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Human Resources for Health Care Organizations

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The healthcare industry is a continuously growing field that requires widespread skills and training. The development of a successful program is crucial to employee retention, skill, and the stability of labor and individual life. There are many benefits that can be initiated from an effective training and development program for both the employer and the employee. The training and development program can upsurge employee retention, job gratification, and efficiency. It is a vigorous tool when applying new strategies, equipment, and/or employees. Employees who obtain the appropriate training and development are better equipped to help the organization reach all their goals, the workers are more productive and driven, and they require less direction.

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Effective training entails an organized training process which includes: assessment, design, implementation, and evaluation. The Training Needs Assessment can and will help the healthcare organization recognize the gap between existing and anticipated skills and how training can be used to advance overall performance. It will help specify the perfect training program that should be used to enable the development of an effective training plan. This plan will help assess the accomplishment of the program by guaranteeing the proper skills are obtainable. The design phase can only be accomplished once it is determined that there is a need for training and in which specific area it is needed. This phase helps select and develop learning activities as well as the essential resources that are needed to meet the performance standards. Training techniques that can be used are materials such as, pamphlets, videos, and one on one training. Next is the implementation stage, this stage is when the healthcare organization brings someone in who can teach the skills the employees need to succeed and enhance what they already know, employees will then attend classes for the training. The evaluation phase is used to determine whether the training was effective in meeting the needs of the employees. Were the needs met that had been determined in the assessment phase? The results are evaluated by looking at the employee’s performances and the general accomplishment it brought to the organization.

Training and development makes for a more satisfied employee who is more likely to stay longer and be more productive within the organization. Recent surveys indicated that 40% of employees receiving poor job training leave their positions within the first year, and state that the lack of skills in training and development were the reasons for seeking new employment. (Employee Training is Worth the Investment.) Spending the time and money to correctly train employees will save money in the long run by not having to continuously find a replacement, and interview new candidates. Employees will know they are working for a company who is serious and is not afraid to invest in the work they are doing. This gives them a sense of incentive and loyalty that other organizations are not getting because they are not offering training and development within the company. Having motivated, multi-skilled, and properly trained employees is a huge profit within the organization, this could save on cost overall while enhancing the procedures effectiveness.


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