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Communication Is The Essence Of Life English Language Essay

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“Any act by which one person gives to or receives from other person information about that persons needs, desires, perceptions, knowledge, or affective states. Communication may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or nonlinguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes.”

 “Communication is the intercourse by words, letters or messages”- Fred G. Meyer.

Imagine a world without communication! You have a brilliant plan with you but don’t possess the power of communication. You have a strong wish for something, but cannot communicate your desires. Life would be dull, blank and the world would not be worth living. Such is the authority of communication.

Communication is the essence of life:

It is necessary to convey themselves, human beings need to communicate .An human being has to communicate to express his feelings, pass on information to the other human being and share his opinion and feelings.

Types of Communication:

There are four types of communication.

Verbal Communication.

Non Verbal communication

Written commutation

Visual Commutation

Verbal Communication:

Verbal communication which involves sound, words, languages and speaking. There are many languages spoken in the world such as Urdu, English, and French etc. The basic language arrangements are gender, class, profession, geographical, area age group and supplementary social fundamentals.

Non Verbal Commutation:

Non verbal communication involves physical behavior of communications such as tone of the voice , touch, smell and body motions. Creative’s and visual non verbal communication such as singing, music, dancing and sculpturing

Written Communication:

Written communication is writing the words which you want to communicate .Good written communication is compulsory for businesses purpose .Written communication is practices in many different languages like E-mails, reports, articles and memos are some of the conduct of using written communication in business.

Visual Communication:

This is the last type of communication is the visual communication. Visual communication is visual demonstrate of information such as topography, Photography, sign, symbols, and designs. Television and videos clips are the electronic form of visual communication.

Managerial Communication:

Managerial communication is a function which helps managers communicate with each other as well as with employees within the organization

Communication helps in the relocate of information from one party also called the sender to the other party is called receiver.

Managerial Communication helps in the smooth flow of information between managers operational towards a common objective. The message has to be clear and well understood in helpful communication.

The group members should recognize what their manager or team leader intends to communicate.

Effective managerial communication enables the information to flow in its desired form among managers, team leaders and their respective teams.

Managerial communication is of the following two types:

Interpersonal Communication – Interpersonal communication normally takes place between two or more persons at the workplace.

Organizational Communication – Communication taking place at all levels in the organization refers to managerial communication.

behavior of Managerial Communication

A successful manager is one who communicates successfully with his subordinates. It is really necessary for managers to converse their views undoubtedly for the group members to understand what exactly is likely out of them.

Usually there are two ways managers communicate between themselves and with their subordinates:

Verbal Communication:

Communication done with the facilitate of the words is called verbal communication. No record is available in verbal communication.

Managers must know how to communicate with the employees. He much select the right words while talking with group members. He tone of the voice should be polite and when manager is talking to the employees .They can understand easily what manager is say either they are confuse what manager is saying.

Written Communications:

Communications is done by emails, letters, reports, etc. Manager much knows how to write the letter or email to the employees. etc not to use color forts and also the size of the forts are same.

Body Language:

Manager must take care of their body language their appearance should b excellent. Manager should be friendly with the group member but not joking all the time. Manager’s have to maintain the standard. When the manager talk voice should be clear that everybody can hear and understand easily and most important thing is while he is talking or addressing the employees selection of words must be good.

Organizational Communications:

There are two types of organizational communication.

Formal communication

In formal communication

Formal Communications:

Commutation which fellow hierarchy at the work place. Employees much talk formally in the work place regarding the work done on time or not.

Informal Communications:

Mostly employees used to talk informally while they are having lunch or dinner or sitting together .E.g. planning for picnic or movie etc.

Direction of Communications Flow:

There are two types of direction of communication flow

Upward communication

Down ward communication.

Upward Communications:

Flow of the information from the employees towards managers .When employees share the view of the work nature, job, responsibilities and what they feel about the organization.

Down ward communication:

Down ward communication take place when the flow of the information from managers to workers. When manager give work to the employees is called down ward communication.

Communications Barriers:

There are a wide number of sources of noise or interference that can enter into the communication process which prevent the achievement of the desired result.

There are five types of barriers.


Language is a big barrier in the communication like I speak Urdu and you speak Malaysian we can’t talk to each other with a common language. We need translator or we can talk in common language like English

Information Overload.

If you are a manager of a company and you are taking to the workers which are not educated and you are telling them in good and selective word which they can’t understand also communication barrier.

Time pressure:

You are manager of the company and you are addressing to the workers and you have only 15mins to say but you have to share the plane of the company and you are speaking fast .Few things are understand by the worker and they are confuse in few things is also the communication barrier.


You are sitting in the meeting and you gave work to the employees and they have to give output of the work but they are not able to give the result and you became angry and start shouting on him is also the communication barrier.

Distraction / Noise:

You are attending the formal meeting in the meeting room and discussing a serious issue and party is going on next to the meeting room and you also hear the noise of the cars and horn from the road and you are not concert at in the meeting is also the communication barrier.


If you are on the manager post and you want to get more high post or you want to improve yourself to be a batter manager of the company so you have to learn at least 3 ways of communication skill which are as fellows.

Clear communication:

As a manager you must have to do clear management that everybody can understand easily and also when you are writing the letter to the employees you must know the art of writing the letter. Don’t use color forts and different types of forts.


As a manager you have to listen the employee’s .what they are saying is they are complaining or they want to share the information which is very important for the company .It is also your duty to listen the media and your competitors. This is important to improve your communication skills.


As a manager you have to give respect to every employee in the organization either you are giving order to the employees. If a tense satiation is there you must be polite and don’t disrespect the employees. This is also important for communication skills.


Communication is very important in your life .Without communication we can’t express your feelings. Sometimes communication barrier occurs so we cannot communicate with each other .Specially if your are working in the organization you much have to finish the communication barrier it is the betterment of the company .And for the manager ‘s point of view they much improve their communication skills and body language of the manager should be excellent .Manager should be a role model he have the potential to work in the stress with patience.


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