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Literature Review on Polygamy

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Polygamy is an intricate phenomenon and a result of power relations, with profound social, cultural, financial, and political roots. Regardless of being prohibited in numerous nations, the practice holds on and has been connected with women marginalization and emotional well-being sequelae. In this study, Daoud, Shoham-Vardi, Urquia and Campo, (2014) tried to enhance comprehension of this progressing, complex phenomenon by analyzing the commitment of financial position, social support to the abundance of depressive side effects and poor self-appraised wellbeing among women in polygamous marriages contrasted with women in monogamous marriages. Measuring the commitment of these elements could encourage approaches and mediations went for ensuring women’s psychological wellness. The research was directed among an example of Arab Bedouin women living in a marginalized group in southern Israel (N=464, age 18-50). The females were actually met in 2008-2009. The researchers used logistic regression models to figure the commitment of Socio economic position (as characterized by the women’ training, family SEP, and family attributes) and social support to abundance of depressive indications and poor SRH among members in polygamous versus monogamous marriages. Results showed that around 23% of the members were in polygamous marriages. These women announced twice over chances of depressive signs and poorer self-rated health than those in monogamous marriages. Females’ training changed these affiliations marginally, yet family SEP and family unit attributes brought about for all intents and purposes no further change. Social bolster lessened the chances for poor SRH and DS by around 23% and 28%, respectively. Polygamy is connected with higher hazard for poor emotional wellness of women paying little mind to their SEP and training. Social bolster appears to have some defensive impact.

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Another study which was led by Al-Krenawi, Graham and Izzeldin (2001). In this research the sample was taken from refugee camps outside Gaza City. Snowball sampling technique was used to collect the sample of 187 females (100 senior or first spouses, 87 junior or second wives) in polygamous marriages. They completed questionnaires basic demographic information, Rosenberg’s Self-Esteem (SE), and the Brief Symptom Inventory (BSI). Senior and junior spouses experienced crowded housing conditions. Senior wives perceived fundamentally more financial issues than did junior wives. In perceived relationship fulfillment significant difference occurred, with junior spouses less disappointed than senior wives. Significant differences occurred in five measurements of the BSI: somatization, interpersonal affectability, gloom, nervousness, and phobic uneasiness, with senior spouses scoring higher than junior wives on all subscales. Self-esteem scores were altogether lower among senior than junior spouses. Socio-demographic and psychological discoveries are broke down in connection to financial, interpersonal, and intra-familial stressors, and social arrangement settings.

On the other hand, Chaleby, (1985) examined that whether Kuwaiti spouses of polygamous marriages were extremely represented to in the inpatient psychiatric instead of the general public. A second intention was to decide the degree of the relationship between psychiatric issue and marital condition. Preliminary data showed that the rate of spouses of polygamous marriages was essentially more prominent in the inpatient psychiatric populace than in the all-inclusive community of Kuwait, as reflected in the 1975 registration. Moreover, the outcomes recommended a relationship between the way of psychiatric issue and the conjugal circumstance. Exchange clarifications of the information are progressed, and the requirement for controlled future studies drafted.

However, Slonim, Nevo and Al-Krenawi (2006) conducted a study. For this study, the researchers interviewed 10 polygamous families, who were living in a Bedouin Arab town in the south of Israel. Every one of the 10 families were comprising of 1 spouse, 2 wives, and kids. Five individuals were met in every family: first spouse, second wife, the oldest child of first and second wife, and the husband. Among 10 families five families were viewed as well-working families and five as ineffectively working. Results revealed that polygamy is difficult in both well-working and ineffectively working families, especially for spouses. In any case, there are numerous customs and mastery that encourage individuals from the family to function well. Among them are acknowledgment of polygamy as God’s desire or fate, square with equal distribution of resources among both families by the spouse, partition between the two families, evasion of “minor” clashes and differences, keeping up a disposition of regard toward the other wife, and permitting open communication among all siblings, children and the other mother. Researchers likewise examined the need to create, execute, and assess family mediation programs for polygamous families among various communities in the world.

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In like manner, working with polygamous families some clinical implications are likewise investigated. A report of research which depends on those females who were being found in essential medicinal services focuses by Al-Krenawi. The sample comprises of 126 Bedouin-Arab women from polygamous families (1999). Of these, 94 were senior spouses who were trailed by another wife in the marriage, and 32 were junior wives, the latest wife joining the marriage. Information uncovered that senior spouses showed lower self-esteem when contrasted with junior wives. Findings additionally revealed that senior spouses showed poorer associations with their husbands contrasted with their junior counterparts. Often when a spouse wedded a second wife, the marriage could be founded on adoration, instead of parental course of action, a trade, or relationship as in the first. These variables likewise add to the senior spouse’s low self-esteem and marital disappointment.

Furthermore, another study was conducted by Al-Krenawi, Graham and Al-Krenawi (1997) this study examined the information in view of understudy documents of 25 Bedouin-Arab children born to senior mothers of polygamous families. The interviews were conducted with children teachers and mothers. Mothers reported that their children had an assortment of behavioral issues, and below average academic achievement. Mothers griped of substantial side effects, financial issues, poor relations with the spouse, and competition and desire between the co-wives and among the co-wives’ children. Social work practice ought to perceive the social and individual essentialness of polygamy to relatives; value the noteworthiness of polygamy to children’s functioning; select children as an objective framework for intercession; and strengthen the Islamic value base for mediations.


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