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Introduction Of Dell Computer: HRM

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Human resource management is concerned with the personnel policies and managerial practices and systems that influence the workforce. In broader terms, all decisions that affect the workforce of the organization concern the HRM function.

The activities involved in HRM function are pervasive throughout the organization. Line managers, typically spend more than 50 present of their time for human resource activities such hiring, evaluating, disciplining, and scheduling employees. Human resource management specialists in the HRM department help organizations with all activities related to staffing and maintaining an effective workforce. Major HRM responsibilities include work design and job analysis, training and development, recruiting, compensation, team-building, performance management and appraisal, worker health and safety issues, as well as identifying or developing valid methods for selecting staff.

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Task 1

1.0 Introduction of Dell Computer

Dell Inc. (formerly Dell Computer) is an American multinational computer technology corporation based in Round Rock, Texas, United States, that develops, sells, repairs and supports computers and related products and services. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more than 103,300 people worldwide. Dell is listed at number 44 in the Fortune list. It is the third largest PC vendor in the world after HP and Lenovo. Dell has grown by both increasing its customer base and through acquisitions since its inception; notable mergers and acquisitions including Alien ware (2006). As of 2009, the company sold personal computers, servers, data storage devices, network switches, software, and computer peripherals. Dell also sells HDTVs, cameras, printers, MP3 players and other electronics built by other manufacturers.

Major Areas of Critical Issue Faced by Dell’s Functional Area


A common computer problem that Dell owners face or later is forgetting the administrator password. Also called the BIOS (Basic Input Output System) password, a Dell computer’s administrator password can be changed without hacking into the computer’s operating system. Since computer security has made headlines recently, people have been advised to use longer and more complex administrator passwords. Unfortunately, these are also easier to forget.

Default Password

Every computer has a default administrator password for the BIOS. Dell computers use the default password “Dell.” If that does not work, do a quick inquiry of friends or family members that have used the computer recently. It is possible that somebody else set the BIOS password to regulate computer usage. If you remember setting the Dell administrator password but cannot recall what it is exactly, it will be a little more difficult to change.

Using Software

The Dell administrator password is stored in the CMOS battery, located on the motherboard. It can be accessed with the free software CmosPWD using MS-DOS. This is the difficult way to reset the CMOS battery and should only be attempted by experienced DOS users. The software and a link to an instruction manual can be found at CGsecurity.org. After resetting the CMOS battery, the BIOS password will be either are gone or it will be replaced by “Dell.”

Using Hardware

First ground yourself to protect the computer from static electricity. Take the case off the computer and unscrew the motherboard. Look for the CMOS battery on the motherboard. It looks just like a nickel. Gently grab the edge of the battery and try to pop it out. Some computers have a clip that holds the battery down. If the battery cannot be removed gently, temporarily removing the jumper plugs is a last resort.


Finance studies the management of funds and how the flow of capital affects the management of firms and the decisions of investors. By focusing on the economy’s capital markets, the problems of allocating capital within the firm, the environment of the financial manager, and the supply of capital, the finance curriculum prepares students for careers as financial managers, bankers, and administrators.

Playing with numbers

There can be many irregularities done while maintaining the accounts for a company such as the finance department may inflate the reported earnings of a company or company officials asking the accounts department to change the figures in order to show higher profits in business and gain personal benefits such as promotions, bonuses etc. They can show more profits than it actually is by gaming with the numbers.

Accounting methods

There are often confusions as the finance department cannot judge which system of accounting will be best suited for the smooth functioning of a company. Like the finance department in a medical centre might be confused on how to account for patients coming with ailments that require long term treatment. Critics say that while accounting long collection period may indicate that revenue was over billed and ultimately may be uncollectible.

Dealing with outside agencies

The finance department often faces problems while dealing with outside agencies such as government departments, including tax departments etc., while seeking for sanctions or permissions etc. There is always a need for professional and dynamic accountants who can handle this shortcoming with intelligence.

Lack of communication

It is most often seen that there is a lack of intra-departmental communication between the finance department handling accounting and the management body of an organization. This makes it difficult for the finance department to keep a track of the business growth of the organization and even warn of possible threats it can face in the future. An accountant handling the figures of an organization on a daily basis most often develops expertise in analysing the business and even may help in forming future strategies and contribute positively towards business growth of the organization. But in most cases the finance department is not involved while taking major decisions for the organization.

Lazy bones

There can also be issues in accounting if the transactions are not updated on a daily basis. The accountant may forget to make entries of data of previous dates. This can lead to a faulty balance sheet.


Dell introduced the Latitude E4300 as a thin, lightweight laptop with instant Wi-Fi connectivity and a built-in DVD drive. Its solid-state drive boosted data protection, the fan runs quieter and the new motherboard runs cooler than older designs. Classified as a business machine, Dell Latitude E4300 has hardware issues that can slow the rate of work production on some machines.

Shipping Delayed

Wireless Problem

Like most other computers, this laptop doesn’t connect to the network after waking up from hibernation or sleep .The main wireless issue is poor network signal, faulty connection and slow speed. This is caused by a design flaw in which the antenna wires become nicked when the case is closed. Pull the network adapter card out and examine the antenna wires. Replace any damaged wires to increase network reliability.

Colour Issue

The colours are clear and bright when the Latitude E4300 screen is viewed head on. When the screen is turned from side to side, the colours wash out. When viewed from a lower angle, the colours are faded, but the screen is still somewhat readable. If viewing the screen from above, the colours are nearly washed out and the print is completely unreadable.

Speaker Quality

One built-in single speaker is placed near the front of the notebook. The sound is tinny with no bass. When turned up to its highest setting, individual sounds blur together and are difficult to understand. Through headphones, however, the E4300’s sound system works fine. The problem with the E4300 speaker is evident when the laptop is used for even a small presentation or a teleconference meeting where high-fidelity sound is important.


Dell GX260s are a mini-tower desktop computer that has historically had a problem with capacitors. The company even replaced the motherboards of some of the affected computers. The worst aspect of the bad capacitors is that the lifespan of the GX260 is cut down to about three years. The capacitors that are affected function by storing power and regulating voltage on the motherboard. The bad capacitors are black and gold in colour. These are low-ESR aluminium electrolytic cylinders measuring about 1 inch long and are usually marked with HN (M) and HM (M) on the side. Viewing the capacitors from the top you will see an “X” stamped on the top.


The capacitor problems appear with a few symptoms. Sometimes the GX260 will randomly go into standby and will not restart unless the computer is unplugged from the wall. When the capacitors blow, the computer will not turn on. No sounds or video output is registered when the power button is pressed. The LED on the power button and the internal motherboard light is amber-collared.

Task 2 (L01)

Identify the solution and tools used to solve these issues including hiring of external management consultants to manage these critical issue.

Sequence of unwanted events leading to uncertainty at the workplace is called as crisis. Crisis leads to major disturbances at the workplace and creates unrest amongst the employees. Employees must not lose hope during crisis. It is important for them to face inevitable threats with courage, determination and smile.

Various ways to overcome crisis:-

Adopt a focused approach. Take initiative and find out where things went wrong. Identify problem areas and devise appropriate strategies to overcome the same.

Gather correct and relevant information. One should not depend on mere guess works and assumptions during emergency situations. Double check your information before submitting reports.

Employees should change their perspective. One should always look at the brighter side of things. Remember life has its own ups and downs. Unnecessary cribbing and complaining does not help at the workplace. Avoid making issues over petty things. Don’t adopt a negative attitude; instead understand the situation and act accordingly.

Effective communication is essential to overcome crisis in the organization. Information must flow across all departments in its desired form. Employees must be aware of what is happening around them. Individuals should have an easy access to their superior’s cabin to discuss critical issues and seek their suggestions. Superiors must address employees on an open forum during critical situations.

Roles and responsibilities must be delegated as per the employee’s specialization. Make sure the right person is doing the right job. Employees must be motivated to deliver their level best and focus on the organization’s goals to overcome tough times in the best possible way.

It is essential to take quick decisions during critical situations. Learn how to take risks. The moment an employee detects the early signs of crisis, it is important for him to act immediately. Escalate issues to your superiors and do inform your co-workers as well. Don’t wait for others to take action.

Be calm and patient. Don’t panic and spread baseless rumours around. Taking unnecessary stress makes situation all the more worse. Remember a calm individual can handle things better. Relax and then decide on the future course of action to overcome crisis. Don’t lash out at others under pressure.

Discussions are essential during crisis. Sit with fellow workers and discuss issues amongst yourselves to reach to mutually acceptable solutions which would work best at the times of crisis.

Be loyal to your organization even at the times of crisis. Stick to it during bad times. Don’t just treat your organization as a mere source of earning money. It is important to respect your workplace.

Review your performance regularly. Be your own critic. Strive hard to achieve your targets within the desired time frame. Don’t work only when your boss is around.

Avoid unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings at the workplace. Treat your fellow workers as members of your extended family. Help each other when needed. Employees should not ask for unjustified things. Think from the management’s perspective as well. Avoid criticizing your colleagues.

Scenario 2

Task 1

Identify the key area major in your company human resource management (HRM) division within your company.

1.0 Company Introduction

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Historical Beginning

Hong Leong Yamaha Motor Sdn. Bhd. (HLYM)(Co. no:46829-P), a company incorporated in Malaysia in 1978, is a joint venture between Hong Leong Industries Bhd and Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.. The entire HLYM complex consists of a Main Office block, a R&D centre and 4 factories engaged in press and welding of metal parts, spray painting, assembly operations, plastic injection moulding and a designated warehouse for distribution of CBU motorcycles. Currently, 3 (three) moped, 3 (three) automatic (scooter) and 2 (two) street models are being manufactured and assembled in HLYM. The Yamaha motorcycles are principally for sale in the domestic market.

Majority of the engines are locally assembled and supplied by Hicom Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Sdn.Bhd. HLYM continues to invest in new technologies and equipment to improve productivity and upgrade the skill of workers on the transfer of technology with the guidance and coaching of YMC engineers and consultants.

2.0 Their Product and Services

Facilitate the increase of assembly capacity, AAP merged with Hong Leong Yamaha Motor in 1997. The production capacity grew to 15,000 bikes a month. The new millennium heralded the roll-out of Yamaha SRV, SR Lagenda, Nouvo, Lagenda 110, Ego, Nouvo S, 125Z, Lagenda 110Z and 135LC. In a move to achieve manufacturing excellence, Hong Leong Yamaha Motor embarked on the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) programme to enhance Quality, Cost and Delivery Performance.

2.1 The Key Major Area of HRM in Hong Leong Yamaha Motor

Recruiting & Employment

The employee recruitment process is one of the more critical aspects of running a successful business. As an owner or manager you need good employees to address critical business needs. And yet most everyone treats hiring as a necessary evil only to be done when it is absolutely necessary.

There are two key take-away from this approach. First, the search for new employees needs to be an on-going process. If you recruit only when a position is open, you will always be in a reactive mode. The best analogy I can provide is to think of recruiting just like selling. You are always on the lookout for new sales opportunities. The same holds for efforts to hire great people. Second, you want a choice of qualified candidates.

A comprehensive, step-by-step strategy dictates exactly how to develop the cadre of qualified candidates. How much money to spend, where to look, who should do the recruiting and the recruiting success metrics are just a few of the issues covered in a good strategy. See the articles on recruiting strategy and recruiting metrics for a complete discussion of how to build an effective strategy.

2.2 Health & Safety

Over the past century the companies in our country had to make enormous changes in how they treat their staff. There are still many companies that try to find a way around the duties the administration outlines for them to follow. All employees must know their rights and responsibilities regarding their safety. All employees have entitlement to rest breaks and paid vacations

Safety and health at work for those employed by a legal company or accounting company would involve confidentiality, and cover against pissed off clients. Health and safety at work for those in the medical field involves proper disposal of dangerous waste, ensuring to sterilize areas after patients have used them and consistent private cleanliness to avoid spreading. There are a number of strategies that can be used by organizations to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

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2.3 Record Keeping

Record keeping has been a major obstacle for many companies who don’t know what to save, where to save the files, how long they need to save them, or what to do with them once they are created. More importantly, they don’t know who has access to them or how to destroy them. Medical Records the Americans with Disabilities Act requires employers to keep all medical records separate.

Many states have privacy laws to protect employees. Equal Employment Opportunity to minimize claims of discrimination, it is important to keep source documents that identify an individual’s race and sex in a separate file. Safety Training Records keeping this information separate will protect the employer from an auditor pursuing and investigating other information in the personnel file.

HR Recordkeeping

Responsible recordkeeping practices begin long before a job candidate walks through the door and extend long after an employee leaves an employer, according to two attorneys who recently presented a BLR audio conference.

Hiring Records

Job applications and interview notes should hold relevant information for the basis of hiring decisions and should document the valid reasons for selecting and rejecting applicants, he said. A best practice for job applications is to require a signed application from all candidates, he said. He recommended that applications include a statement that employment will be at-will (that is, either the employee or the employer may terminate the employment relationship at any time and for any reason other than an illegal reason), a signature from the applicant that all of the information the applicant supplies is true, an authorization to check references, and an arbitration agreement.

Ask only job-related questions

Avoid statements that undermine the at-will status.

Ensure interview notes are legible and that they avoid discriminatory information

Request specific examples of good work and mistakes.

Ask why he or she left previous employer.

If an employer extends an offer to an applicant, the letter should establish the terms and conditions of employment and confirm the at-will status of the employee, according to the owner. Hong Leong reminded employers that they must wait until after they have made a documented job offer to an individual before requesting a physical exam. He also said state privacy laws require employers to protect medical records from unauthorized access.

Employment Records

The Immigration Reform and Control Act require employers to retain Employment Eligibility forms (INS Form I-9) for three years after the worker is hired or one year after termination, whichever is later. The owner said records related to wage and hours should be kept at least 4 years. In addition, records required to be kept under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) must be retained for 6 years.

2.4 Benefits & Rewards

2.4.1 Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Our continued success as a Company depends on our ability to meet the needs of our employees. Hong Leong offers our employees a competitive benefits package and several opportunities for recognition.

Competitive compensation and benefits

Merit-based performance evaluations and career opportunities

2.5 Safety and health

Safety and health is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goals of occupational safety and health programs include fostering a safe and healthy work environment. SH may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment. Occupational safety and health can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons. All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe at all times.

Two key which help improve employee productivity and motivation

Benefits & Rewards

Competitive Compensation and Benefits

Our continued success as a Company depends on our ability to meet the needs of our employees. Hong Leong offers our employees a competitive benefits package and several opportunities for recognition.

Competitive compensation and benefits

Merit-based performance evaluations and career opportunities

Dental Insurance

Hong Leong offers a comprehensive dental benefit through Delta Dental for preventative, basic, and major services. The MAXIMUS dental program gives freedom of choice in selecting a dentist while providing the opportunity to lower your cost by utilizing participation in one the of the Delta Dental networks.

Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

FSA is a program which allows employees to set aside money for dependent care and for medical expenses which are not covered by health insurance but qualify for FSA reimbursement including co-payments, deductibles, eye exams, contact lenses and hearing aids. Dependent care expenses include eligible child care or elder care expenses.

Disability Insurance

Hong Leong provides a Short and Long-Term Disability Program to supplement 60% of salary, if you should be medically disabled.

Vision Plan

Employees may elect to participate in the discounted vision program offers through Vision Services Plan (VSP).

Life Insurance Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Hong Leong provides Basic Term Life Accident insurance up to two times salary. Employees may also purchase additional Voluntary Life and Accident insurance covering themselves and their families.

Long-Term Care

Our Long-Term Care coverage policy provides support for individuals who are disabled and require help in performing everyday life functions. The coverage is available to spouses, parents and grandparents.

Legal Services

Employees may opt to participate in the Hyatt Legal Services Plan, a network of over 7,000 attorneys nationwide, offering a range of legal services at little to no additional charge.

Employee Assistance Program

All employees and their families have access to a free and confidential employee counselling program for their emotional and physical well-being.

Retirement Plan 401(k)

The Hong Leong, Inc. 401(k) Plan helps employees plan for retirement. The plan enables participants to save and invest money while significantly reducing their current taxes. Hong Leong employees who are at least 21 years of age are eligible on the date of hire. They match fifty cents on the dollar of the first 6% of gross salary contributed per pay period. Vesting of the matching funds is based on years of service. Matching funds are fully vested after four years of service.

Safety and health

Safety and health is a cross-disciplinary area concerned with protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment. The goals of occupational safety and health programs include fostering a safe and healthy work environment. SH may also protect co-workers, family members, employers, customers, and many others who might be affected by the workplace environment. Occupational safety and health can be important for moral, legal, and financial reasons. All organisations have a duty of care to ensure that employees and any other person who may be affected by the companies undertaking remain safe at all times.

Hong Leong takes the following steps to protect their workers:-

Provide workplaces free from recognized health and safety hazards.

Establish procedures for responding to workplace emergencies and reporting unsafe and healthful working conditions.

Acquire, maintain, and require the use approved personal protective equipment.

Inspect all workplaces annually with employee representatives present.

Establish procedures to assure that employees are not subject to restraint, interference, coercion, discrimination, or reprisal for exercising their rights under an agency’s safety and health program.

Post notices of unsafe or healthful working conditions found during inspections.

Abate hazardous conditions promptly, and notify employees exposed to such conditions.

Correct conditions immediately that involve imminent danger.

Keep records of accidents, injuries, illnesses and their causes, and post annual summaries for the required period of time. (See9 CFR Part 1960.66-74.)

Conduct occupational health and safety training for top management, supervisors, safety and health personnel, employees, and employee representatives.

The main focus of health is on three different objectives:

The maintenance and promotion of workers’ health and working capacity the improvement of working environment and work to become conducive to safety and health.

Development of work organizations and working cultures in a direction which supports health and safety at work and in doing so also promotes a positive social climate and smooth operation and may enhance productivity of the undertakings.


Human Resource Management focuses on matching the needs of the business with the needs and development of employees. Hong Leong Yamaha depends on its people because their skills contribute to achieving its business objectives. Within Yamaha, every employee has a valuable role to play. The emphasis is on helping individuals to work together. Workforce planning is part of this strategic process, which looks at the long-term needs across the organisation. Personal development plans enable every individual to grow both professionally and personally within the business. They also help Dell to create a distinct and important competitive advantage through selecting and developing highly motivated and skilled staff that are able to perform at high levels.


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