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Innovation And Entrepreneurship This Assignment Business Essay

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In this assignment for the subject Innovation and Entrepreneurship , this assignment is a critical written report that I discuss my select statement ” Entrepreneurs are born, not made “.Besides, this topics analyze the correlation between innovation and competitive advantage at an organizational, national and international level, the linkages between entrepreneurship and innovation within a variety of companies, the relationships between entrepreneurship and the external environment. Entrepreneur is the person whose have to prepare themselves dealing to risk before they want to start the business, like anyone need money to survival, entrepreneur want to create something from their idea to make something different from another one. Beside, the most important is how to make the profit and maintain the business in the long time is the risk that all the entrepreneur have to face. For this subject with the statement ” Entrepreneur are born, not made”, in my opinion, it is not quite the ” born entrepreneurs “. In fact, there are so many businesses can grow and very successful because of their efforts throughout the long time to create their minds and prepare for anything they would to face in the future, but also undeniable that they have to take more time and work harder than those inherited from the family when they were born or some experiences from their parent as well as the DNA they have. Therefore, people born without a family history or natural tendency toward entrepreneurship shouldn’t shelve their dreams and stay in their cubicles. “Anyone anywhere has the opportunity to build a business as long as they have a passion, an attitude of never giving up, and valuable mentors that can complement their skill sets,” says Dean Lindal. Follow some my arguments that I will discuss below help us clear about this subject in every aspects.

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2.Discussion of statement :” Entrepreneurs are born, not made”

” Entrepreneur are born, not made ” is the statement I choose for this assignment but this is still the big argument between two opposite sides because this is an opened – ended question. There are so many opinions about this issue about entrepreneur and the relationship between entrepreneur and innovation. We need to think about what makes an entrepreneur, what are their objectives as an owner of a business, what should be the main skills and what kind of challenges and tasks they needs to face when running out a company. Entrepreneur have a personality that allows them to believe and take risks as well as enjoy the process that other people find distasteful, some people think that they can do something better then another one in any aspects of the business.

Entrepreneur is made by own business for a long time as well as the experiences from the past. No one can become or do business without experience. An entrepreneur is the person who undertakes a business. They are someone who organize the factors of creative new product or service and they know how to catch up opportunities to turn a dream into reality. They have skills as vision, motivation and determination as well as has initiative and desire to take risks in order to benefit from the profit. They should be creative, innovative and confident about what they are doing as well as just themselves know what exactly they are doing to make dream come true.

It have some argument between entrepreneur is born or made. There are many people who believe that an entrepreneur must possess personality traits such as vision, passion and drive that are innate and cannot be taught. In fact, entrepreneur is not quiet born or made because for some people who was born and grow up in the business family. They inherited from the family’s business but not ensure that they can develop or control it without experience and necessary skills to do the business better or develop it. Otherwise, they can learn from their family about the family’s business , it’s one of the kind experience they have in theory. In fact, we undeniable that they can do business easier than another one who don’t have any experience or they are not lucky that they are not inherited from their family.

Otherwise, entrepreneur are not born at all. People born without a family history or natural tendency toward entrepreneurship should shelve their dreams and stay in their cubicles? In fact, some people can do their own business and make it develop without money when they started, because the important things in this issue that they brave and preparing themselves dealing with any risks in the business market. Business market is not easy to enter as some one think but when they can enter as they are half successful in my opinion. As we know, everything have to be start from the zero if we don’t have anything such as the big mind that money. I will give some examples case to prove this issue and made it more clearly. Some opinions given that we can not start the business without experience and necessary skill as well as some important information about the business in various aspect. To become the entrepreneur is not really easy as some people think but the first important things to become the successful entrepreneur that you always prepare yourself face to face with any risks in business or so many challenges and task to placing the product into the market as well as use the strategy right thing right time and know how to manage cost. In fact, for those who are want to become success entrepreneur, they have to know that money is not the important thing at all for best business. They need to have some necessary skill such as : marketing or some attitude to attract rather than another thinks. Knowledge about marketing and financial is very important to prove that you can enter and develop business in the business market or not. Otherwise, they can prove that they have enough all the things to compete in the economics market or another business market is the big concern that how to control, maintain and develop a business. Thus, an entrepreneur can also be made because they have to have the knowledge and skills to make a business on their own work because of anyone always have the innovation skill when we born but how to develop it is another problems. Any dummy can start a business, but it takes a knowledgeable person to make it grow and prosper. It’s undeniable that money drive the business, but money is not at all to do the business without the knowledge as well as the experience to improve and give the best strategy to do the best business and become an successful entrepreneur. Beside, the good entrepreneur is not only know how to making money but they have to aware how to being best than the others, to make their own identity in the world, to prove themself, but they also have desire of successful wok as well as the feeling how they want it become true. Entrepreneur aware that all the things are not just in image but they should to think about how to make their dream come true in the real life. Therefore, entrepreneurship is a combination of personality type, passion, and knowledge. Some people may be natural entrepreneurs and immediately open a business, others will have studied and trained long and hard before doing so, and while each may enjoy some success, neither will be as successful as the person who possesses the inherent qualities and has spent the time to get and education and experience the business world.  

3.Example in discussion:

For this discuss on this assignment about entrepreneur is born or made. It’s still the opened question because we can not explain exactly which one it depend on. I give some example as well as some argument between two opposite side to prove clearly and easier understand about what exactly entrepreneur is.

From some research I have from the Internet, I have excited about one businessman and easier understand what exactly he did to become the good businessman. Benjamin Wey is his English name because he dropped original Chinese name and adopted an Americanized name – Benjamin Wey when he became a naturalized U.S. citizen. He just have $62 in his pocket and two pieces of luggage filled with more books than clothes when he come to the US for study because he has the full academic scholarship then he wants to stay in US after finished university and he found to promoted exports to China while building a business model that bridged China and the US in goods and services as well as in capital needs. In the last decade, he built his firm in New York City. It is still the only Chinese private equity firm on Wall Street. Then he has grown into a market leader in niche marketplace. With access to significant investment capital and extensive China due diligence capabilities through a large staff in Beijing, he executed more than 200 China related projects. “Being an entrepreneur is often a game of chance, but I for one have no regrets whatsoever for any of my past decisions.  They have made me a smarter and better businessman” he says. In his opinion about entrepreneur are born, not made. “I encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs to remember that and to never sit around waiting for someone else to light your fire. You must do it yourself, even at the risk of getting burned” he says. This is one example about a businessman.

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4. To be a successful entrepreneur:

We have so many experiences from so many people who are willing take risk to start their business from difference circumstances, but they have the unique same thinking that they want to start up their own business and willing to face to face to jump into the market.” They think and they do ” that is the reason why nowadays we have so many young entrepreneurs who willing with any risk and just think how to make profit and supply the non-stop demand, the special thing that they want to prove themselves by their knowledge as well as any experience they have. They want to do something in difference ways from another person or recreate product in the new ways. Anyway, it can identify that if you want to become the good entrepreneur, you have to have the good strategy as well as it means an innovation. All these things prove that an entrepreneur support to develop the industry in the country as well as in the world.

“A person who habitually creates and innovates to build something of recognizable value around perceived opportunities” (Bolton and Thompson, 2000).”An individual who creates something of value at a time and place where there was no such thing before” (Blawatt, 1998).”Someone who undertakes to organize, manage and assume the risks of a business” (Frederick, et al., 2006)


Through this research for this open questions:” Entrepreneurs are born, not made”. This topics analyze the relate between innovation and competitive advantage at an organizational, national and international level, the linkages between entrepreneurship and innovation, the relationships between entrepreneurship and the external environment. For recommendation, it is not quite the ” born entrepreneurs ” because in my opinion, there are so many businesses can grow and very successful in their own business because of their efforts throughout the long time, they believe that they can make dream come true by their effort. They know what exactly they want and they aware that how desire they want to get and believe that all the things is not the magic, but it’s created by their dreams for a long time to make it come true. Therefore, people born without a family history or natural tendency toward entrepreneurship shouldn’t shelve their dreams and stay in their cubicles. By the best effort in the life, anyone can do anything they dream as become the good entrepreneur.


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