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The Corporate Cultural Profile In An Organization Business Essay

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Culture is the shared thoughts of minds which make a distinction between the members of one group from other group. Culture means diverse values and behaviors that can consider guiding to success. Culture is set of beliefs, behaviors and Values of society .In simple word we can say that that culture is acquired Knowledge, explanation, values, beliefs, communication and behaviors of group, at the same time and on same place.

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Organizational Culture:

Culture ought to be learned and put in the organizations .Organization culture is set on imagination and perception which assist to clarify that how employees imagine and compose decision. Basically culture based on comprehensive set of beliefs, values and assumptions that decide the way to organizations to perform the business. Organization culture grasps the complete organization collectively. Organizational culture could be build up by two essentials factors of social group; structural stability of a group and integration of single item in superior

Standard. Organization value and norms have a well affect on those people who are attach with the organization. Norms are invisible but when organizations wish for to get better the performance of the employees, norms play their role on that time.

Characteristics of organization culture:

Organization culture is very important to improve the organization and achieve that goals which organization set for their self .when we talk about the culture than it can be define on the behalf of their characteristics. So some of the characteristics of the organizational culture is following

1. Norms is the backbone of the organization culture. Norms determine by things similar to as amount of work done and level of support between employer and employees of the organization.

2. Policy is clear for employee’s behavior which is associated to the output, intergroup

Teamwork and customer relationship.

3. Observe the behavior relate to their work and regularities in it, as show general language and proper actions

4. Maintain the Coordination and combination between the organizational units for the reason of

Development in effectiveness to works, excellence and designing to built-up the

Products and services

. These are the basic charactestic of organization culture which affect by the organization for achieve their objective.

The first characteristic is showing the norms it means the standard which employer and employee has to maintain between them. If organization do the work according to the norms than they can easily achieve their objective .which objective organization set for their self Because organization is following a standard on which standard they are working in the organization .and in particular time period completing the task which is authorized to them .these norms applying on the both employee and employer. Employer fulfilling the standard with concern to employee welfare . and employee following the standard relate to their task ,which authorized to them .these norms affect the organization to achieve their objective.

Second characteristic tell about the organization policy .like every organization has their hierarchy structure .according to the structure organization distribute the task between the employee .so if there is gap between the sub ordinate and senior in organization than it will affect on the objective, which organization has to achieve. If policy is not in favor of customer than employee cannot be able to interact in positive way with their consumer which will affect on the objective .if employee will not show or do the team work in the organization than it will be impossible for the organization to achieve their objective.

When organization observe their employee relate to their work that what work assign to them ,what are their goals, which task they have to complete in how much time ,and are they able to do so . These organization culture characteristic will make the affect over the organization to achieve their objective.

When organization make the integration and coordination in organization unit relate to effectiveness in their work .these thing affect the organization to achieve their objective .

LOl.1 explain how models of organisation culture can be used to achieve

organizational objectives


O’Reilly, Chatman, and Caldwell Model

Explain the difference between organizational and national culture

Analyse the corporate cultural profile in an organization

O’Reilly, Chatman, and Caldwell Model

O’Reilly, Chatman & Caldwell (1991) has developed a model based on the faith that cultures might be notable by values that are durable inside the organizations. This OCP model describing the seven categories which are Attention to Detail, , Stability, Outcome, Orientation, Respect for People ,Team Orientation, Innovation and Aggressiveness. This model defines the collaboration between the organization culture and personalities of individuals. because that collaboration match value between employee and employer ,if value are match of both person than employees will show the dedication towards their work in the organization and employees will show their commitment for their work.

Because of employee’s commitment, organization will survive in the market and achieve those objective which it set for their self.

Daniel Denison’s model

This model describe the culture on four basic dimensions which are, mission, adaptability, involvement and consistency, where

Mission describe the – goals, objective, vision and strategic direction of the organization

Adaptability describe the -team orientation, empowerment and capability development for the organization

Consistency describe the – intergration, agreement and core value for the organization

Involvement describes- the how they will perform for the organization.

This model basically described the external and internal focused as well as flexible versus stable. This model use for find out the problem in the organization. And this model help the organization to achieve their objective . Because with the help of this model, organization is able to find out those thing which is creating the problem for the organization .organization will solve it and achieve those objective which they set for their self.


Deal and Kennedy

Deal and Kennedy (1982) defined organizational culture as the way things get done around here.

L01.2 explain the difference between organizational and national culture

The National cultures contain the values of the diverse cultures, while differences Organizational cultures are mostly set up in the practices among diverse companies. Organizational culture of an international company might be set as in various places across boundaries, while the deep rooted values of national culture cannot imposed on the people or that is their wish to follow it or make their own tradition or culture .

In organization ,organization set the culture for their self in the organization to achieve the task for which they are striving in the market .where as the national culture is define by the people tradition which can be differ from region to region .and these people create their culture by their self.

Employees from national cultures Might be socialize into the culture of the company, and gain knowledge of the organization culture, and these practices might be opposing to the practices which usually found in the employee’s national culture. if the practice of the organization culture are very different when organization compare to national culture, organization possibly will find it hard to hang out foreign workers into a organization culture.

national cultures are mostly set up in the deep rooted values of the own cultures. These cultural values make shape that how community supposes to run the organization and what kind of relationship should be maintain between leaders and followers. Most of the time the cultural detachment outcome in big differences that might be cause for the problems in management of the global company. and these differences can generate administrative challenge for organization which is providing the employment from other cultures.

L01.3 analyse the corporate cultural profile in an organization


Work hard, play hard culture

Tough guy macho culture

Process culture

Bet the company culture

Deal and Kennedy shaped a model of culture that is based on different types of organizations. Each focal point on how rapidly the organization receives response, in the way employee are rewarded by the organization .these different types are following .

Work hard, play hard culture

This culture describes that how employee has to maintain their self in the organization.Employees will make the focus on their work .there all things will be decided before .it can be there work schedule ,their task etc

Tough guy macho culture

This culture represent the current period that organization lives in today and think about today .organization never make the hope for their future .they believe on the concept that if we do right in today than tomorrow will get safe automatically . risk are high in this culture because of uncertain future strategies

Process culture

This culture has low risk and slow feedback for their organization.empliyee feels less stress in this working environment .but stress comes due to the wrong policies applying by the organization. Employee feels so much secure their self and make their self comfort regards to their work .

Bet the company culture

This culture profile work on the long term strategies .that how company has to maintain their self in future .and these organization profile count the risk which can be in future and to consider these risk .company is making the policy for their self

lOl.4 discuss the impact of an organization’s corporate culture in achieving its




Collaborate or clan culture

Create or adhocracy culture

Control or hierarchy culture

Compete or market culture

Organization culture is the key to run,survive,and make efficient ,if any organization want to succeed in their filed .so there are many models of organization culture which are helping the organization to achieve their objective .some modes are, I am explaining here ,which are helping the organization to achieve their objective

Collaborate or clan culture

In collaborate culture, organization is an open and pleasant place to work where employee share a lot of thing with each other’s. This cultureis like an complete family. Leaders considered their self to become the mentors ,who are helping to their subordinate where are they unable to do work. Groups reliability and common sense of belief are strong among them.

There is a feeling for the long term profit of human resources growth and great significance is set to group cohesion. This model provides the strong concern for Employees. The organization places in this model describe their self as a best on teamwork, participation, and consensus.

So this culture is helping the organization to achieve their objective .because all employee working in a on unit and dedicated to each other .where subordinates are confused than leader playing their roles softly and making them perfect to achieve their task

Create or adhocracy culture

This model defines their self as a energetic, entrepreneurial, and innovative place to work. Innovation and risk-taking is the key of this model. On the behalf of innovation or do their work in additional way is the key of this model. Employee tries hard to be on the most important frame. The long term feeling for achieving the goals growth and acquiring new assets. This model telling the employee that what is actual meaning of success, Success means obtain the exclusive and new products or services for the organization. This model makes them free to their employee to achieve their task or objective. Anyone can take the initiative to make their objective perfectly .with the help of this culture models ,employee never feel the stress on their self and do the work freely .and organization achieve their objective in less time and with perfection

Control or hierarchy culture

Control or hierarchy culture model define their self in a formal way .formal way means the organization structure .where each and everything is classified by the organization .and employee are well aware about the task.which rules employee has to follow and what is the procedures to achieve their task .Leaders make their self be good organizers who are skillful minded. . Each and every person of the organization follow the formal procedures which defined by the company earlier. Organization defines their long term goals to constancy, performance, and well-organized operations. Each and every process is in systematic way in this model which help the organization to achieve their goals perfectly .

Compete or market culture

This culture tells about the task proficiency and how much are we goal oriented towards the work. Leaders showing their self as a strict person towards the goals completion that what work, which time they need from their sub ordinate. To become the winner is the prior thing in this type models. When success comes than reputation comes automatically .that is theme of this model for the employee Long-term focus of this model is on viable act and accomplishment of assessable goals and targets. This models believes that if we are achieving our goals only than we can become the leader in the market .so on the behalf of that particular culture, employee devoted their self to achieve the task which is provided to them .and organization can achieve their objective

L02: Be able to propose organizational values that will influence corporate climate

Values are traits or qualities which represent an individual’s highest preferences and genuinely held driving forces. On the behalf of these forces humans prefer their area of concern. Value statement is stuck in values and describes how people desire to behave with each other in the organization. And on the behalf of the value organization will make the priority for their customers, suppliers and their employee. And these Value explain proceedings that are the living performance of the essential values seized by most persons within the organization.

These organizational value help the organization to make there, vision, mission and strategies .where

Vision is a announcement about what the organization needs to become. The vision helps organization to feel proud, eager, and piece of a bit much bigger than them. Vision gives shape and direction to the organization’s future.

Mission is a exact sketch of what an organization does in current time. Mission describe the business in which organization is working.. Every employee of the organization should make able their self to orally express the mission.

Strategies are the largely define four or five key approaches which approaches organization will use to achieve their assignment and force in the direction of the vision. Goals and achievement plans frequently flow from each strategy.

Why identify and established value organization which influence the corporate

Successful organizations recognize and build up a clear, brief and collective meaning of values/beliefs, priorities, and way so that each person understands and contribute in the organization.

Organizational values help every person to set up priority in their every day work life.

Values direct each and every decision which made once the organization has agreeably shaped the values and the value statement.

Rewards and acknowledgment in the organization are prepared to identify those employees whose work embodies the values the organization embraced.

Organizational goals are stuck in the recognized values.

Acceptance of the values and the behaviors which result is accepted in usual performance advice.

Employers appoint and promote to their employee whose outlook and actions are matching with the values.

So these point telling the story of the organization value which make the impact on the corporate .

L02.l evaluate the existing climate of an organization


2.1 Approaches tonvevauluate the climate of organization

2.1.1 Cognitive schema approach

2.1.2 Shared perception approach

2.2 climate evaluation

There are various approach to evaluate the existing climate of an organization .

Some of them are following

The cognitive schema approach evaluates the concept of climate as an individual perception and cognitive demonstration of the work environment. From this view climate assessments can conducted at an individual level.

The shared perception approach underscores the significance of common perceptions as supporting the concept of climate.Organisation climate has been define as the shared perception of the way things are around here.

Cognitive schema approach:-

Cognitive schema is a mental makeup that represents a number of aspects of the world. They are organized in memory in an associative network.. Schema activation may also increase the accessibility of related schemas in the associative network. When a schema is more accessible this means it can more quickly be activated and used in a particular situation. For example, if there is one female in a group of seven males, female gender schemas may be more accessible and influence the group’s thinking and behavior toward the female group member. Priming refers to any experiences immediately prior to a situation that caused a schema to be more accessible

Shared perception approach

This approach recognized the variables which restrained an organization’s capability to mobilize on workers in sort to attain business objective and maximize performance for the organization. in this approach leaders just find out the perception of their employee and make them perfect in term of climate of organization .which help the organization to achieve their goals.

Climate evaluation

Climate evaluation is providing the solid proof of how this works in accomplishment.

When organization do the climate evaluation it means they are focusing on the human resource strategies that how HR department deploying the strategies on to the employees ,and according to their strategies making the evaluation that how is it working in the organization .what are the negative impact and what are the positive impact of it .if organization is not working well than evaluation of climate is necessary. with the help of climate evaluation organization find out the loop holes in their culture .and implement it .

L02.2 recommend ways to improve corporate climate in an organization

There are many ways to improve the corporate climate in an organization some are following .which is important to improve the orgnaization 

Organization has to trained their employees in the correct way towards improving their organization’s work culture. When employees will be able that how to accomplish things in the right way and what the organization want from them, than organization will work smoothly and conflicts rate will get down.

Organization has to bring positive changes in the culture of the organization and manage them according to the perception and expectation of the employees.this thing will create the motivation among the employee

A essential condition for a dynamic environment is a miscellaneous team of passionate employees, who are having a great interest in working as a team and developing the work environment completely.

Organization has to manage planning with their team members and speak about matters concern to the present culture of the organization. And organization has to bring that culture which will justify the changes in the organization.

Organization has to preserve well statement with their team. And make the statement among their team members about the leadership of the organization and the strategies which is took to build a more pretty culture in the organization.

Organization main problem is conflict among their worker and its effect the organization culture. So organization has to work upon them that how they are handling it is in organizational culture. Whenever conflicts do happen, the management should resolve them rapidly .

When employee feel that they are treating equally in the organization, they are further make liable their self to accept their mistakes and the decision of the management. So organization treat them equally and feel employees the ultimate environment towards the work provided by the.

In the organization team structure is very important in the respect and should catch the program to connect employees in such movements.

So these condition will improve the working environment of the organization .and organization will run their self as a market leader in the market.

LO3 Be able to develop strategies to communicate with stakeholders of an organisation who belong to different cultural groups

Organization communication is all about the allocation of the information within the business. Organization communication is a very important part of corporate to share the information related to the business

Success of organization communication is based upon on the audience on the other hand we can say that the supporters for the successful communication. There are many types of stakeholder of company that are as follows: so all people belongs to different group and from different culture .


Sales Forces

Management Groups


Business Partners

Internal Customers


Employees: The organization communication is based on the employees of the organization because without the support of the employees the organization cannot allocate or communicate the information to rest of the workers. So there should be effective and efficient audience in the corporate communication so that they can communicate the information to all the associates of the organization in a healthy manner.

Sales force: The sales force is the second important part of the corporate communication because the information should be very effectively communicative towards them reason being tha they are the root to make profit. So it very important to make them a part of the effective organization communication.

Management Groups: Management groups are the part of the corporate communication or would say that the one of the important audience of corporate communication because being a corporate entity it is very important to allocate the information to the other organization sectors. So that there should be increment in the healthy corporate competition.

Distributors: The distributors are also very important part of the organization communication so the organization must give the concrete information to them so that they can perform the task efficiently.

Business partners: the information should be circulated to the partners of the business as well, because the partners are the utmost management of the organization so to circulate the information to them is very necessary.

Internal customers: Internal customers are all about the existing customers. to satisfy the existing customers is the basic need of the organization so it is very important to give them the right and appropriate information to the internal customers.

Shareholders: The shareholders also known as the stake holders of the company so to give the information to the stake holders is very essential because the extreme power regarding the organization is with the shareholders. It is the compulsion to give each and every information should be communicate their reason being there are the one of the most important audience of organization communication.

It is very effective to sustain the audience of Organization communication if the organization wants to sustain at last. With the help of following point we can develop the strategies for the organization to maintain their self with communication

Live meetings and events

Live meetings and events

Communication planning

Print, multimedia, and video

Interactive communication

LO3.1 identify internal and external stakeholders of TANZ

External stakeholder :-Natural Gas Corporation (NGC), and Australian Gas Light (AGL) are the main external stakeholder in the tanz. NGC and AGL maintain their self in tanz with merger procedures .And playing the important role in TANZ group

Internal stake holders :- Employees management Groups Distributors Business Partners Internal Customers are the internal stakeholder of TANZ because these people contributing their self from the first day of this organization .and they have the direct intrest in the TANZ group not in others groups .so these people will be considered as a most internal stake holders in the TANZ

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LO3.2 evaluate the effectiveness of an organization’s existing communication strategies

In management one of the most essential part is evaluation. Evaluation is very important in every field of management. Like here is the explanation of Communication of the organization. If the organization wants to sustain the effectiveness of the communication pattern than it will be necessary that there should be the continuous assessment of the existing communication strategies. So here are some point or the methods by which we can evaluate the communication strategies.

Maitaining the trust of stakeholders , shareholders & as well as the public related to the organization: To evaluate the communication strategies of the organization the very first criteria is to maintain & sustain the trust of the persons associated with the organization .

Easy language & lenient style of presentation : Only information allocation is not important but the overall procedure to communicate is also plays an essential role in evaluation of communication strategies. If the second person can easily understand the information with the help of communication than it is clear that the existing communication strategies are very much effective.

Communication should be concrete & concise: In the evaluation of the communication strategies , the concreteness and conciseness are the important factors. The communicating strategies should be concise and as well as concrete so that the receiver of the information can get the information in a well understandable manner.

Clearness: The communication strategy should be based on the clearness. The pattern of communicating the information should be clear enough that the third part will also can understand the information in a well being manner.

Besides these criteria there are numerous points on which we can evaluate the communication strategies of the organization in a well worsed manner but the points which are mentioned above these are important factors to evaluate the exisisting communication strategies of the organization.


LO3.3 develop new communication strategies for stakeholders of an organisation that address differences in belief, values, customs and language.

The innovation is the key source of success in every field so does it helps in communication also if we want to get success in the communication strategies of the organization so it is very important to get accelerated in terms of communication patters Like: The very first step is to explain the risk factor of the organization because the risk capability is very important to identify the severity of the related organization. The communication strategies are based in several steps of evaluation depending upon the several obstacles regarding the communication strategies of the organization . The initial stage is to maintain the complexity in the system and beside that the further The basic process of the documentation regarding the communication is important means what information had been delivered at what time the information is allocated and how much the information we effective, after that the next important step is to identify the significant and interest groups and analyze their needs. By the help of these development the strategies can be improved a lot.

LO4 Be able to manage an e-strategy in an organization

E-strategy is making by the organization for their e-business .when organization has to make their self on internet or organization has to carry their e-business ,for that purpose ,organization has to manage the e-strategy for the organization. E – Strategy is focus on the entire organization like :

E strategi is the sub section of the business strategy.

It is important to know that the E-strategies drives the It strategy.

E – Strategy effects the complete organization because it is focus of the entire environment of the organization .

The basic focus is on the creating value of the organization .

LO4.1 Implement an e- Strategy in TANZ

The implementation of E-strategy in TANZ is very important because the TANZ was having some vision and to fulfill those vision like The vision of the TANZ wants to be the recognize as the largest electricity retailer and as well The internal and external marketing and image was based on operational excellence, making life easy, being fast moving, energetic, and flexible. So the e strategies are implemented in TANZ and it can be proof by some grounds ie:The company has a 140-year history and its culture is famously traditional and hierarchical. It had adopted a light-handed approach to its ownership of NGC up until the time of the TANZ takeover in 2000.

LO4.2 Develop processes to monitor the implementation of an e- Strategy in TANZ

As we discuss earlier about the e-strategy that it is important factor for the organization in e-business. we have to implement it on time to time to make our business well in the market . So we have to develop the process which will help the organization to implement its strategy in a manner in which e-strategy will develop their self and mange the e-business of the organization.

E-strategy Process will start from the good communication channels in the organization ,if communication is good than we can maintain the e-strategy

Second step will be well planning for the e-strategy ,that what task ,how and which time has to apply or achieve in the organization

Third step is to control the e-strategy with the help of evaluation of work on time to time .this evaluation will will update and implement the e-strategy for achieve their Task in Tanz.

LO4.3Assess how an e- Strategy contributes to ensuring competitive advantage in global market

Globalization is a door step to enter in the international group to achieve the business opportunity. And the E-strategy is important to attain the competitive advantage of global market because the e strategy is the basic requirement for ensuring the competitive a


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