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Ethical Issues in Emotional Intelligence Research

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Emotional intelligence



This paper tries to explore major aspects of emotional intelligence (EI), based on the book the emotionally intelligent workplace by Cherniss and Goleman. In this paper various aspects of EI are examined including various methods emotional intelligence can be applied in solving misunderstandings between two colleagues working in a company together with addressing the discomforts caused by the misunderstanding among them. Various implications that come with the inability to apply emotional intelligence techniques well are also addressed. In trying to understand and restore emotional intelligence various ethical issues are usually raised especially where a misunderstanding exists between two co-workers. This paper tries to analyze some of those ethical issues that might arise.

Keyword: emotional intelligence.

In the case study an employee Paula who is a recent college graduate is being harassed by a Richard, who is her fellow collogue. However much she tries to ignore the advancements they eventually begin disrupting her from her duties both at work and at home. Later Steve who is her boss realizes that and upon engaging with her she explains everything to him. So it is now upon Steve to dictate relevant way forward to create an emotional intelligent workplace for both Paula and Richard.

Alternative solutions to address the dilemma

In cases where there are no clear company’s policy against harassment in the workplace it would be advisable that the company’s leaders consider coming up with a policy advocating against harassment. With this measure in place then they should make it known to all employees about the anti-harassment policy and the consequences that come with going against the policy. The employer should also make known to all employees on how to react in the event a harassment case occurs. This includes giving employees guidelines on who to report the grievances to.

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In cases where harassment cases do not cease then the company’s management may call the two involved parties and encourage them to negotiate among themselves. This gives the accused a better chance to explain themselves incase their actions were misjudged by the complainant. In case the accused and the complainant agree and reconcile then the whole matter is considered solved and their duties resume as normal. The reconciliations may be in presence of a member of the company’s management or between the involved parties only.

If this does not fix the problem then formal or informal measures can be taken on the employee going against the policy. Informal measures include where both the complainant and the accused in this case Paula being the complainant and Richard being the accused are called together and the accusations against the accused are presented to him/her. This could be in the presence of a senior in the company or a panel formed to investigate the matter. During the informal meeting the accused is given the chance to defend himself/herself. In the event that the accused is found guilty the complainant or the seniors may choose to warn against further harassment or choose to punish the accused according to the company’s policy.

Formal measures include where the complainant presents a written complaint to the relevant authorities in the company. The authorities then conduct a formal investigation into the allegations and come up with a conclusion. After the results of the investigation are analyzed necessary measures are taken on the accused if guilty including getting fired from the job or forwarding them to the federal authorities. In the event that the accused is innocent then the complainant is cautioned against false accusations and or necessary action is taken against them.

Potential ethical concerns raised

In situations where harassment cases are reported various ethical concerns are inevitable. These concerns may be made known to others or the parties involved may choose to keep it to their selves. The concerns constitute what specific parties describe to as the harassment and may be physical, verbal or non-verbal.

Physical concerns include where the accused physically acts inappropriately on the complainant for example instances where the accused touches the complainant in a sexual way or assaults the complainant physically. At times physical assault may lead to the complainant getting injured or result to fights.

Verbal concerns arise where the accused says various things considered by the complainant to be inappropriate for example suggestive comments about someone’s body parts especially the private parts. Verbal concerns may also arise from instances that the accused verbally insults or says nasty things about the complainant.

Non-verbal concerns include the way the accused looks at the complainant, or the way they generally behave around them. These concerns may be genuine or arise from misinterpreted actions from the accused since some people do behave in a way they assume is appropriate although to others the actions are of irritating nature.

Potential emotional intelligence Ramifications to an organization

In some cases the authorities of certain organizations fail to take steps that ensure emotional intelligence in the work place. The failure to ensure emotional intelligence of all workers has numerous ramifications to the company’s production, output and general working environment.

Sexual harassment for example causes great discomfort to the workers. With the workers not comfortable it is likely that the production will not be at the very best since their concentration is not clearly on the job but rather on the insecurities they face. Time too is wasted on cases between co-workers. The time wasted is hardly recoverable thus it contributes highly to failure of production in the organization.

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When the company’s management does not exercise control on the employees’ emotional behavior then it is hard for them to control how the employees execute their designated duties. An organization with no clear hierarchy of order execution cannot perform its desired duties to the fullest since all the employees think as if they are on the same hierarchy level with their seniors since they do not display their supreme mandates in handling employees’ disputes.

Some employees decide to sue an organization in instances where harm has come to them at the work places. This law suits use up the organization’s money is in fines and legal fees. Even if the organization wins the case against the complainant the organization’s name is tarnished to a certain extent.

With all this factors in mind it is advisable that the managers of various organizations ensure emotional intelligence in their workplaces to ensure the wellbeing of the organization and maximum output contributing to major financial gains.

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