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Facebook’s Effects on Levels of Happiness and Satisfaction

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Social media, in specific Facebook has a long history since 2004 and has become a platform where people share personal and business activities. Every person who has access to a smartphone creates a profile on Facebook and goes forward to befriend people or connect with old acquaintances. The popularity involved with Facebook has made people connect on large margin. Some people have even become popular due to Facebook and they have gained followers and friends who make them happy. People post pictures and videos of activities they are involved in and share them on Facebook thus creating a pool of knowledge. The ambiguity of the situation leaves most people happy and satisfied because they can watch and learn new things on Facebook. Trending information and funny videos are easily acquired on Facebook and people spend time enjoying them and thus forms a popular hobby. Businesses have grown because of Facebook advertising and with so many people connected it is easy to acquire a market. Facebook connects, educates and enhances communication between people of all ages and thus it makes more people happy and satisfied. 

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Most Facebook users are teenagers who are yet to find way in life and define themselves. The information found on Facebook is unlimited and it is easier to follow role models who may not be easily available elsewhere and thus receive ideas of molding. According to Lam et al. (175-183) Facebook connects and opens the world to more people and almost a billion people. Facebook has become a way of life for many people and connections that lead to friendships and more leave the people more satisfied and happy. The people who login into Facebook chose who to share their information with, this makes more secure because only the appropriate audience is able to acquire the information. Creating groups on Facebook helps people with similar goals and experiences to share and relative questionnaires the administrators can determine the right people (Castro 152-169). People with traumatic experiences do not find happiness easily and with the Facebook groups they are able to adjust or even find people who have had harder experiences and can guide them to happiness.  It is imperative that Facebook enhances the happiness of users and leaves them more satisfied.

Facebook promotes the advancement of education in most high level institutions. According to Lam et al. (175-183) Facebook has enabled university libraries to pass on information and advance marketing. Videos and educational content uploaded by the libraries connected with the students well and they were more satisfied with the results and outcome. Lam et al. (175-183) engages that the diversity of Facebook as a social media tool for marketing is effective and improves ways to acquire the attention of students. People in the current era spend most of their time on phones or laptops and engaging an online library that connects the users on Facebook is a tremendous effort to engage the satisfaction that comes from reading books. Library Facebook pages entice the young generation to elevate the level of reading thus creating effective learning habits that distribute satisfaction (Lam et al. 175-183). The communication platforms provided by the pages encourage the students to share their knowledge on the books and improve their knowhow and understanding.

 Quality education hold the basis of every developed country, and to advance communication is very necessary. Facebook provides unlimited access to peers and their teachers through messenger platform. The students are able to discuss an issue they have in particular subject without physically being in class. The advancement of passing information means that the students will have more satisfying grades and they will be happier. The online platforms makes the job of the teachers more easier because most student cannot go for a long time without connecting on Facebook which is preferred to other education applications (Castro 152-169). Taking into account the increasing numbers of students who do not have access to traditional university education Facebook plays a big part in enabling high education. The advancement of education is vital in every countries economy and to the career of the students (Castro 152-169). Remarkable technological advances such as Facebook increase opportunities and thus more people are happy and satisfied.

Literacy levels are largely influenced by the way people connect on Facebook. According to Warhol (p25) literacy of students who are not native speakers of English are greatly enhanced by Facebook. Facebook makes reading interesting for people who do not naturally know the English language through simplified features and videos book are easier to access for the illiterate.  Warhol (p25) emphasizes that even educated people find reading books tiresome and often fall asleep while reading. Facebook provides literacy on multiple fronts such as entertainment and inclines people to comment with their common language and translates it to the desired form. The availability of translation software on Facebook enhances the understanding of information that would have remained ambiguous to the illiterate (Warhol p25). The linguistic expertise of teachers is equally shared internationally with educational posts gaining popularity and being shared globally. The advancement of better connection especially in speaking English is made easier by Facebook. The non-native speakers are happy to be understood by English speakers and also they gain satisfaction through understanding others.      

With Facebook it is easier to connect work and personal lives. Colleagues who work together usually connect on Facebook on different levels. The organizational functioning of a working force in affected positively by integration of contacts on Facebook. According to Bartels et al. (307-328), workmates connect on Facebook and thus the alienation involved with work is minimized. Some employees may not be comfortable connecting with others more so when they are new to the organization. Through Facebook pages and groups the colleagues are able to understand each other better thus making the workplace more suitable. More than 70% of employees who quit their jobs is due to lack of connection or disagreements with other workers (Bartels et al. 307-328). Facebook shines a light on every individual in the organization thus providing a way to connect on working levels and on personal grounds. The satisfaction gained from loyal employees benefits the organization and makes the workers happier. Profits earned due to employee’s satisfaction enables increment of salaries which makes their lives happier to live. Facebook entwines the personal connection and the working attitude and the results favors both the company and the employees.

Customer satisfaction is important to every successful business more so the ability to know how people feel about a certain product. Facebook advertisement and business pages provide a commenting forum where the consumers can comment on the effectiveness of the product or the standards of customer service. According to Sumathy (24-27) the popularity of social media especially Facebook has enhanced ways in which businesses carry out their customer service. Improved and direct feedback from the customers through the business Facebook page accelerates the action being taken by the management to improve customer service. Management is also able to single out non-performing employees due to numerous ratings and personalized feedback on Facebook.  The comments and reviews by clients provide the business with a data base where they can refer in order to maximize their service according to the consumer’s needs (Sumathy 24-27). Most companies rely on the comments of clients to educate new employees on the desirable behavior and action to ensure satisfaction. Every individual is a customer at a particular business and satisfaction is key to happy clients. Customer satisfaction is tremendously improved by the existence of Facebook.

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In the current age people have numerous engagements that limit the time for gaining meaningful relationships. However, through Facebook they are able to connect with others who have common goals and they move forward to start romantic relationships. According to Hand et al. (8-13) people have found romantic relationships on Facebook that lead to satisfied lives. Coupling on Facebook is a usual thing but the growth of relationships to meaningful grounds produces satisfaction to people involved. The frequency in which the people pass on messages stipulates an ongoing connection between users which brings satisfaction and happiness. Some people may find it hard to connect with people around them physically and thus they prefer the platform provided on Facebook. Relationships are built on personal information that is readily available on Facebook. The improved socialistic ideas and enhancements of sharing on Facebook increases the chances of people who may not find romantic relationships in their usual circle of friends. Facebook improves the level of connection thus increasing the satisfaction of users and also enabling happiness.

To conclude, it is clear that Facebook does not make people sadder and unsatisfied. Comparative and scholarly knowledge proves that Facebook is an effective communication tool that serves people globally. The improvement of education through online platforms and sharing of information is desirable character of Facebook socializing. Education is thriving globally due to efforts by Facebook to translate for the illiterate and people who are not natural speakers of English. As a marketing tool Facebook serves businesses with an available market and does not limit any specific group. Facebook ensures that workplaces are not alienated to workers and they can learn about their colleagues and thus develop good working relationships. Customer service is tremendously improved by Facebook through business pages. Consumers can comment on the type of service they require and review the actions of the staff thus enabling individual responsibility and satisfaction. Friendships formed on Facebook can lead to serious relationships that are personally satisfying to users. Facebook improves the levels of happiness and also enhances satisfaction. 

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