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Web Based Information Systems

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This paper aims to present the social and organizational aspects of web-based information systems. Now we are in 21st century. Last century has been considered as the rising of Information and communication technology. Now-a-days there is increasing development of web-based information systems for social and organizational sectors. Web-based information systems based on web technologies which shares different types of Internet protocol and plays an important role for gathering, storing, collecting and communicating data from different sources and spread information at a glance. The speed and efficiency of web-based information system which includes both local and global networks, databases and different types of program for information processing makes social and organizational life easier for people. The web-based applications maintain operations of management. Such applications helps to integrate quality management processes, life cycle of organizational goal, implementing and sharing production plan This web-based technology has an impact on social relation, social behaviour and various organization issues.

Keywords: World Wide Web (WWW), WBIS (Web-based information system), Internet Protocol, Information processing, social networking, social relation and behaviour.


Information technology is playing a crucial role in the development of modern society and social life. It has transformed the whole world into a global village. Now social life has moved to online. People are using discussion board, blogs and social networking sites through web-based technology to communicate digitally. World Wide Web, digital library, e-commerce and computer based distance learning has made our life easier.

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Now-a-days people are becoming more interested in online communities to share interests and activities. Most of the social network services are web-based and these sites are providing different ways to interact with others such as instant messaging and email. More over WBIS can be used in many ways in our social life such as educational institutions, new and media organizations, government services etc.

Business organizations are using this WBIS to develop their business and to run their business globally. Business organizations can select various range of product from product database. That technology let the organizations to know the price list of the product and they can order various products online. So it works as a buying and selling media all over the world. The organizations can track orders and update the information through internet. Moreover now-a-days all the multinational business organizations are using web-based information system to maintain communication to other branches. So this technology is playing an important role in business development.

Web-based Information system:

Web-based information system is an information system which uses Internet web technologies for delivering information and services to users. This technology is a software system and is used to publish and maintain data by hypertext principle. Web-based information system is the combination of one or more web applications, specific functionality-oriented components. Basically in this type of information system web browser is used as a front end and all the databases are used as a back end.

Key features of web-based Information System:

Web-based information systems have evolved significantly over recent years with its improvement. Web-based applications have several advantages over traditional software based applications. Some of the core features of web-based applications are given below:

Cross platform compatibility:

Most web-based applications are compatible in different platforms than traditional installed software. The minimum requirement would be a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape etc.). You can use different OS such as Windows, Linux or Mac to run the web applications.

More Manageable:

WBIS only need to be installed on the server placing minimal requirements on the end user workstation, which makes the system easier to maintain and update as usually it can all be done on the server.

Multiple concurrent users:

Web-based applications can indeed be used by multiple users at the same time. It’s not necessary to share screen or send a screenshot when multiple users see and even edit the same document at the same time. Web conferencing and online collaboration companies regulate some key transformations and users only explore what they really need to work effectively and co-edit documents together.

Reduced cost:

Web-based applications can reduce cost due to support and maintenance, lower requirements on the end user system and simplified architecture. It doesn’t require any distribution or marketing infrastructure.

Secure live data:

These applications can decrease the risk of losing data due to an unexpected disk crash or computer virus. Companies of web-based applications provide extensive data backup service either as an integral part or basic service or sometimes as a paid service.

Social aspects of web-based information system:

In the view of Karl Marx, human beings are intrinsically, necessarily and by definition social beings who – beyond being “gregarious creatures” – cannot survive and meet their needs other than through social co-operation and association. Their social characteristics are therefore to a large extent an objectively given fact, stamped on them from birth and affirmed by socialization processes; and, according to Marx, in producing and reproducing their material life, people must necessarily enter into relations of production which are “independent of their will”.

Social life is affected by web-based information system in different ways. Some of them are given below:

Online community:

An online community is a virtual community which exist online and can take the form of information system where any one can post content by using bulletin board system or weblogs. Online community is used by various social and professional groups interacting via web-based technology. It’s not necessary to have a strong bond among the members. The social network based online community arrived in early 2000s which is called social networking services contains different category divisions to connect with people. Social networking services allow people to create their own profile. Now Facebook and twitter has been using widely worldwide. More than 30 million and 18 million people are using Facebook and twitter respectively at the end of 2009. Myspace and LinkedIn being most widely used in North America. There are many others social networking website such as hi5, LinkedIn, orkut, tagged etc which is using all over the world. Some social networking sites are created for the benefit of others, such as parents social network service “Gurgle which talks about pregnancy, birth and bringing up children. So social networking services are being popular in society day by day.

Educational Institutions:

Now-a-days WBIS is used by most of the educational institutions for communicating with students. Students can find their course material, class schedules or any updated information through the WBIS. This technology has enabled researchers to access a wider source of information though internet. Moreover it is helpful for distance learning.

News & media organizations:

As WBIS is used to store, manipulate, distribute or to create information, news and media organizations are intimately familiar with each of the elements of information technology. This technology helps us to get the updated news from all over the world. We can also get early information about weather and natural disaster, stock exchange, fashion etc. So this technology is playing an important role in our social and day to day life.


The development of WBIS has helped the government to improve their service to their citizens. Citizens can get current and accurate government information from e-government websites. Government can publish different types of information through websites such as budget of the country, tourist spots of the country, results of examinations, vigilance information etc. Income tax department is doing online tax accounting for collecting income tax now. So government can get various advantages from WBIS.

Moreover WBIS can be used for


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