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Genting Group's Corporate Social Responsibility Practices

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Effective Implementation of CSR practices

In order to remain financially viable and operationally sustainable, sustainable development policies on four basic pillars are centred by Genting Group – Environment, Marketplace, Workplace and Community. (Sustainability report 2011)


Genting Group has long made the protection and preservation of the environment an integral part of their corporate philosophy and business policy. Maintaining a responsible approach to the environment and nature particularly in the conservation of natural resources, waste management and preservation of the flora and fauna are committed by them. Moreover, steps to prevent environmental pollution and conserve energy, water consumption and waste generation are taken from years to years. (Sustainability report 2011, annual report 2010)

(i) Energy Efficiency

In year 2010, significant management time in identifying and testing the energy efficiency solutions that would deliver the biggest CO2 savings within an affordable capital programme was invested. In 2011, several conservation and efficiency improvements measures were implemented by Genting Group. These included replacing conventional lights with energy saving lights and the replacement of metal halide spotlights with induction lamps. Their diesel conservation projects are aimed at alleviating the depletion of their natural resources and air pollution. All their pump house diesel engines have been replaced with electrical motors which reduces the diesel consumption to approximately 2.4 million litters per year. (Sustainability report 2011, annual report 2011)

(ii) Waste Management

3R (Reduce, reuse, and recycle) programme and scheduled waste management are implemented. “Reduce” is achieved by using long-life energy saving lights, reusable cutleries and chemical tanks. “Reuse” is achieved by using re-using waste paper for printing and back office usage. “Recycle” is achieved by waste segregation at source and waste delivery according to types of waste. Vermin-composing to turn food waste into organic fertiliser is practised by the Group. Standard guidelines for the management of solid and scheduled wastes are also outlined by the Genting Group waste management. The procedures ensure that the wastes are properly identified, segregated, handled, transported and disposed off in line with the environmental policy, legal and other requirements. The EHS Committee ensures waste management processes are regularly audited in compliance with set standards. (Sustainability report in year 2011)

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The Group adheres to the highest standards of corporate governance. It is done by operating with integrity, transparency and accountability with the aim of enhancing shareholder value and achieving sustainable business growth. We abide by the principles of honesty and professionalism in all our business dealings. Many of Genting Group’s environmental and social impacts are derived from activities in their supply chain. The strategy to minimise negative impact is basically done by controlling whom they buy the products from, their method of purchase and what their buy. The Group’s corporate website, www.genting.com is also a source of information on corporate and business activities. Annual reports, press releases, quarterly results, announcements and investor presentations are made publicly available on the website. The Group participates regularly in international and local investor forums. (Sustainability report 2011)

(i) ’Go Green’ Programme

Lower transportation and packaging cost, lower emission of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere and less fuel consumption food, locally-grown food is purchased by the Genting Group. Their cost-effective measures which make sure the freshness of their products also lend economic stability to the local buyers and farming community. (Sustainability report 2011)

(ii) Support Environment Friendly

Proper disposal of the hazardous and environmentally unfriendly products are stipulated by The Environmental Quality Act 1974. To this effect, Genting Group has used the services of Green Seal certified companies to implement an environmental management system for their business. (Sustainability report 2011)

(iii) Self-Exclusion Programme

Personal well-being of their guests was committed by Genting Group and they had implemented the Self-Exclusion Programme, whereby guests with a compulsion to gamble are free to have themselves prohibited from Casino. A Gaming Room has been introduced for this purpose. (Sustainability report 2011, Annual report 2009)


A global workforce of over 19,000 employees is owned by Genting Group. At GENM, they regard the commitment and creativity of their employees, a safe and good working atmosphere and efficient working practices as essential pre-requisites for achieving business success and maintaining a good reputation. (Sustainability report 2011)

(i) Employee Development

An evolutionary progression and logical step for Genting Group’s talent management practice was marked in year 2011. As a key pre-requisite for sustainable international expansion, increasing the standards of assessing and developing employees and increasing the level of professionalism were embarked by them; a realm commonly plagued with subjective evaluations. Different talks and campaigns for the development of our senior management were organised in year 2011. Most of the talks are about engagement between the companies and their people into committing to a compelling cause behind the organisation’s mission and core values, and how it curbs behaviour and creates the return of shareholders. (Sustainability report 2011, annual report 2009)

(ii) Safe Workplace

Protecting the health and safety of human resources and the public by giving them a good environment is also important for the Genting Group. In cooperation with health and safety experts, they organise monthly Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Talks to reduce the accidents in the respective workplace. One of the policies is ‘No-Smoking Policy’ has been introduced to reduce numbers of dangerous incidents. Besides that, it is also used to show the policy and emphasis how serious they view this matter, regular joint ‘No-Smoking Enforcement’ was organised by the OSH Section with the Management. It was done during the random checks in the area of the building. (Sustainability report 2010)

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A priority for Genting Group at GENM and philanthropic contribution is remained by community development and it is one of the ways they support the various community development activities, infrastructure support to local communities, the underprivileged, disability groups and NGOs. Contributions are made different ways throughout the year. For example, employee volunteerism, carried out through the GENM We CARE Team and the Awana We CARE Teams in order to encourage and provide an avenue for employees within the organisation to give whatever they have for the betterment of the society. (Sustainability report 2011)

(i) Services to Communities

Genting Group’s contributions reach out to different sectors of the community. In the year 2011, different types of helps to various groups and sectors in the community were contributed. They included the Malaysian Liver Foundation, OrphanCare Baby Hatch Programme, and Malaysia Diabetes Association so on and so forth. They also undertook the Roti 1Malaysia Charity Project, a joint collaboration with 20 hotels in the Klang Valley, which involved the distribution of bread orphanages and homes. (Sustainability report 2011, annual report 2009)

(ii) Underprivileged and Disability Groups

In their continuous effort to support the underprivileged community, 71 homes and charitable organisations were contributed during the various festivals 2011 celebrations. This is in addition to their year-long contributions to the various charitable homes and organisations as well as the underprivileged and marginalised communities. Over the year, they have donated more than 4,000 individuals at the Resort and Theme Park for a programme of activities, meals and merry-making. (Sustainability report 2010)

(iii) Education

Genting Group sees education as an important part of making brighter future for everyone. Programmes, training sessions and educational endeavours that have been designed to ensure the younger generation gain more knowledge. For instances, the sponsorship of 1,000 helmets for school children for the Road Safety Campaign organised by the Bentong District Council. The campaign minimise road accidents among school children. (Sustainability report 2010)

(iv) Sports

Genting Group too believes that sporting activities are needed to help groom an athletic nation. GENM contributes substantially to help organisations and ministries execute various sporting events. GENM is one of the main sponsors. They provided funds to the Football Association of Malaysia, Selangor Tennis Association in year 2011 and The Malaysia Netball Association for instances. (Annual report 2010, Sustainability report 2011)


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