How do I know that UKEssays is a legitimate company?

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At UK Essays, we're often imitated but never replicated. Many sites will try to portray themselves as UK Essays, or as part of our company. There's plenty of scam, spam and fake sites out there, who may deliver extremely poor work - or even no work at all.

Before making a decision about where to place an order, we strongly recommend you view our page about scam essays by clicking here.

As you can see at the bottom of any page of our website, we are part of All Answers Ltd and based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. As a registered UK company, we also provide our Company Registration Number, VAT Registration Number, Registered Data Controller Number and our Registered Office.

We've been operating for over 17 years, with real offices you can visit and see on Google Maps. Unlike other companies, who often list fake addresses or don't have a real, physical office, we're here and proud for anyone to see. We've even been mentioned in the local and global press many times over the years. 

Our website also features 100% real, verified reviews, gathered with our review partner, Always make sure you can read reviews about a website on an external, reputable review website, and look for a 'verified' symbol, which means the review website has verified the customer is 100% genuine.

If you're placing an order with us, always make sure you're on an All Answers website. The URL should include, and you'll be able to see our SSL certificate. If you're not sure, call us or reach our via live chat.

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