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Skills Required to Achieve Strategic Goals

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For an organisation a strategy is vital because it consists all the mission, vision, Goals, objective as well as the organisations directions of the businesses. Therefore we can describe strategy as a course of actions of an organisation carrying out in order to achieve a specific set of objectives which set with the aim of being sustained in the future. When it comes to strategic direction strategic managers have a huge responsibility. Generally companies appoint a strategic manager to carry out the various activity analyses needed in order to take most accurate and suitable decision making and make more appropriate decisions regarding the direction of the organisation.But to support to the strategic direction of the company strategic managers vitally required to develop their personal as well as professional skills in order to demanding responsibilities and career progression. Personal skills can be identify as the capability to manage your personal actions to responsibilities and problems in work place and normal day to day life and on the other hand Professional skills is about knowledge managed for both personal improvement and career progression.

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Personal and professional skills required to achieve strategic goals

Personal skills required to achieve strategic goals

For a strategic manager development in personal skills is more important to achieve strategic goals within an organisation because when it comes to setting goals and achieving them is very vital to an organisation and this a team work within an organisation hence to do this a strategic manager require to develop personal skills to work with others as well as to ensure his or her own career progression. There are a number of professional skills that are required to develop by a strategic manager in order to achieve strategic goals.

  • Communicating skills

Having good Communication skills is very vital for a strategic manager , especially with his or her subordinates and the other managers as well as senior officers. This is how ideas are born and shared among each other.. Listening is a part of communication skills, there is no point of beginning a communication without listening to others ideas, or ignoring the comment one may have given. A strategic manager manager is not simply there to make directions for other employees to stand with, but the objective of a strategic manager is to prepare missions, goals and objectives for the organisation. The strategic manager has to pay attention to innovative ideas which staffs and other managers may suggest. There must be no problems with regard to interconnect with employees and other managers, because due to more communication , the more ideas can be shared. Communication skills may be done several ways such as through phone calls, emails , conferences , presentations, face-to-face, an effective strategic manager is to know how to select the best way to communicate others. Most of the time it is based on the message he or she would like to pass on to staff and other managers. He or she should not only have good communicating skills with his staffs but also during a conference with other organisations or consumers, as he or she will be representing the organisation. If he or she gives an adverse impact on them self, then it is also a negative impact for the organisation as well.

  • Problems solving skills

This is the ability to analyse the problem, recognize problem severity and evaluate the effect of different solutions and pick the easiest and appropriate solution to the problem. when achieving strategic goal there will be a number of problems with regard it hence having a better problem solving skills for a strategic manager is vital.

  • Creativity

This is the ability to develop the stuffs and change it very fast in a healthier manner or invent stuffs it is never exist before and make it appropriate for everybody within the organisation. This is a very important skill 4 a strategic manager because to achieve strategic goals a person should be creative unless it is not easy to achieve such goal.

  • Leadership skills

Leading is showing the correct directions and lead others to follow that direction. to achieve the strategic goal a strategic manager has a responsibility to handle his or her staff in a very efficient way and to handle the staff a he or she must have proper leadership skills. without proper leadership organisation can not achieve its strategic goals as well as can not make correct decisions and get support from its employees.

Professional skills required to support the strategic direction of the organisation

For a strategic manager development in professional skills is more important. Because to support the strategic direction of the organisation required a high level of professional skills of a strategic manager.

  • Planning skills

Planning is a vital activity to an organisation. For a strategic manager must have a better planning skills when support to to the strategic direction of the organisation because strategic planning is the key to success of a strategy of an organisation. Strategic planning is an companies’s procedure of identifying its strategic direction, and making decisions on assigning its capitals to chase its strategy.

  • Motivation skills

This is the skill to give his or her staff strong motivation to make them have a desire to work and accomplish the objectives of the organisation and it might be by reward or promotion. When supporting to strategic decision of the company it is required to keep motivated the employees of the company in order to achieve those goals and objective with regards to the direction of the company.

  • Delegating skills

This is the skill to give some of his or her duties, power , work or tasks to his or her subordinates or junior officers. This should be done by very carefully because if the word that has been delegate isn’t finished properly the whole responsibility will have to bared by strategic manger hence a strategic manager must have good delegating skills to support the strategic direction of the organisation.

Skills audit to identify learning styles

A skills audit is an analysis of a person’s current skill compared to the skills that a person will require both current and in the future. This may support a person to recognize your existing skills, recognize what skills that a person may need to carry out your current voluntary work and role more successfully and to develop, plan and improve the skills and understanding needed for his or her future career.

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Strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements

For a company to form a leadership strength in the both current and future they 1st need to identify what features of leadership are needed and valued in the company and for what roles. However below skills and perspective shows what are the strategic skills needed to meet current and future leadership requirements.

  • Skills to Develop strategies to changing and complex market

Each of the every business will face a varied set of challenges during the current market as well as the future but an organisation to have leadership who has strategic skills to meet to face below changes in the market.

The todays business environment is fast paced, very competitive, highly complex and loaded with statistics.organisations that find innovative methods to decision making and strategising that allow them to manage with this pace hence a better strategic leadership must skill·ful about it.

  • Cultural and communication technology skills

Also in multinational organisation part of the organisation is working across multiple countries, and employees, external partners such as joint ventures are spread globally. Working in an international market has caused in generally dispersed offices with a team of employees having to change according to the local culture, and cooperating across borders and cultures. Hence the technology has enabled the ability to work effectively and it raises new demands on the execution and mastery of communication technology because of that a leadership must have skill about communication technology in order to carry out the leadership in the future.

  • Skills about emerging markets

Most of the organisations assumed that carry out operations in emerging markets will benefit from the current market as well as in the future market hence a leader of an organisation must have skills about emerging markets in order to to make strategic decisions. The progression and impact of the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) on the important strategic direction of multinational companies is tangible. Even for organisations which not operate in these emerging markets and this has a spill-over influence to leadership. Companies aiming major growth from emerging markets need leaders who understand how to successfully work in emerging markets from a cultural as well as an operational perspective.

  • People development

Now a days decisions is taken by teams and the pace of improvement and technology is highly developed. Therefore people development is important. The growth in emerging markets as well as competitors for talent means that it is not possible for an organisation to face it alone . The new generation that will manage the workforce very effectively retire expects more than monetary payment for their contribution. They believe their employer to provide on that anticipation.

Appropriate techniques to identify preferred learning styles

There are a number of ways to carry out a skills audit based on the organisation’s strategy. There are 3 main steps to a skills audit. Step one is to decide what skills strategic manager or the person who has the leadership requires. Step two is to identify what are the skills each employee already has. Step three is to gather the results and decide skills development requirements. The end outcome of the skills audit is commonly a training needs analysis which will assist the company to provide requirements such as recruitment and etc.


Conduct a personal development plan

There are a number of ways to develop a personal development plan which meets leadership development requirements. Mainly there are few steps to carry out a personal development plan. Such as Identify if a leader district has a Planning format or requirements to follow. Here is about statuses and districts have detailed professional development plan necessities. Before further proceed must identify what are the leadership specific requirements are. Next step is to identify what are the components of better professional development are by looking at these scenarios such as Addresses a leader wishes to enhance in practice, Focuses on improving the overall goal of leadership development, Utilizes the Principles for leadership development as a guidance for implementing personal learning .Fourth step is using a template to develop the plan of how to develop a leadership.after that he or she decide on the strategies that he or she will exclude in their plan to achieve their goals.


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