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Latest Technologies in Industries

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1. Paint & Color Mixing

Mixing additive secondary colors which is used to create a variety of colors when painting. Several years before, the mixing of paints to get desired colors is achieved only by hands which was very difficult in getting absolute color combinations when there was a deficiency of quantity of paints during painting. But with the expansion of computer technologies the painting industry is perhaps one that not many would associate straight away with such development but nonetheless one that has been able to adapt with the changes and utilize technology at various stages starting from the factories until the place of purchase.

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The benefits of technologies do not just benefit the producers but also the business partners, dealers and ultimately the end users. Especially because the computer technology helps in mixing of colors accurately by measuring as percentages which leads to achieve the exact color coding needed at any time with the help of paint assortment process using the Dealer Tinting System (DTS). Instead of stocking numerous shades of various paints, the dealer needs only to stock the base paints and colorants, and by using the machine can match any tone from the shade card on demand by the customer, can mix and produce any color tone from the shade card instantly. It is a convenient asset for the dealer as it ensures they avoid the stock piling of unnecessary products. And the use of computerized technology at the place of purchasing paints has revolutionized the way individuals purchase goods, a slow and labor intensive process today is finalized within a matter of minutes.

Latest technologies: Carbon black nanotube pigment, Ice-repellent coatings, Robust super hydrophobic coatings and use of paint which could generate power.

2. Wheel Alignment

Alignment refers to an adjustment of a vehicle’s suspension. The system that connects a vehicle to its wheels. It is not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves but adjusting the angles of the tires which affects how they make contact with the road. In contrast to aligning wheels with the help of robes in past, nowadays the new Wheel Alignment System provides unsurpassed features such as fast, accurate and built-to-last, and benefits that make the alignment system unique in the market today.

The accuracy, repeatability and quality of new alignment system with precise alignment readings in only two minutes using sensors, an array of software productivity enhancers and a comprehensive vehicle data base with frequent updates, and is specifically designed to make shops more successful and profitable, quick and efficient.

The new wheel alignment system has advantages such as fast, accurate readings and less waiting for measurements, fully featured hardware refers features like drive through design, wireless communication, automatic camera tracking and high mobility, Software Productivity Enhancers means features like automated caster sweep, 3D animations, rolling radius and cross diagonal measurement and optional features include clamps that only engage the tire, eliminating the possibility for damage to the rim provides more functionality, superior service and an extensive shop solutions and more alignments.

Latest technologies: Computerized vehicle assembling, controlling vehicles using mobile applications, Diagnosis of vehicle repairs using computer systems, Smart key & Voice recognization systems and Vehicle position tracking & GPS enabled drive.

3. Astronomy Industry

Astronomy is the branch of science deals with celestial objects, space, and the physical universe as a whole. Computer technologies have been central to advances in astronomy and will play more important role in analyzing complex phenomena in the next decade.

Earlier, roughly half the cycles of maniac computer were devoted to first stellar evolution codes. Then, advanced computers allowed the first detailed models of supernova explosions. In 1970s, the Observatory x-ray telescope and large array of radio telescopes created images using computers as intermediaries between the telescope and the observer. Then, microcomputers came into use for the control of data acquisition at telescopes, theoretical simulations were extended to a wide variety of complex astrophysical phenomena. Now, astronomers apply powerful computer technologies to obtain, process, and interpret the data from ground-and space-based observatories. Astronomy of its dependence on large quantities of data and its past experience and future goals, will be the leader in important aspects of a national program in high-performance computing.

Exciting developments in astronomy can occur as a result of enhancements in computing strategies, techniques, or power. Workstations are included in grants program, supercomputing support is provided directly to the supercomputing centers, and computers to perform the first stage of data reduction.

Latest technologies: Data acquisition and processing, Data reduction and analysis, Archiving and Theoretical astrophysics.

4. News & Media Industry

News media is defined as an umbrella term for all the sources and presentation of news and information, including: TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, web pages and blogs. An example of the news media is any outlet where a reporter’s story could be printed or spoken.

In very early stage, newspapers are the only media between journalists & the society which consisted of heavy paper work acted as a challenge especially in daily newspapers that needed to print the latest news in the overnight to publish on next day. Then the invention of radio & TV achieves audio & video transition of news. Even though these are somewhat advanced, people can get the news on the specific time frame.

All those deficits have been overcome by the web based news and media portals. By using this we can access 24 x 7 independently. Also. people can go through updated news and subscribe free e-newspapers at any time anywhere. E- newspapers are ecofriendly & helps to green evolution.

Latest technologies: Live video streaming, Online news portals, Social media interactions, Readers forum sections


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