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Development Dental Hospital Management System

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: Information Systems
Wordcount: 5715 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Background Review


Methodologies used for developing website

Software Engineering Methods

Website development Methods

Overview of previous System

Proposed System

Benefits of the proposed System

System Features




One touch solution

Transaction Security

Individual User Module



Goals of the Proposed System

Chapter 3: Design and Implementation




Operating Environment



For My postgraduate project I intend to build a website as my development project. Developing a “Dental Hospital Management System” as my final project, which is developed by using HTML5, CSS3, sql, JavaScript, PHP, bootstrap, CodeIgniter. More and more people use the worldwide web as a source of information. In 2003–4, 12.1 million UK households had Internet access at home and 58% of adults had used the Internet. With the development of Web technology, it is inevitable choice for any type of organization to make a website for an online presence. It is very important to have a website. Being visible online by having a website, it’s given the opportunity to communicate with more user and save time. It is true that, a website or a social media account is accessible for 24/7/365. However, website is one of the fastest way to reach to people about your organization.

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This report contains the information about how a website works, admin can control the management system, user can register and login to the system. A database system is introduced to store all the information and to display the information in the website, HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and bootstrap theme is used. This website is intended for implementing a dental hospital website management system so that a user can easily access to the website from anywhere, anytime. Extensive online security will be implemented via SSL and HTTPS for organization safety. It would save up huge manpower and speed up the whole process which was initially time-consuming and needs mass physical storage space.

Based on the achievement and efforts during the last 4 months, this draft report, fully describe the whole process of the development of this website, including the idea initialization, the specification, background research.


Dental, Dental hospital, Appointment, System, Emergency service, Dental Management, Management system, Demo, Dental Application, Application Management, Dental appointment, Appointment system, Appointment management system etc.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Most of the people in the world use world wide web as a source of information. In June 2018, a survey provides the information that 55.1% of the world population has internet access. In 2015, the International Telecommunication union estimated 3.2 billion people, or almost half of the world’s population, would be online by the end of the year. Of them about 2 billion would be from developing countries, including 89 million form least developing countries.

Most of hospital use manual system for storing the management and maintenance of confidential information. By this way the system requires numerous paper, data store space and the information are spread out through the whole hospital. The information might contain the patient personal information and medical history, staff information, patient appointment with the doctor, schedule for the operation theater, and many more various information that hold significant information. Important information relate with doctor or patient might get lost or stolen, multiple copies of the information exits in the hospital and may lead to contradiction of the information in various data stores. All the information must be keep safe and information should store in a cost wise fashion so that an institution’s resources may be used in a decent and effective way. The aim for the Dental hospital management system is to standardize data, consolidating data, ensuring data integrity and reducing inconsistencies.

My project Dental Hospital Management System includes some extra feature such as, registering the patient, registering the doctor, book an appointment, follow the checkup, a blog from the patient, emergency contact number, social media link, location of the dental hospital, Information about all the service provided by the hospital and the doctor. Doctor, patient, nurse, representative, account etc based individual management system is used to store all data about the user. So that one department users never conflict with another user. The system has the advantage to provide a unique id for all the type of user. User can search about the availability of the doctor and the doctor can check about their daily schedule. Doctors have the access of the previous treatment history of any patient. An email system is introduced to send any information to the user’s email. The structure of the project is very user friendly. All the information is very presented in a very protective way and the data processing speed is very fast.

Chapter 2: Background Review


The scope of the project is much specified as it outlines the modern Management system to be more incorporated in individual business model. Dental Hospital management system is divided into some faces like,

     Develop the new appointment booking system.

     Detailed information about all department for all type of patient.

     A blog for the patient about the current service and new upcoming event.

     Customization and improvement of existing system.

     Individual information module for each user.

Admin has the highest authority all over the system. It is responsibility for the admin to always update or modify the existing system. Ensure the data security and user authentication, assign task to the doctor, manage the account department, assign necessary role and privileges system users and as well as to the users, post any important note for any user. Admin has the power to take away any provided privileges that has been assign to any user.

One of the most significant feature of the website is that, the website is user friendly to the user for all type of user, by incorporating this sub system to user it is ensuring that the user had a better service. The system is provided with different user management system. So that one department user didn’t conflict with the other department user. And individual management system is provided based on the type of the user. One department user can’t access the other department usability. Extensive online security will be implemented via SSL and HTTPS for organization safety. It would save up huge manpower and speed up the whole process which was initially time-consuming and also needs mass physical storage space.

Methodologies used for developing website

A generative idea can introduce the basic idea for building a website. By using the correct method and implementation of designing the system can produce a sure friendly website. However, technology that are used now a day are computer based. These types of technologies play a key factor for developing a website, but also its more existence.

Software Engineering Methods

A website is one of the fastest way to reach to people. Websites are software artifacts, a fact that suggests that the understanding of traditional software engineering techniques is critical. (Glass,2001; Howcroft and Carroll, 2000; Jeary et al, 2009). We are using a specific method for developing a website. So, it is essential to provide some convenience and inconvenience of using these technique.

Software Development technique






     Straight diagram flow

     Easy to understand

     Designing technique well-established

     By the end of each stage the requirement list should be complete.

     If there is one error on the next stage the error continues.

     There is no feedback option before the final stage.

     If any new requirement is introduce that is hard to implement.

     Rigid structure.


     Easy to communicate with user

     Feedback option

     Low cost.

     Takes more time to communicate with prototype user.

     Take time and more effort to make a prototype.

     It takes more costs to develop a persona.


     It’s easy to implement additional requirement

     User can get a overview of the system.

     Takes more time to develop the project.

     Process of the system is more complex


     The program is done in a paired methodology

     It is possible to deliver the project early.

     Difficult to describe user

Fig: Difference between Software Development Technique

The technique describe above has used proved successfully to develop software projects. However, the unique nature of the web and the special characteristics of the website development make them not suitable to use all the methodology for the whole project. As Howcroft and Carroll state that, “Any methodology for website development must be generic and flexible enough to account for the uniqueness and individuality of websites, yet concise enough to achieve the task of development.”

The change and development of the website sector has make it more difficult to build a website. Different method and technique has used to develop website. Which make it more formal way to begin the process of designing a website. The methods are explained below, to conclude on the best approach to be followed to develop a website.

Website development Methods

  1. Planning: In this step the object is identical to develop a website. Also, some basic functionality of the system that must be present to the website to achieve the basic criteria.
  2. System design: It describe the main functionality of the system and the relationship between the system and user. It presents with the logical structure of the system, where the method is performed, database has been introduced, security method has going to be used and these all steps are specified. These steps also presented with the physical design structure.
  3. Building the system: In this step develop combine the planning and the system design and begin to develop the project using the development tools. User can make a physical view of the website after finishing the step.
  4. Testing the system: Once the developer finishes the coding the website is ready for testing. It depends on the develop which testing method is going to be used. Main objective of system testing is to make sure, all functionality is working for the user. Acceptance testing is used to confirm that the website meets all the objecting that are planned for.
  5. Implementation and maintenance: This is one of the most important step. The website need continuously checking and repair.

The method suggested by Howcroft and Carroll tries to describe the methods that is used for developing a website. The methods consist of four steps with sub-steps in each method. An overview of this methodology is presented below,

Step One: In this step it describes the step of analysis of how a website is deigned. The main criteria of this step are reduced the risk of the top management and build up the system requirement. This step has three sub-steps:

  1. Development of the web strategy, which means what is the current condition of the organization, what is the wishes of the organization to be, and what is process to get that steps.
  2. Defining the objectives.
  3. Objective analysis: which involves technology analysis, information analysis, skills analysis, user analysis, cost analysis and risk analysis.

Step Two: A website should designed in a way that if the technology is change it is possible to change it with the new technology emerge. It contains two sub steps:

  1. Information and graphics design
  2. Testing of design, in this stage usually testing is not preferred. But it can help to prevent future errors and malfunction of the website. It will make the whole development process more efficient.

Step three:It consists of the four steps that lead the project from the design phase to the actual generation of the website.

  1. Resource selection
  2. Design review
  3. Code generation and installation
  4. Testing

Step Four: This is an ongoing phase that does not stop after the development of the website. It involves:

  1. Implementation
  2. Maintenance
  3. Objectives review

All these methods have some advantages. These methods are well structured and very easy to understand. If any organization takes the responsibility to build a website, they should follow these steps which will allow them to track the development of the website. Also, these methods is very useful for any large scale project, where developers have their own distinct roles.

Overview of previous System

A Dental hospital is a place where patient came with dental problems. Any dental hospital provides some basic facilities like,

     Consultant advice and treatment for cases of special difficulty referred to hospitals by general dental and medical practitioners or for patients admitted to hospital because of trauma or disease.

     Dental care, including comprehensive treatment, of long-stay hospital in patients.

     Dental care of shirt stays patients when this is required for pain relief or other emergency or as part of, or in support for general treatment.

     The treatment of certain out-patients, where there are medical considerations which make it desirable for the treatment to be carried out in a hospital.

     Consultancy by doctor on diseases.

     Facilities for the new and old patient (Providing Emergency service, medicines etc.)

Various department has different type of task that take place in any dental hospital.

     Search for information for any previous patient.

     Creating bills for the new and old patient.

     Book appointment for any specific doctor.

     Keeping information about various diseases and medicines available on the hospital.

     Store any new patient profile.

     Add new service department, service, doctor, employee.

These are the different type of jobs that must be done by the employee, staff and doctors. Previously these types of work done as follow,

     Information of any patient are taking by writing their name, address, age and gender. Whenever any new patient came information are taken freshly.

     Bills are generated by the written price from each department.

     Provided medicine, disease and treatment of any patient recorded on paper document. It is destroyed after a certain period. And if any patient came after that time staff has a make a new profile for them.

     Information about various diseases is not keep any document. Doctors has to memories the medicine.

     Data is not kept in a secure way.

     There is not direct manipulation for the higher authority.

All these types of work are done manually by the staff member and sometime these information is lost. These paper work is time consuming and a large space is required. A lot of paper is needed, and they need to be taken care of. Doctored must remember the medicine and it may be possibility that the medicine could be missing.

Proposed System

The web application Dental Hospital Management System is implemented for a dental hospital so that a user can easily access to the website from anywhere anytime. Patient can easily book the appointment with doctor. Doctor has the access to any patient profile. Also, all user has their individual login management system.

Benefits of the proposed System

     User base management system.

     Easily Accessible.

     Dynamic user management which will require less manpower.

     Data backup facilities.

     Instant update history.

     No paperwork.

     Blog for the upcoming news or event.

     Emergency contact number.

     Social Media link.

     Compliance with time.

     No hassled of network traffic.

     Quick response.

     Patient individual registration system.

System Features


     Create/Update/Delete doctor.

     Create/Update/Delete Employee.

     Create/Update/Delete Appointment

     Check Bill.

     Create/Update/Delete blog.

     Send Mail.

     Create/Update/Delete Department.

     View Prescription.

     Create/Update/Delete medicine.

     Create/Update/Delete investigation report.


     Create/Update/Delete patient

     View patient previous history

     Create/Update/Delete Appointment.

     Provide prescreen for patient

     Send mail to patient.

     Check hospital activities.


     Check status

     Check appointment

     Check prescription.

     Book appointment

     Send email to hospital management or doctor.

One touch solution

     Viewing available service

     Assigning a patient

     Information about current service by checking the blog.

     Different type of service (optional).

Transaction Security

     Login/Registration/Authentication and Validation Process

     SSL and HTTPS implementation.

Individual User Module

     Registered client’s account information and posting history

     Edit/Modify existing user information. (Only Admin has the access).


     The web application will have a graphical user interface which will able to view by any browser.

     That mean the web application or website which is browser independent.

     Three working modules. Admin, Staff, patient

     The website will store all the information of all registered use to the database, which can be viewed by the user themselves and administration panel.

     Authenticated and secure login system and secure data transmission for all user.

     Detailed information about all previous service.


     Admin authentication is required for access all the information.

     A user must be a registered to login system to user the feature, to have the access to their account.

     Without proper authentication a user can’t login to the system.

Goals of the Proposed System

  1. Planed Approach towards working: All the document and information will be well planned and organized. All the data will be stored in the database. Which will help in retrieval of information as well as its storage.
  2. Accuracy: The level of accuracy in the proposed system will be higher. All operation would be done correctly, and it ensures that whatever information is coming from the center is accurate.
  3. Reliability: The reliability of the proposed system will be high due to the above stated reasons. The reason for the increased reliability of the system is that now there would be proper storage of information.
  4. No Redundancy: in the proposed system utmost care would be that no information is repeated anywhere, in storage or otherwise. This would assure economic use of storage space and consistency in the data stored.
  5. Immediate retrieval of information: The main objective of the proposed system is to provide for a quick and efficient retrieval of information. Any type of information would be available whenever the user requires.
  6. Immediate storage of information: In manual system there are many problems to store the largest amount of information.
  7. Easy to operate: The system should be easy to operate and should be such that it can be developed within a short period of time and fit in the limited budget of the user.

Chapter 3: Design and Implementation


Some third-party software is used to build up the project. Those are free component and most of them is open source. I have used safari, Mozilla Firefox and google chrome etc as a web browser to access user interface. So, this project will not be affected because I am not using anything for which it becomes illegal to use.

Some open source libraries and software’s are used to build up this project.

     Codeigniter libraries to use full compression

     PHP session to verify the user login.

     For dynamic interface some posterior library is used.

     PHP storm for editor tools, jQuery.

     Bootstrap theme is used for graphical interface.

     HTML5 and JS for form validation.


Processor: Intel Core i5®

Motherboard: Gigabyte G31 S2

Memory: 8GB DDR-3 1600 BUS Transcend

Hard Drive: Hitachi 1TB.

Graphics Card: On Board

Keyboard: Standard

Mouse: Standard


In software interface the connections between the system and website software components are. Codeigniter framework, operating system are windows 10 or MAX OS X 11 or above, php storm as an integrated development environment (IDE), live login system is a class which integrates login, registration and validation. User can search for information through queries, those will be executed through the backend implementation and display on the website.

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Operating Environment

The system will be operated from the internal localhost server through the xampp. It is possible to upload the application to any Linux server. But the hosting server need to be 99% uptime. The website is platform independent. User application is accessible through various kinds of browser like Safari, Mozile Firefox, Google chrome etc. This website is a web application where client application has user interfaces through browser and main part is hosted on Xampp Server or hosted Linux server. IBM or Mac any platform user can use the system. Operating system can be used Windows of any version from Windows 7 to Windows 10 or above.


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