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Importance of Data and Password Protection

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  • Password Protection

– Importance of password protection:

The importance of password protection is that it is used to protect personal info, but this is on any device in this era of computer technology. It is the one thing protecting you from your personal info being leaked, like how it is being used from computers, to laptops, to mobile devices, even the current generation of consoles are in need of passwords, especially for separate accounts on most devices.

– Good Practices for Selecting and Protecting Your Password:

A simple yet effective way to protect someone’s password is to make it as random as possible, yet not too random as you could end up forgetting it yourself. Make sure it has capital lettering and numbers, but don’t go crazy, also, try to make sure it has the name of a pet, or a city, maybe even a family member, for this could help make it easier for you to remember what to do.

  • Personal Information

– Dangers of disclosing information on the computer

One of the many dangers of disclosing information on the computer is that if you put it out there, then anyone can get it. But in the sense that you must put certain info out on the internet, be sure it is at least zipped up in a folder, with a password to protect it, and always, always make sure that the person you are sending it to an be trust worthy like a family member, or a close friend that you have known for a few years, for disclosing information with anyone you may not know could result in your info being stolen, and sold on the deep web.

  • Computer Viruses

– Explaining what is meant by a computer virus

A computer virus is not like the kind of virus you and I get in the real world, a computer virus is malicious piece of programming that is what you get on your pc, laptop, or phone. It comes in all sorts of forms, and has all different names, from the classic Worm, to the Trojan Horse virus. But there are still more being made to this day, but very few were as bad as the I Love You virus, causing millions, if not billions in damage.

– How to protect your computer against a computer virus

One of the best means of protecting against a computer virus is to download an anti-virus, but sometimes not just any anti-virus will do, you sometimes may need the best, from MacAfee to AVG anti-virus, to Northon Anti-virus. These are some of the best around, and have a great track record of keeping your computer safe. Then again, you could just avoid going online, but that is not what computers are meant for, because then you are just paying for an overpriced electronic typewriter.

  • Computer Viruses

– Dangers of computer viruses

The main dangers of a computer virus is that when it is in your system, you may only have a limited amount of time to get the issue resolved, before it begins to attack your software, from personal data to to what you may visit on certain sites. It could also be a major problem if you have contacts in your messaging services, for if you were to send them anything from an email t an instant message, the virus could spread to their computer too, causing a system failure. Also, the most dangerous part of a computer virus is that it can lead to full system failure of your personal computer or laptop giving he dreaded blue screen of death, meaning that your computer is basically an overpriced paperweight.

  • Backing up information

– What is meant by backing up information

Backing up information is what is done when you need to factory reset your personal computer or your laptop, and maybe your mobile device. This process is done via external hard drive, or saving your info into the cloud system, of whatever service you are with.

– Reasons why backing up information is recommended

The reason for backing up information is to keep all top priority files safe, and a means to not lose precious information, from passwords to email addresses. Even saving pictures or videos of family events that you may not be able to have again, or images and videos of a loved one who may have passed away.

– Devices which can be used to back up information

Devices that can be used for backing up personal information are hard drives and secure digital cards, even the cloud service can be used to back up data, from consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 to the current generation console Xbox One. This can be very useful if you need to factory reset your computer or laptop, even your mobile phone or tablet.


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