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Evaluation Of Models Of Motivation In GlaxoSmithKline

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GlaxoSmithKline is one of the worlds leading multinational research based pharmaceutical and healthcare company which employ over 90,000 people in 114 countries across the world. We have a challenging and inspiring mission “to improve the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer”. Our goal is for GSK to be recognised employer of choice through how we value and empower our people within our workplace culture. GSK people responsibility of “how fast we could respond to society’s healthcare needs” itself helps motivates people. GSK three strategic priorities of grow a diversified global business, deliver more products of value and simplify the operating model will encourage innovation and improve our ability to building employee commitment through motivation.

Existing practises in motivation

GSK believes that their people are one of their most valuable resources; therefore they devote considerable attention to recruit the right people to strengthen its human recourses.

GSK values people through a commitment to good employment practices, while providing diverse workplace, and robust programmes for employee development such as, change management, employee communication, reward and recognition, and health and safety. Also GSK focus on individual empowerment and their performance on personal developments plans.

Motivation can be defined as the result of processes, internal or external to the individual, that arouse enthusiasm and persistent to peruse a certain course of action or in simple words it could be described as the willingness to work. Employee motivation is an important factor to any organisation as it is to SCB due to the fact that it employees 77,326 employees worldwide who are retained in the bank as a result of the banks existing motivational practises.

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When analysing their commitment stakeholder analysis itself it is very visible that SCB uses E.R.G theory of motivation to motivate their employees as it says “Helping our people to grow, enabling individuals to make a difference and teams to win” As E.R.G theory is a very popular theory which focus on motivating employees through satisfying their existence needs, relatedness needs and growth needs. In order to recognise the need of the employees SCB has implemented system to identify each employees needs. Existence and growth needs are identified by having one to one conversation with manager and subordinates in which manager asks what types requirements the subordinates require to conduct their job role more efficiently to identify the existence needs and to identify their growth needs, subordinates are asked about their future aspirations and goals and what do they require to fulfil their aspirations and goals. Finally to identify their relatedness needs SCB organises get to gathers, parties etc where employees can build mutual understanding with their own departmental employees as well as with the employees in other departments.

How managers may motivate their employees by using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model

Figure 1

6.4.1 Basic

In order to be with the organization, employees need to fulfill basic needs. Thus, if they are not comfortable in their working environment and if they are not being paid, then motivation for the higher level cannot be motive. So, managers must arrange better and relaxed workplace for every staff as well as to pay salaries before end of every month. In the mean time, employees cannot work without being restless and manager must provide breaks for breakfast, lunch and tea. Hence, this will make employees relax and refresh their minds.

6.4.2 Security

Workplace for every staff must be secure, unless if employees are not free from physical and emotional destruction which may come from inside as well as outside of the organization, they cannot perform very best way on their duties. Managers must sign employment contract with the employees for longer period than now and better medical insurance will motive the workforce.

6.4.3 Social

In-charges of the groups must make sure to provide good working atmosphere in the workplace as well as he should built a strong sense of teamwork where employees communicates in lots of different ways. So in this place a good social network can be built through different relationships with co-workers such as friendships, belongingness to a group, project team etc.

6.4.4 Esteem

When a good social network in a workplace is built, managers must delegate and empower employees then employees may feel that they have a status in the organization. Also it is important to observe and reward employees those who are doing good jobs as well as giving positive feedback will motive employees to perform better.

6.4.5 Self actualization

And finally employees will look for the opportunities to learn and grow at their work. So managers must provide training and refreshing programs for every employee as well as they must arrange career build programs and further studies to those who want go for.

The pyramid of each employee is differ from another and it constantly change, so managers must be aware and responsive of where they are, thus he can motivate at the right level.

6.5 Conclusion & Recommendation

In this situation of SCB, it is suggested to bring into play of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs model theory in order to motivate employees towards super performance which will lead to advance the productivity of the company. Because, Maslow’s model talks about motivating employees by fulfilling needs awaken from themselves and it arranges starting from very basic needs up to the highest needs of workers.

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In order to fulfil basic needs we suggest to revise current pay scales or compensation management as salaries of the organization is not good enough when compare to competitors. Also current break timings for lunch and other needs from one hour to one hour forty five minutes as the international standard is set for one hour forty five minutes. So employees may take a good rest and be fresh when they return to the work.

When looking at security needs, already this company is providing good workplace conditions, better medical insurance and employee provident fund. But it is recommended to revise employment contracts and sign with employees for five years instead of three years, and then they will feel more secure with the company.

It is noticed that the social network of the organization is destroying as there are not enough communication between workers. So, managers must arrange ways which workers can communicate easily. Hence, this will lead to good team work through different relationships between co-workers. Also managers are recommended to delegate and empower more than now, so than they will have a feeling that they have a good status in the company.

Once lower levels of needs are fulfilled, it is suggested to arrange on the job training programs where employees can enhance their knowledge as well as company must organize career build programs and further studies from inside of the country as well as abroad with pay and no pay leaves. In the mean time, it is recommended to introduce employee of the month program and to give promotions and salary increments based on performance appraisals.

Therefore, in recommendation that it is suggested to practice different leadership styles in relating to the different stages of recommended plan of Maslow’s hierarchy of model for the purpose of achieving organization strategic goals, to improve the business, to motivate employees and to direct organization to the promised destiny as well as to keep integrity of the company. Hence, the person who handles employees must act differently as according to the situation and has to use different leadership style in time to time, in order to solve the problems through motivation.



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