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Effects of Streaming on the Music Industry

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Wordcount: 777 words Published: 11th Sep 2017

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In the past couple of years, streaming has become one of the main ways to listen to music. With streaming is it having an Effect on the music industry that we have come to know of. This point has many Positive and Negative statement about the effects on the music industry.

Some of the main Streaming Sites or Apps are Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music. With these streaming sites, many of the CEO’s believe that their apps have helped the music industry from going into a decline in most of its sales. Or Artists believe it is helping the profile platform for Musicians.

Results from streaming in the past couple of years are that the rates of piracy have heavily declined because of Apps like Spotify and Pandora. Spotify has been one of the main impacts on the music industry from 2015, Due to its free subscription to stream music.

CEO of Spotify Daniel Ek, claiming “Now, finally, after years and years of decline, music is growing again, streaming is behind the growth in music, and Spotify is behind the growth in streaming.”(Hassan, C, 2016)

Lars Ulrich drummer of Metallica believes Streaming is a good way for musicians and artist to get a higher profile on themselves. He also states “It’s a choice for the fan to be part of, it’s a choice for the artists who are involved in making their music available on streaming services. It’s a choice by the record companies that represent the artist. Fifteen years ago those choices didn’t exist.”(BBC news)

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But besides all these Positives there have been many negative remarks on the topic. When Apple music did their 3-month free trial, the apple artist wasn’t actually getting paid for the music that the members were streaming. Which has made a contribute to Taylor Swift pulling her music off of Apple music because of a high based disagreement over payment.

Payment is also a factor that most people disagree with when it comes to Spotify or Apple Music. When a some is played on Spotify it has to be running for more than 30secs for the artist to get paid which can go from $0.004 for the smaller artist to $0.0084 for the well-known artist. Which in conclusion has made some famous artist non-eager to join Spotify.

In the US the revenue for music sale has been hovering are $7Bil since 2010, which only went up by less than one percent from 2014 to 2015 to $7.02Bil. With this, Cds and Downloads have started to become abounded as streaming has now risen to become one of the number one platforms for music listeners.

With all the contributing statements “Does streaming effect the music industry” you can tell that most people are with thinking that it is positive or negative, but you do get people who think that it is both with good reason to back themselves up. in future years to come will we see a drastic change in the music industry thanks to streaming?.


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