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Implementation Issues of Red Sky and VW

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Wordcount: 1040 words Published: 6th Sep 2017

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Q1. What Implementation issues do the Red Sky face?

  • In the Red Sky face case study, they’ve failed addressing security threats and vulnerabilities regarding their server security. The main goals of security in a computerised network is to protect the physical/data assets of a network to prevent security breaches.
  • Lack of access to the work resources outside the workplace. For a modern-day business to not have remote access capabilities for work staff to do work at home can hinder the overall productivity of a company.
  • Staff complaints about cable wiring. The failure in OHS practices pose great dangers when trying to implement new systems as the cabling across the premise cause great danger when new IT equipment need to be transported around the premise.
  • The use of Microsoft XP. Microsoft Corporation have stopped supporting Microsoft XP which means that Microsoft have stopped issuing security patches for the OS. It is a real issue because this means hackers can break into the system with relative issue gaining access to Red Sky’s computer network.
  • Data Migration. Red Sky must determine a plan whether to run systems in pararel which costs a lot a money or to perform a big bang data migration which can results in data loss.
  • Lack of IT Staff Members
  • No consideration of ergonomics

Q2. What could be done to improve dealing with these implementation issues?

  • In regards to cabling Red Sky can implement wireless connectivity around the premise to prevent the potential injuries too staff members. Also with wireless connectivity Red Sky can make the workplace look more presentable.
  • Red Sky NEED to invest in a new Windows OS that is supported Microsoft to deploy across the network, to harden their computer network from unwarranted hack or viruses.
  • Red Sky management need to map how their business processes into visual map to see how their business matches up their ICT systems.
  • Network security is imperative as encrypting data helps ensure that confidentiality of Company data is kept safe and secure. Implementing file permissions helps who can access what resources. Upgrading to proven industry firewall and intrusion detection system.

Q3 Describe three contextual factors for the Red Sky case study.

Q4. Outline an implementation plan e.g. business process redesign, change management, benefits management, testing, installation, data migration, training, OHS and support.

  • In Regards to Cabling regularly inspecting and test cables leads and keep records that are easily accessible to management. Installing wireless connectivity to eliminating employing qualified electricians to install new cabling.
  • Business process redesign will need to determine around the software that the business chooses to deploy across the company.
  • Red Sky will need to establish a test zone within their company to test new OS/software

Q1.  According to the article, VW installed software to cheat US emissions and this has led to a 20-billion-dollar settlement with US car owners. What are the ethical issues raised by VWs conduct over the past decade?

  • Corruption culture that has been running rife from the top to the bottom for the last 10 years is a major issue ethical issue that damages their image as a globally trustworthy organisation who pride themselves on producing cars that don’t exceed emissions in the united states.
  • VW perceived there corporate social responsibly in the American market as a brand that balances the environment of the world with their ecofriendly cars, which turn out to be a deceiving image as they were willing for 10 years to deploy software that tricked EPA regulators, so they to push their brand into America to make money at any cost that despite their cars exceeding limits of environmental benchmarks.

Q2. How have the sic society values been transgressed by the VW employees?

  • The Primacy of the public interest have been placed at the bottom as this should be the sole being on what VW should be trying to address. By VW installing software that cheats emissions have clearly stated that their agenda is to fill up their pockets with money regardless of public backlash.
  • The enhancement of quality of life is nill as American car dealerships and customer already in possession of the effected VW models must send back their cars to get them fixed resulting in loss of sales in VW car dealerships and less productive customers who need use their VW vehicles as means of transportation to get back and forth to work.
  • Honesty was none existence as they tried deceiving EPA and public about emission levels.
  • VW did fulfil stakeholder’s goals in terms of sales and profits but they went about that in the wrong way be deploying software which alters results.
  • Professional development for their employees who wanted to whistle blow was potentially meant with strong threats on their work future and lively hoods.
  • Professionalism was thrown out the windows as top management within VW knew of the software but their professional curtsey to pump more funds into research to correct their problem wasn’t the route they taken to achieve the upmost professionalism.

Q3. What could be done in the future to Prevent VW and other companies committing these frauds?

  • Governing bodies who run tests on carbon dioxide emission should independently test each car model a car manufacture was to sell.
  • Increase funds to astronomical levels that car manufacturing organisation will not want to cheat the regulations again.
  • VW can put expiration dates on board member time been on the board.
  • Random auditing (EPA increase intrusion detection software to detect programs)
  • Working intensive workshop on work culture
  • Better laws in place for whistle-blowers.


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