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Evaluation of Nursing Health Care Systems

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Wordcount: 1409 words Published: 18th May 2020

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The current dilemma in the systems of health care, calls for a new look into the nature of the treatment.  Health care planners are, therefore, concerned with using the most effective methods to provide care to different kinds of patients in the 21st century. The concept of natural history was widely used in earlier years. It is the most effective in the treatment of specific diseases. However, the advancement in technology has led to new methods for diagnosis and treatment. As we change to the new millennium, it is clear that the biomedical sciences are also getting into the most crucial phase in their development.

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In contrast, the medical practice is undergoing a challenge of uncertainty both in the developing and the developed countries due to the technological advancements. While the developing countries are challenged with the cost of technological advancements and the increase in the number of older adults, the developing countries are dying of poverty and health care systems that are not in operation. Here are the characteristics of a medical culture that encourage the use of High technology in providing solutions to illness.

 Advancements in technology in the medical field, have given a chance to medical practitioners to diagnose and treat their patients effectively. The continuous development of medical technologies contributes to saving of lives and improvements in the general quality of life (Svenaeus., 2018). Technology has improved the experiences of illness as well as health in several ways; first, technology helps in creating awareness for the presence of disease in a patient. This is by, revealing the signs as well as markers through blood tests and imaging. Secondly, technology exhibits the risk factors for the occurrence of ten diseases. Thirdly, technology changes how the infection persists. For instance, a blood sugar test may affect the general condition of the blood sugar level.

Furthermore, there are therapeutic technologies that help in defining the illness condition to be either diseased or unfortunate. Also, technology affects the experiences of illness through changing the social-cultural norms as well as values that regarding the treatment. Therefore, advancement in medical technology influences how the medical practitioners encounter as well as treat their patients (Kroth., 2018). Besides, it helps them in understanding the patient’s ailments as well as complaints. On the other hand, the medical culture that promotes the medical technologies in providing health care, allows the patients to have a new perception about their condition.

The use of the natural history of disease gives the patients only three options to their ailments; that is recovery, disability, or death, for example, of the untreated HIV patient. In the beginning, the infection causes some clinical issues. Thus, it starts from seroconversion up to the end. Where AIDS now develops after primary HIV (Center for Disease Control and Prevention., 2012).Therefore, this method of providing health care seems useful because it places the symptoms in a time frame through the way they manifest and thus, giving health care providers the room to use therapeutic measures. On the other hand, high technology has offered an alternative to quick diagnosis as well as treatment options.

In a nutshell, the advancement of medical technology has made it easy for medical practitioners to provide health care to patients. The diagnosis, as well as treatment, is now determined through the use of technology. The earlier use of the natural history of the diseases was effective in the early centuries. However, the advancement in technology has helped in changing the doctor’s perspective about particular ailments. Moreover, it has given hope to the patients, because they are now able to receive treatment unlike the older ways of diagnosing disease.

Question 2.

The outside forces of the economy are restricting the capability of purchasers to discharge the increased cost of health care. The health care providers get a lot of pressure from the buyers, such as the local and state government to lower the rate of increased health care prices without reducing the level of excellence of care. Therefore, the health care providers have to compete for funding sources to provide quality care by practicing modern methods of financing, managing, and a supporting set up of information. The competition in the out is bringing of health care results to careful use of resources and producing the required services in health care (Andre, 2015). Consequently, the pressures happening from the government and private buyers to make the system more efficient and cost-effective has indicated some success.

The establishment of the system of the government that subsidies for health care that is prospective payment system for inpatient services in hospital by the largest buyer in America Health Care Financing Administration, has significance on combining clinical medicine and significant care concerns. They have a publicly funded insurance to the public such as Medicare where the payment in each case is attached prior and is connected to diagnostic related groups (commonwealth fund, 2016). Conversely, universal coverage is endorsed with improved health in the United States.  Medicare beneficiaries retell of how improved communication with hospital staff that expounded medicines, their effects and gave discharge information.

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In conclusion, the U.S has seen a reduction in disease burden concerning lives lost due to premature deaths and productive life lost to poor health or disability. The teen birth rate has also reduced in the U.S, which reflects teens waiting to have sexual intercourse and the use of contraceptives. The percentage of children getting the suggested vaccination shows appropriate preventive care.

 Question 3.

Health care services in America can be pricey. Visiting a doctor may cost a lot of money in the united states. The more significant part of us couldn’t bear to pay such massive aggregates when we become ill, particularly since we don’t have the foggiest idea when we may turn out to be sick or harmed or how much consideration we may require. Medical coverage offers an approach to lessen such expenses to increasingly reasonable and affordable amounts.

The single taxpayer system of paying health insurance can help the U. S government to reduce the enormous amount of money spent on health coverage. However, the government still opposes; thus, systems (Adamczyk, 2017). The support of this new system, claims that the single taxpayer system will reduce the administrative costs of the governments. This will latter, save the nations the money they use in advertising health insurance as well as securing profits.  Therefore, America is the sole nations among the developed countries that lack a universal system of health coverage.


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