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Organizational Structure: Grameenphone Telecommunications

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4.1 The Impact of an Organisational Structure on the Management of Human Resources: Grameenphone is now the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 28.7 million subscribers as of October 2010. Grameenphone was offered a cellular license in Bangladesh by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Grameenphone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh. After almost 10 years of operation, Grameenphone has over 10 million subscribers.

Every organization has its management and employees, they are important for achieving the organizational objectives. In every organization there is an organizational structure which is a chart, shows the way of the nature of its authority and responsibility configuration.

Mintzbergs Model on Organisational Structures: Henri Mintzbergs(1980) presented in his book The Structuring of Organisations and Structure in 5’s: Designing Effective Organizations. According to Mintzbergs organization are formed of five main parts, they are discussed as follows

Operating core: Who are related to the productions and services.

Strategic apex: Those who observe the organization is serve its mission effectively and help those employees who control the power over the organisation.

Middle-line managers: With the strategic apex makes a chain.

Techno structure: By affecting the work of others, the analysts serve the organization and train the employees to do the duties but they do not do themselves.

Support Staff: To support the staff, compose the specialised units.

The Organizational Structure is guidelines for an organization to organize and plan the manpower according to their responsibilities. The impact of organization structure is that by using this, the Human Resource Department can categorize all the employees into achievers and non-achievers.

The Organizational Structure of Grameenphone is given bellow which represents the responsibilities of the employees of Grameenphone. GP has more than 4500 full and temporary employees. There are another 150,000 people are directly dependent on Grameenphone for their livelihood working for the GP dealers, scratch card outlets, retailers, suppliers, contractors, suppliers, vendors and others.

Grameenphone Board of Directors

Grameenphone Organogram & Management

Grameenphone Board of

Audit Committee

Financial Services


Wholesale Business


Company Secretary

Internal Audit

Chief Executive officer

Stakeholder Relations

Deputy CEO

Chief Technology Officer

Chief Commercial Officer

Chief Communication Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chief People Officer

Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

The organizational structure of Grameenphone showed the employees roll of duties and their designations.

4.2 The Impact of an Organisational Culture on the Management of Human Resources: Organizational culture is the behaviour of the organization. Organizational culture represents the values, assumptions, norms and tangible signs of the employees of the organization and their behaviours.

According to Schein (1988) “The deeper level of basic assumptions and beliefs that are: learned responses to the group’s problems of survival in its external environment and its problems of internal integration; are shared by members of an organization; that operate unconsciously; and that define in a basic ‘taken -for-granted’ fashion in an organization’s view of itself and its environment”.

According to Trice and Beyer (1984) “Any social system arising from a network of shared ideologies consisting of two components: substance-the networks of meaning associated with ideologies, norms, and values; and forms-the practices whereby the meanings are expressed, affirmed, and communicated to members”.

To improve employees’ satisfaction, favourable to attracting and retaining talent, the impact of organizational culture is important. A good culture can create a pleasant and friendly atmosphere and good organization relationships and this kind of atmosphere definitely increase the interest of the employees.

In Grameenphone the organizational culture is satisfying and the atmosphere is friendly. Here every employee enjoys while doing their work and the employees are so much co-operative.

4.3 The Effectiveness of Human Resources Management is monitored in Grameenphone: The effectiveness of human resources management in any organization depend some kinds of thins such as right people in the right place and at the right time to meet rapidly changing organizational necessity. To monitor the effectiveness of human resources management in Grameenphone the following components are discussed:

HRM Strategy: Every organization has its own Human Resource Management Strategies, Grameenphone has also its HRM Strategies. Grameenphone has well structured Organogram and the right people are in right place. Every employee does their duties sincerely and they all are well trained and suitable for that post. This is why Grameenphone is the leading telecom in Bangladesh.

HRM Policies: Human Resource Management policies mean the rules and the guidelines for the employees in order to the hiring, assessment, training and reward of the employees. Grameenphone has such king to HRM policies for the employees and according to this GP provides all kings of facilities to the employees.

These are to be monitored not only in Grameenphone but also in every organization for the effectiveness.

4.4 Make Justified Recommendations to Improve the Effectiveness of Human Resources Management in Grameenphone: To improve the effectiveness of Human Resources Management the following things need to be justified.

Benchmarking HR performance: Benchmarking is a process to help to improve the business processes. It also helps identify, understand and adapt outstanding practices to improve organizational performance. To justify the HR performance Benchmarking is one of the approaches. Benchmarking does the following purposes:

Benchmarking helps to learn from others company’s mistakes and successes.

It uses as a process to motivate the employees to change.

It also enables to deliver the HR practices by examining the way from other organization.

By following the Benchmarking process Grameenphone is developing the HR strategy and day by day improving their services. GP learns from its competitor and applying the new strategy in human resource management and improving their performance.

Stakeholder perspectives: To satisfy the needs of its stakeholders the important tools in the human resources practices are the training, staffing and performance management. In Grameenphone customers wants good networks services and reasonable call rate from the company. Besides employees want their jobs satisfaction and reward systems from the company by providing their skills and services.

HRM service level agreements and standards: A service level agreements is a formal conformity between two parties. One party will provide workplace environment to the other. The service level agreements include performance standard and measures and monitor, evaluate for its effectiveness. Every organization has this kind of agreements to measures the effectiveness to monitor. Grameenphone is not the different company; GP also has the HRM service level agreements and standards to measure its effectiveness.

By doing these activities Grameenphone is improving its human resources management and providing batter network services in Bangladesh.


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