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Responsibilities of a Career Counsellor

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The key purposes of career counseling assessment.

Career counseling is an interpersonal process where by the counselors will assist and explore the information on clients self-esteem, backgrounds, interests, abilities and other personal characteristics career development. The career counselor is sometimes sees as a guide, teacher or as a coach. In the beginning stage the career counselor needs to explore the client problem because clients have different needs and life cycle career change. If the assessment intervention process is incomplete or inaccurate the whole counseling assessment can be negatively affected. If the clients problem are delineated in a very smooth and efficient way the client problem can be initiated earlier. The career counseling is to help the clients whose career life style has changed and either their career is in danger or not satisfying anymore causing more problems in their workplace or stuck and do not know what to do next. The career counseling also caters for those who are re-entering the workforce after being away for awhile and also for the clients who are looking for their first satisfying career after school graduation.

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The career counselors will decide whether these particular clients need to use the assessment tools to gauge and help the client to realize the change for their work career development potential. This will help the clients to discover their strengths and to determine their own choices for better personal character change and to develop their traits, values, skills and their life cycle for their career development. During the assessment the career counselor will assess the client whether the client is speaking truthfully about their facts because any untruthful facts will only delay client choices of success in their career development. The career counselors can also help to determine if the client is acquiring the necessary skills or knowledge required to move on to the next step in their career developing. The clients then use this information as templates to understand themselves better. The clients can mold their goals perspectives and make a concrete career plans for their meaningful journey for their lively future ahead.

The duties and responsibilities of a career counselors.

The career counselors responsibilities is help and identify the path that the clients would likely to be interested in and grow. All career counselor are trained as required by law of the respective country in order for career counselor to be competency in their skills and also in their education before the counselors can introduce any forms of assessment to the client. The career counselors must also complied with the country’s counselors regulation acts and they must also abide the ACA code of ethics. The career counselor must have the ability to recognize the clients traits, value, skills and the limitation of the client during assessment. The career counselors must be honest, accurate when dealing with clients assessment.The career counselors must be able to make clients understand what career path is suitable and satisfying thoroughtout client own career exploration at various stages of clients life cycle. The recognizing and appreciating clients autonomy is an important privilege that career counselors should extend to all clients. The career counselor also have their discipline not to condone or engage any in discrimination or sexual harrassment against the client. The career counselors must take the responsibility to show fairness, equality to the clients regardless of their age, race, culture, religion, gender ,ethnic group and any disability to the client personalities. The career counselor should provide path of freedom that allows the client to explore choices within the social, political and economic context when the client arrive to career making. The career counselor will also make a honest remarks to client assessment regarding the necessary education, talents, needs and training which may be require in shaping client’s career choice pathway, personality type and direction for the future. The career counselors are also constantly remainded about the code of ethics when indulging in media presentation and also the duties of the counselor to report any information to law when the client can cause severe harm to family, public or environment. The career counselor must also be able to update client to understand the current job market search and also about the information of rising cost in today’s global economic which is threatening the global market work force for more talented, suitable candidates for the job. This information will always motivate and also provide awareness to the client in exploring new avenue should the needs arises in the client searching for new career scope in the future.

The ethical responsibilities .

During the counseling intervention with the clients,the career counselors will strongly exercise the ethical issues of the clients at all time thoroughtout the session.The career counselors must obey all ethical guidelines of all organization stated in the country or elsewhere .The career counselors will take precaution to value the dignity of the client with respect,and maintain the confidentiality of the client’s uniqueness, potential and privacy.The career counselors must respect the rights of the client to know the results of the assessment,interpretations of the conclusion and the counselors recommendation.If the counselors find that clients is underaged below the requirement age by the law to receive any form of the test result of the assessment,the counselors have the authority to revealed to the parents,or the clients guardian or to the authority concern for the client well being.The safety considerations for the clients situation are primary expression of ethical expectations and standards.The career counselors only use the test and assessment service in which they are trained and competent.The counselors will only use the language that the client can understand most.If not an authorizes interpreter will be povided to the client during the assessment and this is to prevent any unethical issues. Every client has the right to be treated with the equal rights from diverse populations regardless of their ethnic, racial status, age, sexual, gender, family type, religious, spiritual, appearance and economic status. The career counselor are aware not to use any tools for assessment if they are not trained for and these can cause unethical issues and un professionalism to the client. The career counselor should be aware of the impact of discrimination and at all times the confidential information should not be shared among colleagues without the written consent from the client or by proper legal organization approval. The career counselors should always have the interest in client growth and career development. The counselor should create a concrete path in a manner that enhance the creation of a healthy relationship between the client and the career counselors. However when there is a need the career counselors can disclose the client confidential information to the authority when there is a threathening issues of child abuse or any other harmful disease that can harm the society.

The responsibility prior to assessment.

The career counselors are learned and qualified individuals who are equipped with the theoretical training as well as valuable sources of experience in career management to help people with their career development.

The career counselors role is to help clients regardless of what ethnic groups,status,gender.religion and finacially.The career counselor is a person who will make the clients to understand and deal all kinds of career issues, social, behavioral and personal issues. The counselor main concern prior to assessment is that the counselor must set a assessment goals and objectives.The career counselor seeks to familiarize the clients with a foundation for using assessment procedures in counseling.The counselor must also understand his limitatation on using the tools for assessment for any unethical and to prevent any unprofessionalism as a counselor. These assessment procedures include interviews, observations, referenced tests, and follow up assessment. The counselor will create an understanding role of assessment in the overall counseling process. The counselor must ensure the client will have the ability to identify assessment processes and procedures for specific career development.The counselor will assess client on their cognitive issues, career and personality interest.The career counselor will take careful and honest steps to ensure that the skills use are accurate and ethically interpreting assessment information to clients. Upon completion of this session, the clients negative ions will be change or transform into positive ions so that the client can enjoy the full potential and satisfying future that have been holding them way back.

Responsibility during the assessment.

This initial stage of assessment is an important step to take before the intervention begin. During the counseling the career counselor will make tentative appraisal of the client personality background and also by establishing a warmth relationship with the client in order to build the trust,show empathy,unconditional positive regards and congruance.The career counselor needs to resist from taking the expert position on what is best for the client that is not limiting to career choice decision, without first attempting to understand the world in which the client lives.The career counselor may explore client interest by asking about the clients hobby,client leisure time and this can be a very useful indicator of information. The career counselor will gather most of the valuable information about client’s background that may be causing obstacles to the client career development, such as family problem, health issues workplace politices, interest, values, life style personality, education limitation and the global economic demanding for more productive individual. During the session the career counselor may want to introduce the use of tools to the client in order to identified clients differences and to assess client career development process.From the result of the tools assessment, the career counselor will be able to identify what those perceptions are for the client and will train the clients on how to minimize the negative thoughts and how to overcome those problems.With this information the career counselor can identify the root cause of why the client having problem foe career development.The counselor set up steps that the client need to take to get moving in the positive direction. The career counselors know what it takes to be successful and how to match client with careers they can be good at and passionate about.The career counselor may project out by creating a plan with client that includes specific clients negative thoughts that have been interefering his or her ability, strength,clients maturity to think rationally and make a potential career decision.

Responsibility after assessment

After the assessment the career counselor will evaluate with the client to see with the client have receive the positive change or message regarding the career direction and the change the client need to take in order to be successful. This will make the client realize that this are the positive steps that the client must take very concretely if they wanted this change to happen so that the client can enjoy a satisfying career ahead of them in their life journey.The client must understand the career counselor primary duties is to help individual to examine their traits,values,skills, interests, lifestyles, and their abilities to find and enter the profession that best suits them. This evaluation is not only for client but also for the counselor to reestablished the relationship of concern, trust to provide support for the client interest. This understanding is the key in assisting client to make their own concrete conclusions to move forward. The career counselor may introduce to the client the use of diary and to record all the incidence that happen to slow down the client advancement in their career path. Before ending the session with the client, the career counselor may want the client to talk back and discuss all the information and advice given during the assessment.These talk back assessment will give the client some sort of homework for the client to ponder about. The client will also be notify that all ethical issues or results that have been discuss regarding client background during the assessment will be totally respected and be confidential from been disclosed to other staff or others to discuss about. These will make the client to have a honest impression on career counselor concern and support for the client to concentrate on building a new career deveploment for a better life journey.


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