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Issues Facing Organisational Behaviour And Management Business Essay

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Wordcount: 1890 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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                Organisational Behaviour (OB) is a field which studies in detail the nature of individuals, groups and structural behaviour within an organisation and improves the behaviour of each individual towards attainment of organisational goals. Organisational behaviour focuses on improving individual integrity, productivity, change and building better relationship by achieving human objectives, orgainsational objectives and social objectives. Organisational behaviour is tool for guiding productivity in others and predicting human behaviour at work.

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               The field of organisational behaviour is concerned with the study of what people do in an organisation and how that behaviour affects the performance of the organisation. Organisational behaviour is about people at work in all kinds of organisation and how they may be motivated to wrok together in more effective ways. By studying these behaviours we become more aware of our business ethics and are able to positively find ways to transfer our employee’s attitudes and behaviours into more positive experiences personally and for the company.

               Organisational  behaviour is the study of human behaviour in the workplace, the interaction between people and the organisation, and the organisation itself. Organisational behaviours major goal are to explain, predict, and control behaviour. Understanding different types of people and possible ways to deal with them allows a manager to select the leadership style and methods most appropriate to their situation. This could help in selecting and training based on their tested potential to perform a job. This helps in deciding pay rates, establishing performance standards, work planning, distribution of work according to individual capacity and setting schedule.  Behavioural study also provides performance feedback.          

               Organisational Behaviour is a rational thinking and not an emotional feeling about people. The major objective of the organisational behaviour is to explain and predict human behaviour. It seeks to balance human and technical values at work. It is not a discipline but a separate field of study. It integrates behavioural sciences like psychology, sociology, anthropology, social psychology etc.  Organisational behaviour  is both science and art. The knowledge about human behaviour in organisation indicates it as a science. The skill required to apply that knowledge to recognize the individual difference in managerial style. Organisational behaviour is an application of knowledge about how people , individuals and groups act in organisation. It does by taking a system approach. That is , it interprets people-organisation relationship  in term of the whole person, whole group, whole organisation, and whole system. It purpose is to build better relationaship by achieving human objectives, organisational objectives and social objectives.  

Search Strategy:


                I have read extensively about Organisational Behaviours and Management before starting this assessment. My main area of concern are about Leadership, Motivation and Organisational change  all of which have been explained in detail in the this assessment. I have read few books about organisational behaviour one by  K. Venkateshwaran and another by Abdul Assis Korth  both the books have been helpful in given me in depth knowledge on how monitoring behaviour is a crucial and integral part in any organisation. Below I would like to extend my research mainly on how  managers  show their leadership skills to motivate their subordinates and how motivation triggers good performance of work. All these were done by a lot of go ogling around the net for hours and hours ,  I  have mentioned quite a lot of sites at the end of the assessment. As a part of the assessment I have read mainly about Leadership in an organisation, how effective it is for a manager to have leadership qualities to run a an organisation successfully. It acts as the power of influencing others and how by influencing others how each each individual strives to attain their goals. As you all know motivation is one of the important factors which affect human behaviour. I have based my study on how money and incentives plays a vital role in work motivation. While learning about motivation I have read about different theories of motivation which include Maslow’s Need  Hierarchy Theory ,Mcclellands Achievement motivation theory Mcgregor X and Y theory which quite an interesting read. Last but not least I have decided to research on change. We live in a dynamic world where nothing remains static. Everything around us is changing. Change is very important concerning the laws or change in technology to keep ourselves aware of day to day activities all play very interesting towards in the organisation. In order for an organisation to survive it is important for them to adopt to meet changes occurring in the external environment.




                  The leadership is an essential ingredient for a successful organisation. Since leadership involves the exercise of influence of one person over the others the quality of leadership exhibited by managers and supervisors are critical for  organisational success. Thus managers study leadership in order to influence the action of employee’s towards the achievement of the goals of the organisation. It is a personal quality of behaviour and unique character of a man which help in improving the influence of individuals. Leaders helps others to reach their organisational goals. It is the process of guiding, directing, influencing the people to do their best for the attainment of current and future goals.  

                   Leadership is triggered by a number of influence triggers it can be defined as when a leader  attempts to influence others the others reaction towards the the influence. It can be basically include, power- derived, relations-derived and values- derived. Power- derived triggers identify a leader through the force of charisma, loyalty or approval rating. Another important trigger is the relation-derived triggers which influence the leader. When the employees work on highly important project they feel that they will gain recognition and identification from their supervisor or managers which is important  in building a steady relationship between the employee and employer. The most important source of influence is how a leader manages to influence the fellow subordinates to work positively and effectively towards organisational goals. The leader has power to influence    the people to make a difference by advising and directing towards the right path. Leader have the power to reward the fellow co-worker by recognizing the work done also how much effort has taken by doing the work. Leaders can also use coercive power like demotion, punishments under rules and regulation  or even layoff in difficult work environment.

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                    Leadership is the ability to influence the behaviour of a group of individuals in a particular pattern. A leader should posses certain qualities which is helpful to influence the group for achieving the best results from individuals. Leadership qualities can be classified namely into two personal and management traits. Personal traits consists of intelligence, intellectual capacity, self confidence, foresight and vision, initiative, sound physique, dynamic personality, objectivity, empathy, responsibility, emotional stability and tact. The managerial traits include technical knowledge, organising ability and ability to deal with people. The importance of good leadership can be explained as motivating employees, better utilisation of human resources, creating confidence, promoting the spirit of co-ordination, building morale, directing group activity. Develop good human relations and helps to fulfill social responsibilities    




                      Motivation is one of important factors which affect human behaviour. Motivation not only affects the factors like perception and learning but also the total performance of  an individual. It is an important which encourages employees to their best and help in reaching the organisational goals. It means inspiring others to achieve the work targets and objectives of the organisation. To  motivate  a person their needs emotions etc need to be studied. There a number of reasons why people get motivated maybe because of the recognition they receive at the end of work done or possibility to gain a reward through hard work and determination.

                       Motivation is always a continuous process. All people want to fulfill his needs  and desire’s and even if one of desire or needs are fulfilled another one needs or desire turn ups. So it is always continuous. What motivates to person today may be entirely different from what motivates that person tomorrow. So motivation is always dynamic in nature. It based on motives which are internal to the individual. Its is always a goal oriented process as the individual is always motivated to achieve something. Positive motivation comprises use of incentives such as increase in pay, reward, promotion for better performance. Negative motivation includes imposition of penalties, threat of demotion fear of job loss.  

                        People usually need to work inorder to make money.  People  will enjoy their job as long as know one they achieve their targets they will rewarded for their hard work. It always important to have the right people for the right job. To define each individual their designation and the role of their work. It is agreed that money is main reason people come to work. Workers must be their appropriate salaries or wages in time for the work done by them. Cash incentives in addition to a regular salary have their importance. Organisation can use staff bonus system at the end of the year. This should be awarded depending on staff’s performance. It can be mirepresented by other staff and have a negative feeling towards their job. When cash allowances or incentives it is important consider all aspects.  Other incentives can be helpful such as health care scheme that can extended to the family as well. Incentive programmes improve performance. It engages the staff more effectively and effeciently. It attracts employees with the quality of work produced rather than the quantity.


Organisational change


                           organisational change is the alteration of work environment in an organisation. Due to changes, old equilibrium is disturbed. It is necessary the development of new equilibrium. The type pf new equilibrium depends upon the degree of change and its impact in the organisation. The change effect the entire organisation. Some parts of the organisation may be effected more and other parts less some parts may be affected directly other parts indirectly. It is a never ending process. When a change is introduced, the existing equilibrium of relationship is disturbed and the problem of mew adjustment is created.   


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