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Examining the Recruitment process of ABC Company

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Recruitment or selection policies are playing a central role in the running and long-lasting success for a company. The main aim of recruitment is to draw the attraction of the employees who can express relevant skills and experience, to make a positive and valued contribution towards the work of the company. Every individual employee must be selected on merit. The aim of any recruitment exercise is to find the best person for the job. So whatever the person or the employee is good in work the company must provide them the work basis on their merit.

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The recruitment and selection of staff of the right quality at the right time is crucial for the organization. Recruitment is the process to identify people to employment for the organization. A good recruitment has some principle. A bad recruitment can hamper the whole productivity of the organization. In ABC company, followed few wrong recruitment procedure while are discussed in the following-

One of the crucial requirements for recruitment is placed the right people for the right job. Here, ABC Company doesn’t follow this principle. Ashley Jones was expert in administrative work; she has no experience in marketing field which is impact on performance of her position. In the case of Ashley Jones, she was appointed in ABC Company by the reference of one of the director in marketing department. As a result she is missing her monthly target which also causes a momentous decrease in the productivity.

ABC Company did not emphasise on job analysis. Job analysis means a process where identify & determine the particular job in details and relative significance of particular job. If ABC Company followed their job analysis it could be sorted out earlier. Again training is also an important part of recruitment. If ABC Company follows their trained Ashley Jones in a proper way then the problems may not occur which leads to reduce productivity.

A good reward and payment system is considered as a key tool of motivation as well increase productivity. A poor remuneration system may reduce productivity of the employee. ABC company remuneration system was not well recognised which de motivated to perform her responsibility. After that she was de-motivated to work by the remuneration system of the company. ABC Company’s reward and payment system is not well known as a result the performances of the employees are going down.

One of the important principles in recruitment process is principle of fairness. It means that candidate should be recruiting on the basis of merit as well as by open competition. Organization should provide adequate information about responsibility before recruitment, which help to pick up right person. But ABC Company select by referencing which does not met the recruitment principle.

All recruitment should be announced and advertise publicly. A wide recruitment leads lot of opportunity to get skilled person among different candidate. But ABC Company select internally. As a result lots of skilled person can’t get the opportunity to do the job.

3.1. Considerable factor for effective recruitment:

A recruitment system is one of the most crucial aspects. Therefore it is important for efficient and effective operation of the organization. All candidates should be treated with equally & fairly (Deb, 2006). There are some suggestion are below for effectiveness of recruitment-

1. Fairness: Fair and competition should be considered when candidates are recruiting for the organization. Equal and reasonable accesses to information about job have to confirm by the recruitment team. Recruitment procedure must be reliable, objective and protective against bias. Recruitment procedure should be emphasised on qualification & competiveness.

2. Wide announcement: All interested and prospective candidate can apply, if it announced and advertised widely which help to appropriate consideration in the recruitment process. Wide announcement gives alternative choice to take best among candidates.

3. Maintain highest professional standard: Ethical code of conduct of must be follow during recruitment as well as must comply with legal provision of the country. Recruitment must be transparent; patronage free, equal treatment should be applied during recruitment process.

4. Documentation: Appropriate documentation should be maintain in the recruitment process. The documentation included specify following things-

The jobs objective.

The main duties & responsibilities.

The needed skilled.

Necessary knowledge for job.

Required qualities.

Essential attributes to carry out job.

Documentation helps to make short list among candidates. Employee specification should not change during recruitment process.

5. Impartiality: Recruitment process must be free from partiality. The best and capable candidate can be select only by fair way.

6. Job analysis: For effective recruitment, job analysis is very important to make the recruitment successful. A job analysis include determining the needs training, compensation procedure, performance review etc. A job analysis makes the recruitment process effective (www.job.analysis.net).

If the ABC company follow the above recruitment principles, which can be more effective for the organization.

In term of to improve effectiveness and good employee recruitment in future some policies are given below –

A manager can recruit in two different ways –

            i) Internal Recruitment

            ii)External Recruitment

Internal Recruitment: It is the most favorite source of applicants in stable and developed companies. It needs a strong support from other HR Processes; because of these the unmanaged internal recruitment process can guide to disappoint the managers and employees in the organization. The succession planning and strong performance management is needed to make sure the success of the internal recruitment.

External Recruitment:

The most obvious advantage of external recruitment is the availability of a greater pool of applicants. Thus, only those applicants who have the exact qualifications will apply and be selected the company. This has cost for the organization’s training budget. Whereas external recruits will require orientation upon being hired, as they will not require any extra training. It also brings new ideas and external contacts to the company for hiring them. Also, if political backbiting over a promotion might be a possibility, then external recruitment is one way of eliminating that occurrence. Under external recruitment the effectiveness are given below –

Recruit online and given ads in newspaper: A company can hunt employees on online which will help to reach a lot of people in short time. Again if the company’s give ad in newspaper and industry trade journals many skilled job searchers who has less technical support can applied for the post. For this it will emphasized on qualification of different people.

Use the best employee: If the company uses its best employees for the interview of the people for the business, then they can collect the best candidates from the applicants.

Documentation: Recruiters must maintain the suitable documents for recruitment process. They must follow the jobs purpose, duties and responsibilities, proper knowledge for the job. This will help the HR division to make a short list from the candidates.

Search in Schools: The Company must build a good relationship with local schools, colleges and universities to attract graduates for trainee positions and always be ready to interview the candidates.

Analysis the job: To make a recruitment successful job analysis is the most important part. It makes the recruitment process effective.

Use Job Center Plus: A company can use Job Center Plus for recruiting people cheap and fast way. It is useful for finding permanent and temporary employees with no charge and they can shortlist the applicants for the company.

If the ABC Company follow these process it can be more effective and beneficial for the company.

Effective recruitment & selection practices By R. L. Compton, Alan R. Nankervis

Fig: A typical strategic recruitment process

Recruitment Requisition

Competency or Position Analysis

Position Description

Position Evalution

Pool of Aplicants

Budget Check


Selection Process

Dynamic Environment







Dynamic Environment

HR Strategy





Recruitment Process

Source: Nankervis, A, Compton, R, Baird, M, 2005, Strategic human resource management

(6th ed), Cengage, South Melbourne.


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