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All About Motorcycle

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Motorcycle is a vehicle which only two people take a ride motorcycle, motorcycle have many parts, like body, chassis, engine, tire ,exhaust ,tank and many more, but motorcycle have equipment if you want to ride motorcycle like helmet, shoes ,jacket. All of parts from motorcycle must integrate each of them to work. Motor cycle was build in first time Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach in Stuttgart in 1885 [1] .Firstly in 1885 motorcycle it’s like bicycle adhere the engine, and then they always innovation their prototype. And than after Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach many company popped out like Indian in united states of America ,were Indian motor company start manufacturing in 1901 and ended their production in 1953 because they have bankrupt, Indian motor have many influence to development motorcycle in the world, in world war II some model from Indian motor was used in United state army, along with time motor cycle have big innovation , now motorcycle have man value in our live, not only for vehicle who bring people or things from one place to another place, motorcycle now can be industry for make money, like motorcycle race ,many kinds of motorcycle race is building on type of motorcycle, like trail, super sport , or touring and etc, but some of motorcycle type not be in race, like city bike (except in south east asia) and scooter.

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First we look to the main part in motorcycle is engine. “An engine is a machine that produces mechanical force and motion from another form of energy (e.g. a fuel source, compressed air, or electricity) [2] .in engine many part in side like piston in cylinder, valve, chain, spark, and little parts. Number of cylinder is make different power and torque, 1 cylinder and 2,3,4,5, or 6 cylinder is different in power and torque, in cylinder piston is protected by oil which oil protect from over rubbing in piston ,and the small part is sparkplug ,sparkplug have function to burn gasoline before piston doing piston work. And many gears for support the power must go. Engine have two type four stroke and two stroke, four stoke is like perfecting form from two stroke, but two stroke have plus value like simple mechanically and easy to cold start, but two stork produce to much smoke whereas four stroke produce less of smoke, but four stroke engine is more complicated and the four stroke engine is better than two stroke for long distance. And in some year ago born valve control to control speed in low, medium, high. Air cooler or liquid cooler are used too in motorcycle to stabilized power in long time used to control temperature in engine which power of engine can less after use in long time, because of than modern motorcycle have air cooler or liquid cooler. And oil is important part too, oil gives protection from rubbing in piston, you must choose the oil base on your motorcycle specification, because many type of oil, natural and synthetic oil base on ingredients. In oil case is must be written the oil indicator like 20-50, 15- 40, Which means a cold oil flows like a 20 grade but at high temperature it flows like a thicker 50 grade. But now natural oil not be used for now, because synthetic oil better than natural oil, every type motorcycle have different specification, like super sport motorcycle must use more great oil like 5-30 or 10-40 because super sport motorcycle have most power which piston work hard than another motorcycle so piston in super sport motorcycle must have more protection. And for 2stroke and 4stroke have different oil too. You must change oil periodic because oil has periodic life used, if you not change oil your bike would have not good performance, if your oil not good again, oil have mark if oil not good again color of oil is black.

After we look engine, we go to another important thing is its chassis of motorcycle. Chassis is like frame. Motorcycle chassis usually made from iron and mixture from aluminum. But many company produce chassis innovation to find new material to be chassis, and than they combine with carbon fiber and titanium, which that make expensive than old material. Chassis in motorcycle like bone for human, if chassis do not have good strength maybe chassis can break and can cause accident. Chassis have many different types depending on motorcycle type, like chassis for trail bike, super sport bike, and city bike is different like trail bike have chassis with high ground clear, and super sport bike have lower ground clear and longer than trail bike, and for city bike have not more special specification just for conventional motorcycle to push the price, because city bike is use to daily activity. But in some case chassis can be bent because some crash and if you do not repair it motorcycle cannot be ridden well, because chassis is like the main structure.

Suspension in the motorcycle is important to because if no suspension in your motorcycle you like ride the horse, suspension like reduce shock in bumpy road, if your motorcycle do not have suspension system they can break the motorcycle chassis. Suspension can make rider have comfort while rider ride the motorcycle like in bumpy road, or in braking condition. Suspensions have some part, like spring, oil or air inside spring, part that connect the chassis part to tire part. Spring is the main part in suspension and then oil or air in inside of spring is in tube that can reduce shock. This part make you must maintained well, if you do not maintained well maybe your suspension can broke like oil in tube broken out and the suspension cannot reduce shock well so you must change the new suspension to get great comfort in your motorcycle.

Brake system, to be certain each of motorcycle must have brake system to stop or reduce their speed, if your motorcycles do not have great brake system maybe you have big trouble because it is like you can control your speed. Break system in before 80’s era it is brake drum, it is drum with connected to lever, lever have function to push down drum to clipped brake canvas and clipped the part in rim of wheel, drum brake have advantage and disadvantage. Advantage it is cheaper and simpler if you use the drum disk, but drum brake not have good performance in braking. But for these modern eras have new innovation it is disc brake. Iron like disc with piston to clipped disc to reduce or stopping your motorcycle speed. These systems have very helped the automotive world because this system can be optimal in braking and long life use than drum brake. There is disc brake also made in ceramic composite because normal disc brake made from iron steel is have disadvantage not have great performance in high temperature so people innovation again and find disk brake made from ceramic composite because ceramic composite material having very high temperature tolerance, so many racing motorcycle use the ceramic composite disk brake. But disk brake must get more attention because if this disk brakes canvas is used up you must change is fast as you can because if you do not change in right time the piston can break disk because no canvas protect disk again.

Next part is rim, this part must be partner with tire, because rim cannot have function if no tire and then tire cannot have function if no rim, rim like circle that give main bone for tire, rim made from metal which metal have great strength. Rim have some type depend on type of motorcycle, rim have two characteristic like diameter, and width, like trail motorcycle have bigger diameter than city bike or scooter because trail motorcycle have more high ground clear than scooter or city bike, and touring motorcycle have more width than trail motorcycle because touring motorcycle have design to have long trip, than to make driver comfort must have more width rim, and trail motor do not want comfort but want high ground clear, so rim for touring motorcycle mare width than trail motor. Rim need to be aligned properly, if you not alignment rim bike handling definitely not well, your bike difficult to ride straight.

Exhaust, exhaust has function to throw air output from engine, exhaust like pipe made from steel. Exhaust plugs in engine and goes to rear side of motorcycle. Exhaust has 3 part header, pipe, and silencer. Header part plug to engine, and continue to pipe, and finally to silencer and then go to air. Exhaust is influence motorcycle performance, because exhaust can help to increase motorcycle engine, size header, pipe, and silencer. Every motorcycle have different exhaust like motor trail have little than touring or super sport motorcycle and another type motorcycle. In this era exhaust have more innovation like silencer in motorcycle tail, like trail motorcycle. Exhaust is very hot, exhaust can burn you, so exhaust company install the protector, to can save the motorcycle rider. Now exhaust not only made from iron or steel, now made from aluminum, carbon, titanium, the new material make exhaust performance increase because new material can be better than old material in very hot condition. Now many company release many model of exhaust, like megaphone, square, triangle and many more in silencer.

Transmission and chain, transmission and chain it is like connector from engine to rim and tire, in transmission have some part like belt, chain, and rubber. Transmission has function basically to move the rim and tire. Drive shafts it is like additional part, because is expensive than another part, drive shaft have function to make smooth change transmission, drive belt have more long life for use, but if you ride your bike more than motorcycle ability its can broke the engine and drive belt. And the last part is chain, chain is last part connected transmission to rim and tire, you must maintains chain well, like give lubricating by oil to chain for reduce rubbing, if you not maintain your chain well like do not lubricating by oil, chain can make noise and broken off. After you lubricate chain you must check the strength, if your chain not to strength you must strength your chain because if your chain not to strength your chain can be more susceptible to broken off. Transmission have lever which to make rider can change gears, but in scooter do not lever because scooter is automatically change gear, so scooter do not need lever.

Clutch is part from transmission system, clutch has function to shift gear from one gear to another gear, clutch have lever for driver to operated clutch. Generally clutch is located in left handle bar in motorcycle. Basically clutch made from wire, clutch like through cable connected to engine between gear and transmission system, beside that clutch can help the rider to use engine brake which in race is can help rider to decrease speed but not to use brake.

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Electrical is same like electrical in another things, like to turn on light, turn on engine (ignition), to drive all instrument like speedometer, odometer, tachometer, gasoline instrument and many more. In motorcycle to be certain us can’t use generator like to get electrical in earth so in motorcycle we must use storage battery which the size of storage battery is possible to use in motorcycle. In motorcycle after storage battery electric go to cable and integrated to fuse and go to their destination, like to head lamp or tail lamp, in motorcycle fuse system has function which to avoids components being damaged by a faulty electrical system, so we can prepare where we have electrical problem we can minimize our problem. In motorcycle have many cable which each cable have different color and different meaning, so we must learn before we change cable or many things in electrical. Storage battery now has 2 type normal storage battery and dry storage battery. Normal storage battery is used liquid in inside, and for dry storage battery not used liquid battery. Normal storage battery have more attention to maintain, like you must add more storage battery liquid if liquid in storage battery is decrease, and minus of normal storage battery is if you didn’t use in long time, normal storage battery will not have great performance like before you didn’t use in long time. Electrical is has many problem if you don’t maintain well, like your head lamp not quite bright, hard to start engine, your instrument don’t work well. Firstly if you found your motorcycle have problem with electrical you can check your storage battery, check liquid in inside, and then if your motorcycle still not fixed the problem you can check your fuse system, check the fuse is still can be used or not, you can change the fuse, and if can’t be fixed your problem you must check your cable and your instrument, the problem in instrument is around there.

Dashboard and instrument, you can find many instrument in dashboard like speedometer, odometer, tachometer, gasoline meter, maybe in expensive motorcycle you can find another instrument beside that. Speedometer gives you information about your speed now, speedometer generally located in center of handlebar, now speedometer have 2 type, first is speedometer use needle to give information, in this speedometer needle has background which in background was written number is your speed, so the needle just located in the number where your speed now. Second type is digital speedometer, it is like LCD speedometer, the digital speedometer gives information approximately same like needle speedometer but digital speedometer give in LCD media, digital speedometer have some advantage than needle like more good looking, more detail. But digital speedometer is very complicated than needle speedometer, and digital speedometer don’t have long life use as long as needle speedometer. Odometer is instrument which located is near speedometer, odometer is instrument to give information about distance which you already ride. Odometer like speedometer has two variant or type classic and digital, classis is like clocking. For digital odometer, basically almost same as classic type but the different is digital odometer display with LCD, and many feature, like have many feature to save our distance and have more good looking than classic odometer. In the past many people used odometer but they don’t now odometer is an instrument. Odometer help people very much, like odometer can give how far we go, odometer can prediction time we arrive in destination, odometer can also help people who made map, odometer can be great instrument to know the efficient gasoline in your motorcycle, you can also know how far was motorcycle ride from motorcycle was made till you want know, and many more about distance. Tachometer is important instrument too, tachometer is instrument which give information about rpm in engine and temperature in engine, so you can now your rpm while you drive and you can shift your gear in right condition, you can now if your engine in over rpm, and then you can maintain well your engine because you use your engine in right condition. Instrument for generally motorcycle is gasoline instrument, like the name this instrument have function to know the gasoline level in your motorcycle tank, in generally motorcycle gasoline instrument use needle but in some motorcycle use digital, gasoline instrument have connected to float in motorcycle gasoline tank, so if your gasoline level can be instrumented in gasoline instrument in handlebar. Gasoline instrument is the most instruments which don’t need more maintain than another instrument in motorcycle. And another small instrument like turn light lever, this instrument is small but quite important, because if motorcycle don’t have light in day is not important, but if you drive in night can be jeopardize the driver and people in motorcycle, many light instrument in right or left handle bar, like turn light instrument, head lamp instrument and beam light, engine stop, horn instrument, start engine button.

This part like extension from chassis to give structure for motorcycle, this part connected chassis and wheel, it’s call swing arm, swing arm like arm can swing smoothly and suspension system do their work to reduce shocking in bumpy road, swing arm made from combine iron and another material, like aluminum. A good swing arm must have good quantification of all things, because swing arm cannot made without quantification, if you made shorter than normal quantification your bike suspension not good feel, and your suspension system cannot give great performance to reduce the shock. Like you made longer than normal quantification, your suspension system cannot reduce well, because your swing arm quite long, if you made longer maybe your swing arm can broken. And then you must look the wheel width is must smaller than swing arm width, because wheel is located in middle of swing arm. Many little parts adhere in swing arm, like gear, and rear suspension. Now many models of swing arm, model of swing arm depend on type of motorcycle, like swing arm for trail motorcycle different for touring motorcycle, for trail motorcycle swing arm width not to width than touring motorcycle swing arm, but need more strength and more slim because trail motor is motorcycle for bumpy road, off road, or for jumping the motorcycle. And for touring motorcycle need more bigly than trail motorcycle to make more comfort because touring motorcycle was design to long trip, so touring motorcycle must more comfort. In some type modification motorcycle, changing quantification is much use, like change the size, width, make longer or make shorter than normal size, change the color or chrome the swing arm, and many more. But if you change the size of swing arm your comfortable definitely not comfort than before you change the size of your motorcycle, but your motorcycle looking maybe can more awesome than before,

Handle bar in car is like steering wheel, but in motorcycle not like wheel is like long bar steel but have more lobed in the middle to adhere the chassis, and then connected to front suspension and connected to wheel and front tire, so you can steering or handle your motorcycle well. In handle bar is added by front brake lever in right side of handle bar, and in left side is for clutch lever, but in scooter is for rear brake. Some type of handle bar, first is like a bar, like I said before and the second one like shorter bar clipped to front suspension, one bar clipped one front suspension, but this type of handle bar not quite comfort because make the rider body more bend down use the first type, but second type have more grip and make aerodynamic for motorcycle better, this type of handle bar better to use in race or short trip because make rider tired to ride in long trip.

After we look the part of motorcycle, we look equipment for rider. First we look helmet, helmet is protector for head, this helmet can protect head which rider fall down, or hit by another things, because head of people is the important part of body for people. So we must choose high quality helmet, a good quality helmet must have certificated from helmet federation or organization standard quality product, like in Indonesia call SNI. Now helmet have 5 types, 5 types there innovated base in the oldest type, but all the type have benefits and disadvantages. First is the oldest type, it is full face helmet, like the name this helmet protects all the part of head, this is the safeties type of helmet, because this helmet is very strength so definitely make this helmet safeties, but this helmet have some disadvantages, this helmet can easier make rider get warm and foggy, because around head is closed by helmet. This helmet very recommended for race, because race definitely more risk. The second type is innovated based in first type, many customers complaint the first type of helmet because very warm and foggy, and then helmet company innovated new type helmet, it call hybrid helmet, this helmet type like full face helmet but can allow to open chin part of this helmet, so can be more flexible for glasses rider. This type not strength as full face helmet but can more flexible. And the third type is open face helmet, They are aimed to protect the ears and the side of the face. However this kind of helmet doesn’t have any chin protection. Visors are often detachable. This helmet most used for scooter or city bike rider, and very not recommend for rider want ride faster, because this helmet not protect around the head. But this helmet type has some benefits, like not to warm and not easily to foggy, and quite light. Women riders like to use this helmet type is quite light and enough safeties. The forth type is shorty helmet, this helmet like bicycle helmet, this helmet not have permission to use in street, because this helmet is not have quite protection, this helmet not protect chin and side area. This helmet usually use for custom motorcycle, so like the custom motorcycle this helmet to, many this helmet type is made by custom, like the custom motorcycle rider want their helmet have same color, so their made them. And the last type is motor cross helmet, like the name this helmet especially for cross or trail motorcycle, this helmet like full face helmet but have more long into front in chin part and then no visors in this helmet, but rider usually use goggle for eyes protector. After we looked all type of helmet, you can choose your own helmet base in your interest, if you want more safety you can choose full face helmet but if you want more light weight you can choose hybrid helmet or open face helmet, but really not recommend shorty helmet, because this helmet cannot protect your head well, after you choose your helmet type, I will give you about tips and check review. First you must see the license of standard safety in your future helmet, after we make sure this helmet safety you must use in your head, make sure you comfort when you ware you future helmet, because if you can feel comfort when you use your future helmet, certainly you do not want to use your helmet, so firstly after safety is comfort. And the second tips are looked the helmet shell. There are 2 type material which in made for helmet, first is polycarbonate are light weight and very sturdy, and the second material is fiberglass, fiberglass are often high impact resistant, very stable and last a long time. So find your helmet criteria.


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