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Z - Energy Company Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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This report is about entrepreneurship and innovation is applied to the Z – energy company

The company said it would focus on better forecourt service.It is a brand of service station fuel distributor in New Zealand

This report analyzes the internal and external factors affecting Z – energy innovation.Carries on the analysis, Gradually the Z – energy leaders have also found that if you want to continue the development and progress of the company.The innovation of the company, it is very necessary.

Introduction of Z-energy

Z-energy is a New Zealand fuel distributor with branded service stations. It comprises some of the former assets of Shell New Zealand. Since mid-August 2013, it has been listed on the NZX with the code ZEL. The largest shareholders were Infratil and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, each with 20%. It is also listed on the ASX with the code ZNZ. Shell exited the New Zealand fuel distribution business in April 2010, selling its operations to Infratil and NZ Super. The former Shell operations were rebranded as Z Energy in 2011.

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Shell exited the fuel distribution market in New Zealand in 2010. Shell and its assets including a 17.1% stake in listed Refining NZ were acquired by Infratil and the New Zealand Super for $891 million.However the Taranaki based exploration and production division were not part of this sale portfolio.Initially, 2010 brands still holding company was renamed for the shell shell New Zealand jade green energy.00 after customer survey in 2011170, the company changed its name to Z energy co., LTD., and service simply called Z.Rebranding campaign cost is considered in NZ $60 million, compared with the authorized shell brand fee of NZ $10 million/year.The company says it will focus on the better service and better food choices.After the brand again and add five new gas stations, gasoline Z energy from the 31.6% decline in market share of 2011 to 29% by 2013.

Impact of internal environment

SWOT including its culture, professional knowledge, resources and unique quality in the market.Advantage is to increase value, or provide your organization’s competitive advantage.Z energy currently has three wholly owned subsidiaries.Harbour city real estate investment co., LTD., the real estate investment and holding and Z and ESPP trust Z energy energy energy supply 210 brand service, business, aviation, shipbuilding, chemical industry, the asphalt of the customer.Company also produce surfactant chemicals business coastal tanker oil terminals and mobile oil tank truck.Z – enegry company profit and income, the domestic market and experienced business department.


Profit and revenue,Experience and the domestic marketRich business units.


The productivity of future


The global market, new market and growing demand


External business risk

The industry’s growth rate of about 8%.Financial and strategic SWOT analysis provides a comprehensive understanding of the company?S history, corporate strategy, business and financial structure, management and operation.The report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on the company?Products and services, main competitors, as well as the detailed financial information.On this page may have some or all of the data, from one or more data provider.For further information please contact us.We are not responsible for any errors or omissions on this page.The purpose of this web site are only for your information.This is a sample report.

System, structure and organisational culture

System :A methodical procedure or process that is used as a delivery mechanism for providing specific goods or services to customers.

Example:Z-energy Gas station

Structure :A Organization framework legally recognized in a particular jurisdiction for conducting commercial activities, such as sole-proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.

Example :Z energy supply 210 brands of service, business, aviation, shipbuilding, chemical industry, asphalt clients.The company also produces surfactant chemicals business coastal oil tankers, oil terminals and mobile tanker truck.

organisational culture :Organizational culture includes an organization’s expectations, experiences, philosophy, and values that hold it together, and is expressed in its self-image, inner workings, interactions with the outside world, and future expectations. It is based on shared attitudes, beliefs, customs, and written and unwritten rules that have been developed over time and are considered valid. Also called corporate culture

Example:Z – energy, make the best quality products, the most sincere service,

unityIs a good development of the basic guiding ideology, through communication, coordination, partnership, build a fair and just good business environment, the formation of pulling up and down, moving in tandem.

Impact of External environment

Z energy limited is an energy and utility companies.The company is mainly involved in procurement, purchase and import of crude oil.The company also provide stormwater management, emergency plan and bulk inventory reconciliation.It provides oil and related products retail customers and business clients, such as airlines, shipping companies, shipping companies, fleet operators.It also provides the asphalt road contractor, and manufacturing raw materials for detergents and other household products.The company operating gas stations to provide food, food and drink.It provides a service brand, z company owns an oil refinery in marsden in New Zealand.Z energy based in Wellington, New Zealand.

Government policy, legislation and common law ant etc:

The infrastructure to enable people and businesses to innovate successfully. Increase solar power to replace the old machine to ensure the normal work of operation

Positional (opportunities) issues are identified:

I think the Z – energy management and innovation has experienced a long period of time would be very perfect A few problems in developing may have noticed, in the development of the society People more and more attention to the protection of environment Rational allocation of energy resources To develop the. Z – energy company before, capture and reason to waste energy reengineering.

And all company need innovation to improve his own company Z-energy dare to innovation.Explore in addition to the energy industry and public offerings that companies are no longer in the 2013 by debt


Z – energy company after a long-term management and innovation, from one-way energy development and become involved in many big companies, only innovation can make a company followed the progress of The and social development, gradually developed into an influential companies.Z – energy is such a company.

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