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Eating Junk Foods Good Or Bad English Language Essay

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I found the people who eat take outs, out of a possibile 20 the top 2 wrere the once that eat take outs six times a week and the other were people who never eat take outs. I also found out that in South Africa and in my survey that we have a higher pecentage of people who don’t suffer from lifestyle diseases rather than people who do. Whilst in America more than half the poulation suffer from lifestyle diseases. I have found out from my surveys that people in South Africa read the labels of the products they buy, I have also found that people who live a healthy lifestyle also follow a healthy diet. The survey I did also shows that most of the people know what everything means on their label. It makes it seem that by reading labels people in our community have gotten to know what things on the label mean. Which is good. A healthy lifestyle is exercising enough and eating the right amount from all the different food groups and it relates to eating junk food because when you eat junk food you don’t get enough of the right nutrients and also you don’t get some nutrients.

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What Other Peoples Findings Are

Junk food is any food with very low nutritional value it is usual food bought from fast food outlets such as “Mac Donlads,” “Steers” and “Wimpy.” To make this food taste good it could have a lot of sugar added as well as a lot of staurated fat and salt. To much of all of the above are bad for you and are addictive. Saturated fat is not bad for you and is needed in a diet but too much saturated fat is bad for you as it will make you fat and also cause you to gain weight. Too much salt and sugar is also not good for you in your diet it is okay in moderation. But too much salt is unhealthy for the heart and to much sugar is unhealthy and rots teeth, eating refined sugar makes your pancrease secretes more insuline so that your body dosen’t have a dangerous spike in blood pressure. The junk food we eat contains carbohydrates and proteins but they are not the ones we need ie the good carbohydrates and proteins so after we eat junk food our blood pressure drops leaving us tired and lathargic. “We think junk food are fatty which they are but junk food is just a named used for foods with low nutritional value that are high in sugar, salt and simple carbohydrates.” (Halford, 2000) Child Obesity is also a very big problem as it is becoming an epidemic, more and more toddlers nearly one in five is an obese preschooler. Children are developing type 2 diabetes and 1 in three born will develop the disease.

Final Report

Eating junk foods Good or Bad??

The initial decision for me was to research eating junk food/ fast foods and how it can lead to over consumption of natural resources. While surveying people I came to find that all 3 hypotheseis overlap each other because eating junk food has an affect on all 3 hypotheseis.

What Junk food is: “Junk food is any food with very low nutritional value it is usually food bought from fast food outlets such as Macdonlads, Steers and Wimpy.” (Halford, 2000)

Fast food restaurants are disastrous to your health. The fat and calories you consume in one helping or meal at a fast food restaurant are extremely high, much higher than any other food. It can be extremely harmful to growing children as it is addictive and they become to see it as their favourite meal of choice, which could last them forever. “Soft drinks or most fizzy beverages contain large amounts of phosphorous, which throw off the body’s calcium/phosphorous ratio, decreasing calcium, which is vital to your health.” (Elaine Dodsons stay younger longer. Retrieved from the internet on the 20th of August. http://elainedodson.net/health_2.html ) “Soft drinks are particularly hazardous because the kidneys are less able to excrete phosphorous. Heavy soft drink consumption can interfere with the body’s metabolism of iron and diminish transmission of impulses through the nervous system.” (Elaine Dodsons stay younger longer. Retrieved from the internet on the 20th of August. http://elainedodson.net/health_2.html)

In our day to day production we use enourmous amounts of fuel for example milk. Milk comes from cows which is then transported which uses fuel to a milk plant where it is proccessed and then bottled and transported by truck which uses more fuel to shops every time the milk is moved it uses fuel which we have a limited supply of. The cows would also needed to be fed if they ate hay then a hay collector would collect the hay turning into a hay bale which is then transported so fuel is used for the hay collector and the truck so we are alwaus using fuel even if the end product was not directly related to fuel or a natural resource. So in the process of making milk there a lot of fuel used for transportation and also when making food for the cows.

In today’s day and age people in our society are eating a lot of junk food like burgers and fast food. These foods have no or very little nutritional value so it does not make our bodies stronger or help our bodies to get better when fighting infections it also weakens the body’s immune system. As you are not getting the correct nutrients in order for your body to be healthy and strong to fight off illnesses. In fast foods they also use a lot of sugar as it makes you very energetic and then you crash needing more sugar so you will come back and buy more to get more energy. Sugar is also very addictive. “Mac Donald’s” is known for frying its chips in sugar which makes them so good and so addictive.

Child Obesity is also a very big problem and is becoming an epidemic,where more and more toddlers nearly one in five is an obese preschooler. Children are developing type 2 diabetes and 1 in three born will develop the disease.

Fast foods contain a high amount of Tran’s fats and saturated fats which are “Trans fats are a type of fat. There are two distinct types which appear in the human diet, one of which has a negative effect on our health. “Trans” refers to the configuration of the molecules (most fats in our body are the “cis” configuration). “Trans” and “cis” configurations of the same molecule are called “stereoisomers”.from http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/glossary/g/transfat.htm on the 11th of October 2012 and “Saturated” in this context refers to the number hydrogen bonds in the fatty acid molecule — in the case of these fatty acids, all the bonds are full (as opposed to unsaturated fats, in which they aren’t). From http://lowcarbdiets.about.com/od/glossary/g/saturatedfat.htm on the 11th of October 2012 Saturated fats are usually semi solid or solid at room temperature. They are found in hard margarine, cheese and also animal meat. In fast foods the main fat is trans-fat which is found in vegetable oil infused with hydrogen. When fast food restaurants deep fry food in the oil it usually contains trans-fats which allows the product not to spoil as quickly as it usually would. Saturated fats and trans-fats can lead to high cholesterol and in turn lead to heart disease. Which in turn can lead to heart attacks, strokes and even become gangrenous (Rotten)

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Fast food outlets often do not use whole grain breads which are high in fiber they usually use white processed bread which generally is very low in fiber. We need fiber in our diet so that we cannot be constipated and also food can pass through our systems more easily and we can absorb the good nutrients more easily. Whereas processed breads do not have a lot of fiber making us constipated and not able to absorb the nutrients as it passes through our bodies too quickly.

Cardiovascular diseases are on the rise in rural and poverty stricken parts of Africa and are the second biggest killer in South Africa and also most if not all of the deaths are earlier than they should be. Cardiovascular diseases are also the effect from over-nutrition and not under nutrition. It is predicted that the amount of people dying prematurely will double between 2000 and 2030. It affects about 1.5 million South Africans, although it is also estimated that in developing countries less than half of those with Type-2 diabetes are diagnosed. From http://www.ahp.org.za/news-detail/200/part-1-lifestyle-diseases-in-south-africa-its-a-mcepidemic on the 11th of October 2012

The way in which we can counter act and improve lifestyle diseases is by educating people more on what lifestyle diseases you can get and how they can affect your health. We need to implement programs and start having seminars to educate people on how lifestyle disease can occur and how to prevent them before many happen. Lifestyle disease occurs because of junk food and also not eating correctly. Junk food they are not good for you at all in contains so much salt sugar and fat that it is actually a miracle that we don’t die from it. You gain nothing from eating junk foods except gaining weight. Another strategy to overcome lifestyle disease is that you can walk briskly for 15 minutes a day as as it improves blood circulation, removes lactic acid and uric acid, frees-up tight joints, balances the yang and yin energies, relaxes the muscles, tones-up the body and removes blockages from the blood vessels. Brisk walking is also beneficial for maintaining good health and preventing lifestyle diseases. From http://ntips4u.blogspot.com/2009/03/tips-to-prevent-lifestyle-diseases.html on the 11th of October 2012 also you should avoid junk food at all cost avoid fried foods if you would like to eat junk food rather eat grilled foods like “Nandos” Don’t ever skip a meal for any reason. Follow medical advice given to you by your doctor if you have a health problem as well as a lifestyle disorder.


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