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Example Personal Development Plan And Personal Audit

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Produce an ongoing personal development plan and reflective record of management experience which sets out your objectives, and the actions you plan to take to meet these goals. You need to determine your short / medium/ long-term goals and objectives, and clearly identify target dates for monitoring and review.

A personal SWOT analysis is a significant technique that can be used when you want to bring some changes in your career and other flimsy matters of life. It will help me to classify where I need to get enhanced, and more importantly allows me to blemish my internal strengths that I can get advantage from on to grab my opportunities and avert any external threats for the career progress. An individual expansion is where I will be catalog out my strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind my opportunities and tiresome and converts my threats into great opportunities.

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My PDP is based on the my preceding job role that I took on; which was Customer Relations Officer, where my job anxious dealing with clientele, making influenced their need and wants were heard. In other vocabulary customers’ provisions were met. Part of my job also concerned training other staff on the skills that were significant in order to deal with clientele. In addition, I had to deal with critical clientele in unlike situations.

The most vital purpose of a PDP (Personal Development Plan) is to lend a hand you learn and construct up more efficiently and to be able to:

Be recognizable with and be able to list confirmation for your own knowledge and consequently the development you are making;

Appraisal, plan and take accountability for your own knowledge;

Learn in a wider variety of ways and a wider range of contexts;

Outline ahead and use your long-drawn-out individual knowledge to attain exacting goals;

Be recognizable with and categorize your training/learning requirements.

As a part of Ed-excel Level 7 program of study, I conducted my individual SWOT analysis that provided me groundwork from where I can steps onward with my goals to hold up my vocation and to get hold of accomplishment for its augmentation.

Subsequent are the details of my personal SWOT analysis at the start of the course;


Before I started the programme I was good at being ready, such as carrying required books and tools obligatory for the day.


Skills that need some expansion

• Preparation

• Decision-making

• Information

• Problem Solving

• Leadership

• Evaluating

• Thinking Strategically

• Reviewing

• Prioritizing Time management has always been one of my most important weaknesses.


I give the feeling of being forward to surround by this programme I will improve on many skills as well as time management. Not much of opportunities apart from I want to pass this documentation and then study for an MBA.

Threats: not enough enthusiasm and financial constancy to come up with the money for a MBA.

Strengths (List attributes you have which will help you achieve your goals)







Man of commitment.

Good team worker.

Highly motivated.


Sound knowledge, knowledge & training of my field.

Always Smiling.


IT skilled

Marketing approach

Good presenter

Some leisure skills, like Singing, Acting etc.

Weaknesses (Identify areas of concern or disappointment you. In what way do they not meet your expectations?)

Time mismanagement.

Not much talkative

Bit missed up about Future planning

Changing priorities in life.

Preference of emotions over the rules. Get dissatisfied if instantaneous criticism of my plans is unenthusiastic.

Being away from my family that draws my attention from my purpose to be in the United Kingdom.

Monetary dependency.

Multitasking at the same time.

Opportunities (What opportunities exist in your current circumstances?)

Still have time to utilize proper.

Parent’s confidence

If I absolute my knowledge in time I can get a full time effective right with in the UK that is a part and tie together to get a full time job.


Could get Vast knowledge from teachers

Can compete

Can use strength in proper way.

Opportunities to work with high reputed British organizations.

Opportunity to gain internationally documented qualification which was not possible for me to have in my country Pakistan.

Financially secure future.

Threats (What threats are there in your current circumstances?)

P 1.2; Activity sheet 2:

Personal Development Plan:-

Personal Development Planning refer towards the ”structured and supported process undertaken by an entity to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or attainment and to plan for their personal, educational and career development”.

The primary purpose of a PDP (Personal Development Plan) is to help you learn and develop more successfully and to be able to:

Be familiar with and be able to list confirmation for your own knowledge and consequently the development you are making;

Assessment, plan and take accountability for your own learning;

Learn in a wider variety of ways and a wider range of contexts;

Draw upon and use your long-drawn-out personal acquaintance to achieve meticulous goals;

Be acquainted with and define your training/knowledge needs.

As you know I am a customer Relation Officer I have developed my personal development plan after having comprehensive discussion with my Brother who is a Business man, different career counselor, professionals already into financial services diligence and at last but not least, my own specialized experience so far.

I have separated my plan into three parts, one is concerning to the short term setting up and progress plans which are due to be accomplished within the period not more than 12 months preliminary from July 2010, the second part is associated to medium term setting up and development needs which have to be obtained with in the period of 6 years from the date and in conclusion the long term plans which requirements to be achieved after five years.


I have subsequent three short term plans according to their preference which are due to be entire by the will of ALLAH:

Absolute my Advanced Professional certification in Management Studies.

Willing to get authorization from University Of Wales

Preparation for the MBA (Finance and banking)

The first foremost apprehension is to complete my Ed-excel Level 7 APDMS in time Sep 2010. Since, my second short term sketch is entirely needy upon the conclusion of the first one, My APDMS programme date is up to Sep 2010 at the London College of Business, preceding to I could get my results I have to submit 9 investigate reports out of which I intend to submit four latest by now and rest in couple of days so that my college professors have ample of time to go in the course of my assignments and to get my research reports verified internally & externally and as-well as to obtain my Certification transcription from the Ed-excel within the due time. If I am not capable to get my advance professional certification on time, I won’t be able to get my medium term preparation.

Since, I aspiration to be a Businessman and I have already accepted half of its exams, and yet another six exams needs to be passed so throughout the time I will be doing my post-graduation from the University of Wales in economics and banking, and it will shine my skill and will help me to make better up my carrier.


My succeeding main focus on my medium term planning and development of my personal professional plan are as followed according to their priority;

Achievement of Master in business management studies from University of Wales. (Sep 2011)

Change my visa status to (PSW) Post Study Work, if possible. (Oct 2011)

Start My Own Business

Once my short term goals are achieved according to the plan, the next step is to absolute my on-going post commencement prerequisite at that time from the university by the end of September 2011.


Planning and development is and frequent process that never ends up at either of the stage. After the successful attainment of my intermediate term goals at the end of the day I will be a Businessman and have my own property with my luxurious sports car by the blessing of ALLAH. After the, accomplishment of the ultimate benchmarking qualification I will have subsequent priorities;

Setup my own Business.

Make mine and my family future perfect.

I wish to set of connections my own Business and by my own possessions in the posh area of London, Pakistan, buy my own sports car. And want to step onward in my goals with the blessing of ALLAH

Task 2

Evaluate how the main themes of the learning programmer have impacted (or could in the future) on your work role – you should include an analysis of your strengths and weakness both at the start and end of the programmed.

P 1.3: Personal SWOT analysis at the end of the programme;


well I believe that this action sheet has help me a lot as I have come to know about my optimistic and unenthusiastic points, which off course I have to get improved and what are my plus tip which can be beneficial for me in future. This movement page is sort of work out for our mind.

As I am a customer relation officer knowledgeable and learnt many expert skills. There were numerous skills and experiences which I have to face on daily bases such as, team administration skill, leadership skill, purchaser service skill, communication skill, novelty skill and monitoring skill. There are two most important things which help me to get better my job aptitude, such as, self monitoring and hard working skill.

Despite the fact that, as I think that there were some skills on which I can work to construct it better such as organization skill, choice making skill and time managing skill.


A best customer service depends on good communiqué skill, customer services skill are being client focused. Customer services is all about to recognize the customer needs and prospect, edifice a relationship and sympathetic.

In customer service you have to face dissimilar kind of customers. I always believe to understand the require of customer you for all time have to be lack of complaint and vigorous, for eternity try to help them in those they conflicting problems. all the way through purchaser appearance I can understand they are contented, stress or angry which helps me to deal with them in a better way and try to fulfill their expectations. It has also helped me to get better many other areas in which I consideration I was weak.

Good communication skills are very significant and helpful for any kind of job and to achieve your goals. As, English is not my first language, in start I had to face some communication problems. But, when I join university and start to do some group course work, communicating with dissimilar people from different racial backgroung.it helps me a lot to get better my communication skills, by working with studying with diverse kind of people, it helps me to get additional self self-assurance and as I believe by getting my self self-confidence I enhanced my communication skill.

Now, I can face diverse category of community. Anyway, as my job concerned meeting with new people, opposite new experiences every day. Commerce with diverse types of condition and giving training to my staff. I have made myself belonging, which also helped me to gain more self self-assurance on communiqué skills. Now, I can say that I don’t have any more problems with communicating with anyone.

I am working as a team leader, it was actually main point of deliberation to get better my team management skill for the reason that I have to train new member of staff as well. Whenever I had a new strategy about customer relation’s some time I had to get our team together on many occasion for manifestation about our new promotions and new ideas about purchaser services. Being a part of team it evolved much strength such as, determination, initiative, great modernism and knowledge.

In team management you have to be an excellent decision maker. Infrequently team work can be very demanding as other’s views can become conflicting and this makes it hard to make an option and manage as a team leader. I did face this difficulty at a lot of occasions but to conquer this I tried to bring about dissimilar ideas of communicating, listening to everybody’s thoughts and not criticizing anybody’s views or ideas. This helped me to overcome my problems and now I do not find it hard to deal with my team

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Whilst being a customer relations officer I did face many weaknesses which I later turned into my strengths, such as my management skills and my management skills were very poor when I started my job, however as time passed by, as all the staff worked as a one big family, it wasn’t hard for me to adjust to their environment and gain my confidence.

Due to the information that I am a very responsive person, it was very hard for me to regulate in their surroundings at the commencement; on the other hand over as a firm working and self aggravated person I did not let my weaknesses come in the way.

In addition, I also found that my IT skills were a main weakness in me as I found it hard to use Microsoft access. Though using the IT services at university and work place also improved my knowledge and I realized that the more I in progress using IT services I was getting better at them and found myself in fact enjoying using IT. I consider Information Technology (IT) is very significant for all business types because it helps the business function well and keeps the commerce organized and well prearranged.


There are many threats emotionally involved to my job such as market insist, for instance, there is higher quantity of students graduating with a degree and hence more rivalry, resulting there is high opposition in the market, for which cause employers insist higher from their employees.

In addition, as the technology is very higher, it is very hard to keep up with it. Due to new technology, there are new services being introduced, not forgetting the in sequence about new ideas that have evolved from an advanced technology. This has limited my choices and as new ideas and services are being introduced, it might make it hard for me to no-win situation up with all this.


Throughout my time as a customer relations officer, I did face a lot of opportunities come my way, from which I did take some into reflection. As I have gained many skills between to this type of job, I feel I have a lot of opportunities such as I can open up my own commerce in the same field, or create a corporation business. This is very obliging for me as I can work as a sole dealer and get to make the decisions.

In addition, as there are new-fangled markets, new products, and as the recurring, weather, fashion and influence on customers buying supremacy, it is good as I contain the knowledge and knowledge to deal with these types of situations.



Task 1

What skills are required for effective management? Analyze, with supporting examples for own experience three personal skills and three professional skills a manager needs to be effective in their role. Explain how these contribute to meeting both organizational and personal goals and objectives;

Every manager has to make known many personal and professional skills to be effectual in their role, I have listed subsequent three personal and three professional skills likewise which are usually unobserved in the general conversation of management conversation but their significance cannot be called into a query.


Job accomplishment, profitable threatening and people abilities are main professional skills of managers. A number of managers can obtain in one or two of these skills but the most excellent managers will have some ability in all these fields.

Research/Analytical Skills

This is a professional skill that is very significant to any career and even in daily life. These skills can be utilized apart from the type of movement in which the manager is concerned. A sound knowledge of analyzing diverse matters and information is very basic element while performing corporate responsibilities. These skills must be continually kept upgraded in all professional fields. This is also named as serious thinking skills. The significance of research and investigative skills cannot be unnoticed for managers operational in all career areas.

Job accomplishment:

It requires the ability of sympathetic, categorize and examine presentation in the direction of implementation hard responsibilities towards direct projects and to do an well-organized procedure, Manager should have burly focus to be an significant person that articulate a logic of requirement as well as persistence to obtain things finished in tense time stress, it should be supple enough to take essential action when obligatory.

Profitable imminent:

This focus on efficiency and in the case of individual region managers, it means efficiency or in other words returns on investment. Allocation of responsibilities through buffed ideas is very significant so that individual that will put in mostly implication. Their ability to become conscious how significance is the task works as a base to apply their expansion ability to prioritize in agreement. This helps to thoughtful the economic characteristic of in series of business as well as to distribute all possessions at their taking away sensibly.

Discrepancy compromise Skills:

Managing disagreement requires convinced skills and techniques that, even though easily unspoken, may not always be easy to put into practice.

Most people inspect “conflict” as a difficulty rather than as a chance. Those who view deviation as the complexity in every opportunity are not of necessity pessimists; although they may not be appearance the disagreement as an inventive lively. The realism is, no matter what you do or how you act; there will forever be some conflict-especially when you serve as a group of people board member. Conflict can be both positive and negative. Divergence allows people to learn about a problem from dissimilar sides and often the majority creative ideas and solutions emerge from disagreement. Negative aspects of disagreement can engage annoyance, confound and sometimes lead to aggression. The key to future conflict gainfully is to be familiar with it as a procedure to be managed not amazing to be avoided or get rid of.

Subsequent ground rules are unmistakable rules that the collection agrees to follow to help them make easy prolific planning;

Listen to appreciate

No “You” Statements (instead say; I think, I feel, My interests, etc)

Listen excitedly

Focus on Interests, Not Positions

Disengage People from the Problem

Soft on the People, Hard on the Problem

Reframe (stay focused on the problem)

Everyone Participates

People abilities:

Capable people managers are good at authorizing, inspiring, preparation and increasing people. By transitory the perfect people considerately for a broad assortment of tasks they work as catalysts. They can arbitrator people abilities as who can do what and who will work exceptional with other people. They are too good in giving tasks in groups. They are capable to query the precise matter in a helpful way. Admirable communication and good listening skills make them ingenious managers

Positive approach and manners, victorious communication and Learning & Growth are main Personal Skills of managers


Positive stance and activities is key personal skill of manager. Managers should be certain about his demeanor and actions and he should feel confident about him. Dealing with situations, problems and people with, integrity, sincerity and personal beliefs are main personal skills requisite in managers to be familiar with their own and other people’s good efforts.

Group execution skills

An entity must reveal effective group working skills while bigheaded the role of a manager. Group working skills includes actively listening others, sharing ideas, giving hold up, compliant differences, explaining skills and seeking clarification from others etc.


Manager should be a victorious communicator. This helps manager to realize the necessities of consumers, the prediction of higher management and the in number present condition in the section or plan group. It leads towards collection of important information. Suitable information should be discrete in a suitable way and the mainly capable message channels must be select.

Career Development & Life Long Learning Skills

On first sight, career preparation may be alleged as a skill completely for graduate students. Though, managers at all levels must place in career planning. Opportunities can take place very spectacularly and the winning manager should be ready to take its benefit. An existing example is commercial skills. Once they were not measured important, for many of today’s managers they are most important, key to the achievement of their overall decision-making responsibilities. Professional societies offer managers an significant spot for polishing many widespread skills and for exploring possible platforms for career expansion. Frequently all the professional and the managers in exacting must dedicate their time into career planning.

Comprehension and Development

Third significant personal skill is learning, manager should be enthusiastic to continuously grow learn and; His individual strengths and areas for expansion must be charge. Managers should set their knowledge goals and objectives. They differentiate and entry learning sources and opportunities.

So we can bring to a close this as executive must have expert skills as well as personal skills to be victorious managers.

Task 2



There are a more than a few far removed from ways of personal skills audit. Job examination is one of the best and feature method of personal skills audit. Job analysis helps the people in assessing their abilities and it in addition give self-assurance the people to do more good as they can. It helps the personnel to make sure their weakness and strengths. The center purpose of doing private skills audit in any organization is to check out the skills and aptitude that organization is looked-for and also about skills and aptitude that organization is by now have. It also establishes training needs for calming the skills of the people. The private skills audit helps to strategy an appropriate and expensive place of work. It helps in plunging the grounding expenses because growth attempts are listening carefully.

Organization and management swelling is not an easy task; for the improvement of management manager must inspection the people work and if they are responsibility good and right so let them know that they are responsibility well and right and manager should give poise them. Criticism process is very good for examination and well-informed about the people appearance and actions. Managers should make available sufficient orders to their workers and also provide them enough knowledge about their projects and jobs. anticipation is one of the most important factor in association managers should have trust on their workers and they should be recognizable with that they are not the only one who can achieve job capably but they should have trust on other people for doing things precise.

Knowledge is not a goal but it is a journey. Knowledge is compulsory part of a lot of new-fangled jobs and education styles also pressure the job and work with others with varied styles.

audit forecast

On every juncture anyone used to ask concerning my skills I used to go vacant until I was knowledgeable this unit of ‘Advanced Professional Development’ by Mrs Sunita at London College of Business. She taught me the dissimilar steps for a job examination that can help me at the same time as conducting personal skills audit. Following is the summing up of those steps taken by me throughout the entire course of action.

Step One

I used the main feature to powerful plan all tasks worried in every function. Included as much feature as I could and I didn’t just list the bureaucrat duties but incorporated every probable related thing.

I didn’t use wide terms like ‘shaped a journal newsletter’ but I broke it down into the steps involved – wrote articles, canvassed team for ideas, chosen pictures/photos, etc. etc..

I took a divide sheet of paper for each of the jobs I have complete and wrote the job title at the top and supplementary estranged each sheet into two columns.

Step Two

The subsequent step of my personal skills audit anxious looking at these everyday jobs to see the sights what skills I have developed. Made a list of those skills I required to carry out all those tasks. Was I performance an inclination to agreement with people? Was I by means of and analyzing in order and data? Was I approaching positive with thoughts and being creative? Was I using sensible abilities such as repairing things?

Step Three

I used extra sheets for other leisure roles of my life.

Personal Audit comments:

My personal appraisal screening the following list of skills.


Verbal Comfortable Communication Skills- capability to system obviously with other people

Written Communication Skills- Ability to state in my opinion well in writing.lity to express self well in writing

Listening Skills- skill to be present at energetically to others’ views and opinion and know their tip of view

Body Language – ability to opposition body verbal communication correctly to what is organism said orally

Spoken Formal Communication Skills- Aptitude to eloquent self obviously and in short to a group


Compassion- Capability to act in reply lawfully to body difference, e.g., age, femininity, etc.

Cooperation – skill to arrive at an uniformly satisfactory outcome through cooperation

Collaboration – Capability to work jointly professionally within a team

Leadership -Capability to give self-assurance and motivate others


Application -Potential to arrange and there numerical data in an appropriate manner.

Calculations -Ability to utilize a calculator or PC to make calculations.

Understanding – – capability to appreciate reminiscent figures, e.g. ratios percentages, resources, normal deviation.


File Management Techniques – capability to make, store and recover files.

· Have you ever – Saved a file to disk to print in university?

Word Processing – knack to use a word processing package to generate a diversity of formats of documents

Databases – Ability to get back information from a database/ Ability to create a file

Spreadsheets – aptitude to use a worksheet to record and pressure different sets of data

E-Information and E-Communication –

facility to download files from the internet and transport to WP

capability to boost and accept email

Ability to use a search engine e.g. AltaVista, Google

Ability to use an internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Netscape, AOL

Presentations – capability to produce and exhibit a PowerPoint presentation


PLAN – capability to bring about, take pronouncement and act ingeniously

RESOURCEFULNESS – Ability to bring about new thoughts or envision obtainable thoughts in a new way

RESEARCH – Ability to meet information in a orderly way to establish certain facts or values

ORGANIZATION AND PLANNING – aptitude to set down a systematic series of performance and carry them through in an capable manner

ANALYSIS – Ability to understand and summaries in sequence (Detailed assessment of structure and content)


Self-awareness – capability to be familiar with and reproduce on own strength and weaknesses in relation to:

Educational EXPANSION:

Personal Development:

Career Development:

suggestion – aptitude to reflect on and examination own recital

Effective learning – aptitude to learn from a diversity of situation and apply learning in an assortment of contexts

Reasoning skills – ability to preserve fight using logical and methodical thinking based on sound corroboration

Study Skills

Ability to manage and prioritise time to meet deadlines

Aptitude to use a documentation to find books and periodical articles

Ability to take notes, organizes them, and integrates them with other sources of in sequence

Capability to range reading resources using a suitable system, e.g., Harvard or Vancouver

Capability to identify applicable sources of information, together with people and reference material

As a final point, I would like to be appreciative for the erudition style which was indeed extremely enlightening and helped me to value my skills you I gained from all areas of your life. I found that there are skills I have developed here that I just don’t give myself credit for.


Mark A. Huselid, The workforce scorecard, 2005, pages 278

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