spring and every woman just doesn’t seem to be getting enough of them.

If you want that wild cat look of Megan Fox (the current sensation!) or you aspire to look glamorous like Sarah Jessica Parker in that animal print dress or you just want to look stunning just like Eva Mendes, animal prints are the way to go.

Animal prints, which were launched way back in the 80’s, were considered a trashy outfit in the beginning. But soon, it evolved into something different, cool, wild and sexy, all at the same time. One of the reasons for its popularity can be attributed to the fact that it is diverse and provides loads of varieties in its prints and colors. Leopard, cheetah, zebra and tiger prints being the most popular ones.

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The color schemes are so natural and vibrant that they look good on almost anyone. However, the newer prints in bright and pastel colors are no less exciting. It is not just about dresses, but animal prints boots, scarves, purses are also hot this season. They can add an instant zing to your fashion sense. Even lingerie is available in these prints which you can wear to add that some wildness to those intimate moments.

This season, anyone opting for animal prints gets automatically a status of being a fashionista, by everyone. There is no way you can go wrong with animal prints this summer.

Whatever be the reason for your addiction to animal prints, they are definitely in vogue and will continue to be so for a long time to come. Whether you are a teenager, young or middle aged, it doesn’t matter. Animal prints have something in them for everyone. So, don’t hesitate and go with the trend. Unleash your animal instincts and opt for that wild and different look that’s taking the fashion world by storm.

Animal print fashion, animal print summer fashion, animal prints for women,


Article No-1

Gift your man a watch

“You got to be a man to know and love watches”. Well, this may probably be your man’s favorite chauvinist line, whenever you try to suggest him something related to his watch collection. For women it’s always jewelry, and for men it’s watches and gizmos, which can get their undivided attention. Love it or hate it, but we can say that watches are a man’s first love. But don’t you worry! Here is finally your chance to make him bow down to your style essence and intelligence in choosing a watch for him that will sweep him off his feet. It’s your chance to see that bowled over look on his face. It is absolutely in your hands to make him happy by gifting him a watch. Just try to incorporate these few tips while shopping for his watch and rest assured, everything will go right as you imagined.

His personality: Always keep his lifestyle and personality in mind while choosing his watch. If he is that sporting, fun loving guy, then try to go for a funky sports watch. If he has that enigmatic, brooding persona, then the safest bet is to buy a classic watch meant just for him.

Retro look is in: Vintage timepieces with understated metal bracelet look are the newest sensation in men’s watch fashion. Bling is out and toned down earthy watches are in this season. So, try to look for that timeless piece in the market which will make your gift precious to him.

The color: it is not necessary to choose dull and boring colors in the watches. The current trend is to go in for unconventional colors. Choose the color which he likes the most, and look for that color in the dials and straps of the watch you are selecting for him.

The bigger, the better: Watches with big dials and straps are the coolest thing around in the market. Watches with larger than standard faces are preferred by men, these days.

Stick to his brand: If he is a brand addict, then it is better to stick to his brand of watches. Remember one thing, men are very particular about brands they wear, so it would be nice to keep a check on the watch brands he wishes to own and which he absolutely adores.

Buying a men’s watch, gift a men’s watch, men love watches, best gift for a man,


Title –

How to wear leather pants

Leather pants, it’s the latest fad that’s gripping the women all over the world. Celebrities, like Sarah Jessica Parker, Rihaana and Lindsay Lohan have helped it become a rage. So, it’s perfectly acceptable if you too want to try one of those shiny, tight leather pants and draw jealous ‘oohs and aahs’ from your female friends, while making the men turn around to watch you, as you walk past them. All you have to do is to keep these simple things in minds before trying out a pair of leather pants:

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First things first, make correct choices regarding the type of leather pants you want to try on, as you don’t want to come across as a damsel in distress or a stripper at the local club! Wear the pants which suit your body type and which do not look odd on you. Remember, it is all about looking comfortable and stylish, so make sure you don’t go in for leather pants that are too tight and that make you look like a sausage stuffed in them.

Team those leather pants with the right kind of tops and accessories. Wear a long top that covers your backside, however if you are gifted with a sexy butt and shapely thighs, it’s time to show them off by teaming your leather pants with a top extending a few inches below the waistline. Team them up with a cardigan or a sweater top to tone down the sizzle a bit. And if you want to add in a dash of spice try teaming your leather pants with a floral shirt worn over a vest.

Wear those sexy stilettos with your leather pants and you’re sure to come across as a hot chic in the party. You can also try high heels having nice leather straps attached to it to get that catty look. However you must avoid wearing leather boots with leather pants, as it becomes too much of leather.

Avoid wearing everything leather except when in the privacy of your bedroom. On a serious note, it is good to pair leather pants with a loose fitting top or tuxedo blazers.

For a smart look, pair a crisp shirt with a leather pant – but please remember not to tuck it in. If you are confident enough, you can even try this look in your office, though we really don’t advise wearing leather to the office.

Invest in black leather pants, as they look good almost on everyone and everything. Besides, they are a safe bet for black leather is always in.

Leather pants for women, wearing women’s leather pants, leather pants fashion, women in leather pants, tight leather pants

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Title –

Can Acaiberries really help you to lose weight?

This is probably the newest contender in the competition fighting for that reputation as a perfect weight loss food. Its popularity is growing manifolds, thanks to the Hollywood celebrities opting for it in their weight loss diet. Many Celebes totally vouch for its effectiveness in losing oodles of weight. However, one thing that pops in every mind is that whether acaiberries are actually helpful in weight loss or is it just another overrated fad diet, which will be gone in no time?

Well, our research says, it does help in losing weight and here’s how.

Acaiberries, a farming product of the Amazon region, are rich in vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids. These are often incorporated into special diets like colon cleaning diet, for better results. These offer various health benefits, in addition to help your body to lose extra flab and stay fit and healthy.

1. Acaiberries are rich in antioxidants, which help in improving general well being and weight loss. They are high in antioxidants as compared to most other antioxidant rich foods like blueberries and red wine.

2. Acaiberries also contain essential fatty acids, amino acids and physoterols which help in improving metabolism, reducing appetite and enhancing the digestion process.

3. Detoxification of the body is another major benefit provided by the acaiberries. And detoxification is believed to help with the breaking down and expulsion of fat deposits in the body.

4. It supports cardiovascular well being too, and proper blood circulation is vital to losing weight.

Although, there are many advantages and benefits associated with the consumption of acaiberries, there in one big deterrent too. Acaiberries aren’t available all year through and Acaiberry supplements are way too expensive and can cost about $80-$140 for a bottle.

Lastly, even if you have decided to add acaiberries to your weight loss diet, be warned that it is not a quick fix approach for speedy weight loss, without any exercise and healthy diet. We still don’t have evidence as to whether some of the claims made about its benefits are genuine or not.

There is absolutely no harm in trying acaiberry as a weight loss food product provided you still keep on with a healthy lifestyle and a proper diet, or else it won’t do any good for your weight loss mission.

Acaiberries for weight loss, acaiberries are healthy, health benefits of acaiberries, lose weight with acaiberries

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Title –

What may be causing cramps during periods?

Many women have to miss their brunches with friends, avoid parties and even skip their college and work, because their menstrual periods are way too troublesome. They dread those days of the month when they have to suffer extreme pain and mood swings and other physical problems, which makes them ponder as to why does it all happen in the first place? Why do some women experience cramps during periods, while others don’t? Is it normal to have cramps or do they suggest something wrong with the menstrual cycle? Here is a little insight into the reasons why you get cramps during periods.

Vaginal cramps are caused by the contraction of the uterine. The uterus contracts and relaxes, to allow the easy draining of the menstrual blood and during this process special chemicals called prostaglandins are released which increase the intensity of contractions.

High levels of prostaglandins during periods cause problems like nausea and wooziness which are very common, more so among the teenage girls.

With periods, begin contractions which cause cramps and these cramps can stay for the initial 2-3 days. Even before the start of the period, some women feel pain in the lower part as the uterus contracts to prepare for the blood to flow from it.

It is perfectly normal to have cramps during periods, however if their intensity is too high, it may indicate towards some deeper problem and contacting your doctor is advised in such cases.

To avoid cramps and pain associated with it some tested and effective measures, like microwavable warm pack or a heating pad placed on the lower part, can provide quick relief from the pain.

You can also take medications like ibuprofen or anti-prostaglandins drugs; however these must be taken only when recommended by a gynecologist.

Eating a healthy diet, drinking lots of fluids and having proper rest can ease down the cramps a bit.

So, if you too are a victim of cramps associated with menstrual periods, by now you have learned about the main cause behind these cramps and also the fact that it is normal to have mild cramps during periods. However, if you suffer from intense pain and cramps, you might need medical interference.

Cramps during periods, menstrual cramping, pain and cramps, cramping during periods

Article No-5


Title –

How to dress up in pencil skirts?

Pencil skirts are the age old rage for women all around the world and this skirt style remains on the ramps each and every season. You too may have secretly adored this sexy skirt style and may have wanted to try it on. But you may have dropped the idea for you weren’t too sure, how to wear it right. But with our simple tips here you just can’t go wrong with your pencil skirts.

Wearing pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are great if you want to flaunt your curves and a sexy butt. They are always in vogue and can be worn in different ways to catch up with the latest trends.

The best part about a pencil skirt is that it has the class and the flexibility to be worn as a professional outfit or party wear. It gives you that perfect hourglass shape, you yearn for.

The key to wearing them is to pair them with the right kind of clothing. The right fit and length are two other things you must watch out for. If you want a decent, smart look without drawing attention to your waist and butt area, then try classic pencil skirts in solid dark colors.

Some smart tricks:

For taller and leaner looks you can tuck your top into your pencil skirt, as it elongates your legs and trims your waist. To disguise a big tummy, you can puff out your top, from the pencil skirt, a little which will hide your extra flab. To look somewhat different, you can leave it un-tucked. It will help in elongating your torso and giving a hip and cool look to you. You can also add more definition to your waist by teaming a cute belt with your pencil skirt. Wrapping a shiny thin belt round your hips can instantly give you a sexy look.

Pairing it up

Choosing the right kind of top with the pencil skirt can do the trick for you. You can try a classic shirt for a feminine look or a floral top for a cute look, with your pencil skirt. Put on a sexy leather jacket with your pencil skirt and get that boldness and glitz into your appearance.

Even a plain basic white or black top teamed up with a pencil skirt provides you a simple yet stylish look. Try bold and beautiful accessories with the pencil skirt. Also wearing the right kind of makeup can enhance the beauty of your appearance.

Choose the right fabric

Pick the fabric of the skirt according to the season. Go for a knit or woolen blend skirt in the winters and light knit or wrinkle free fabric in the summers.

Keep these things in mind while dressing up in pencil skirt, rest assured you will be the talk of the town, for your great fashion sense.

Pencil skirts, women’s pencil skirts, pencil skirt fashion, wearing pencil skirts, stylish and elegant pencil skirts


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