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Should Teens Be Allowed Internet Access?

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The internet is a large “market” with practically everything available in it. It is a massive network of computers worldwide connected by cables and satellites. Most of the time, it is just referred to as “The Net” or the World Wide Web (www). The internet today is used for multiple tasks such as receiving email, communicating with people from all around the world, receive text, images, video and sound. It is a very helpful tool for getting any information needed. This is because it has people from all around the globe posting information onto the internet for the use of everybody who access the internet which is a public accessible feather for millions of people nationwide. (Young Media Australia 2008, What is the internet?)

However, the internet nowadays is too widely used by tweens and is becoming an issue among our society. This is caused by different factors that may be dangerous to them. This study is to investigate whether it is advisable for tweens to be allowed internet access.

We may wonder who exactly are tweens? To be exact, they are individuals who are no longer children anymore yet not a teenager. This means they would fall in the age group of between 11 & 13 years old. People are doubtful about giving them internet access because they may not be mature enough to differentiate what is good or bad and this may cause them to be susceptible to internet danger. Internet danger is generally caused by people who are not taught with moral ethics and try to inflict damage onto tweens.

Advantages of the internet for tweens

Offers a wide spectrum of information

The internet is a virtual treasure chest full of valuable information. It has a huge amount of publications added everyday and is slowly evolving as one of the greatest source of information. Any form of information from A to Z can nowadays be so easily obtained just by a few clicks on the computer and tons of information show on the screen. Also, with the help of “search engines” on the internet, the work of hunting for information or data is minimized. Since the internet provides so much of information, it is a great source of reference for students who does research work or even just to look for information which cannot be obtained in school. Through the internet, forums can be accessed and through forums, people are able to trade information and share opinions with each other. (The Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Internet n.d.)

Communication with the world

There are plenty of chat rooms that can be used on the internet such as Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype and so on. These chat rooms allow worldwide communication to be possible. As long as computers are connected to the internet, anybody from any part of the world can communicate online. It is very convenient for family members who are apart to communicate with each other instantaneously without the need of using email or snail mail. (The Advantages & Disadvantages Of The Internet n.d.)

Saves times in completing tasks

Before internet existed, there were many tasks that took a lot of time to complete. Now with the help of internet in the modern society, the time used to complete these tasks is reduced by an uncanny amount. One example would be students using the internet to communicate with teachers online. Students who are slacking in studies may have extra classes with teachers through communication programs. This greatly reduces students’ time needed to revise on their own and yet not fully comprehend the subject. Also, assignments done can be sent to teachers via the computer with the use of email.

Educational games & programs

Games nowadays intrigue tweens and play a big role in their lives. Computer games are constantly being played by tweens from all around the world and the internet has a huge load of these games. Specifically, educational games are the games that have positive effect on tweens. These games can provide practice in problem solving and logic and also provide practice in use of fine motor and spatial skills. Furthermore, some of the educational games require two players or more so this allows parents to occasionally play together with the child and have some family bonding. These games being fun activities help to relieve stress and help keep the mind fresh. (Effects Of Video Game Playing On Children 2009)

Risks & disadvantages tweens might face

However good the internet might appear to be and have many advantages upon tweens, the ugly side of internet should also be reviewed carefully to actually determine whether the internet is more harmful than helpful to tweens.

Access to inappropriate content or information

The internet being the treasure chest to all information, it also contains negative contents such as pornography and violence. Tweens who accidentally access to pornography may see images that would scar them for life and may potentially cause problems in their future life as these images may surface without warning. It is always internet pornography that is the first exposure to tweens of these sexual images and the images they see causes their brain to play mind tricks on them. This causes human intimacy to be planted into them as something twisted and perverted and this “implantation” is irreversible. Ultimately, this may lead to sexual deviancy and crime, which in turn affects their future relationships and marriages. (Children as Victims n.d.)

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Violence also can make a huge impact on tweens. Tweens who are exposed to violence would generally be more hot-tempered and are very likely to have antisocial behavior such as threatening aggression and assault. This is because they are brainwashed into the world of violence and cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality. They may think that violence is the only way to settle problems and that being violent shows charisma and looks macho-like. (Children And Media Violence 2009)

Chance to come across internet predators

An internet predator is usually an adult who exploits vulnerable children or tweens for sexual or abusive purposes, or also known as paedophiles. These people try to do these out of the norm things to satisfy their personal fetish. They would try to use the internet as a way of getting in contact with tweens and try to coax them to meet up. At this point, these tweens who are not under adult supervision may not be mature enough to think that this is potential danger and would simply just agree to meeting with this anonymous person. This would allow tweens to be vulnerable to these internet predators to carry out their dirty activities. In some reported cases, these paedophiles have raped and killed innocent children. (What are the risks involved with my child using the internet n.d.)

Become victims of cyber bullying

Cyber bullying is quite common nowadays in the virtual world. What exactly does cyber bullying mean? It basically is any form of harassment that occurs via the internet. Posting fake videos on web sites, leaving mean and evil emails towards somebody are forms of cyber bullying. Tweens who are cyber bullied would feel very depressed and overwhelmed as they do not know who these people are who cyber bully them. These helpless victims would usually suffer quietly and be mentally imbalanced because they usually don’t tell an adult about this issue and just keep it to themselves. (What is Cyberbullying? n.d.)

Be subjected to invasion of privacy, unsolicited advertising & financial risks

There are plenty of commercial websites on the internet that may invade privacy by requesting for personal information. Tweens may be encouraged to complete questionnaires and enter competitions that lead to the divulgence of personal information or incur unforeseen costs. Also, some sites have advertisements that encourage tweens to acquire products which are costly and unnecessary for them. (What are the risks involved with my child using the internet n.d.)

Addiction to the internet

It is very easy for tweens to get addicted to the internet because it is so interactive. With all the contents available on the internet, tweens would opt to sit in front of a computer all day and this would cause them not to have time to finish assignments or work and decrease the time for socializing with people in person. This usually also causes tweens to be less healthy as they would lack the exercise needed for their body. (What are the risks involved with my child using the internet n.d.)


To look at the whole argument in an unbiased way, a comparison has to be made between the advantages and disadvantages of the internet. It may appear that it is not advisable for tweens to be allowed internet access because of all the negative effects it may cause. However, from a survey carried out, majority of the people agree that tweens should be given internet access and that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages of the internet. These negative effects are avoidable and it basically comes down to the way tweens use the internet and how much they understand about the internet. These problems may be avoided if they are guided along the way by an adult because an adult is able to differentiate what’s good and what’s not on the internet and teach tweens how to avoid these sites on the internet. Most of the tweens who suffer from internet disadvantages are those who are ignorant and are not taught well on how to utilize internet as a powerful tool.

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