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Communication Security Research Report

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Wordcount: 1768 words Published: 8th Feb 2020

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This paper is going to talk about the communication security which included by cybersecurity. For communication security, there have many different technology and content, this paper cannot include all of it, so that, it only talks about 4 kind of communication security. They are Communication security system, System and method of providing communication security, Systems and methods for enhancing electronic communication security, Short message service communication security. Then, this paper will talk about the important of the communication security for the organization. 

Communication security system

The method of secure application-to-application communication over the Internet uses application message interception, centralized policy management, and a combination of the application’s universal secure data connection layer. Intercepting messages at the application layer enables application-specific security policies to be used prior to messages for different applications that are merged at lower levels of the communication protocol stack and can protect application messages as early as possible in the path to the peer application. Centralized policy management allows security policies to be enforced on multiple internal and external computers and corporate networks, and to prevent security features specified by policy evasion. Data is transferred between applications executing on different computers using a universal connection layer, which allows communication by firewalls that restrict specific ports and protocols, for example, allowing only HTTP-based communication over standard IP ports. Optionally, the method complements the VPN solution by passing application-specific control information to the VPN endpoints to enable the endpoints to perform application-specific processing while maintaining the confidentiality of the application messages themselves (Michael, 2003).

The vulnerability of the Internet is becoming an increasingly pressing issue. In the past few years, the number of reported violations of express or implied security policies has increased dramatically. Increasing security incidents are driving IT departments to find solutions for simple network operations and improved security. Therefore, the communication security system has been used in many organizations.

System and method of providing communication security

The process of checking the authorization and authenticity of a user-provided application includes authenticating the application authentication file against the domain administrator’s public membership key. The application executable is then hashed, and the application hash results are compared to the validation hash contained in the application verification file. At this point, if the application hash and the authentication hash do not match, the service application is denied. If the application hash and the authentication hash match, the configuration assignment in the application authentication file is decoded. The decoded configuration assignment is compared to the user’s configuration assignment. If the result of the decoding is advantageous, the service is provided to the application (Edward, 2002).

This is the based check the communication security method in the communication security system. System through this method make sure the sender is true and send the information to the sender.

Systems and methods for enhancing electronic communication security

The present technology relates to systems and methods for enhancing the security of electronic communications. Receive and store electronic communications related to the application. One or more risk assessments are performed for the received communication to generate a risk profile associated with the communication. A risk profile is analyzed for data associated with previously received communications to determine if the received communication is abnormal. If it is determined that the received communication is abnormal, an abnormality indication signal is output (Paul, 2002).

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This method can obviously improve the electronic communication security. It through double check even multiple check to make sure the information is correct. Therefore, many method that to protect the communication security system has been invent, like the SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol), POP3 (Post Office Protocol), GOPHER (RFC 1436), WAIS, HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol, RFC 2616) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol, RFC 1123).

Short message service communication security

A system, method and apparatus for securely forwarding an SMS message in a communication system, such as in a communication system including an IMS network accessible by a wireless device via a radio access network. The communication system forwards the SMS message from the transmitting station to the receiving station via the network node. The network node (which may be the SMSC in the IMS network) may be used to determine if the SMS message is encrypted and whether the intended recipient supports encryption, and then the network node selectively encrypts and decrypts the received SMS message before forwarding to the expected. Recipient; if the intended recipient supports encryption, the SMS message encrypter/decryptor encrypts the unencrypted SMS message, and if the intended recipient does not support SMS message encryption, it is decrypted by the SMS message encryptor/decryptor Encrypted SMS message. An SMS message intended to be determined to not support the recipient of SMS message encryption may be stored in the keep database, and if the sender requires that the SMS message be sent only in encrypted form, an alert is sent to the intended recipient (Yigang, 2008).

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This method can help the people safely send message to the other. Lost of people like to use the mobile phone to send the message to their friends, more than use the email. Because send message is quickly and comfortably. Therefore, how to make sure the communication security when people send message is very important and necessary. People would not like the other people can received their message.

Communication security for organization

The security team is responsible for overseeing the well-being of the organization’s people, assets, locations, brands and reputation. Of course, they face many challenges, especially since each organizational function is affected by security. Because of this wide-ranging impact, security must be internally voiced in the form of communications representatives to ensure universal and regular communication of policies, procedures and related breaking news items. Using a portion of the communications staff’s time for a security team can increase awareness of plans and initiatives that are critical to organizational security worldwide, thereby increasing the success rate of the program (Edward, 2018).

Regular review of security policies, including wearing security badges above the waist, or controlling access by others without the credentials, can accurately reveal how likely the gap may be. For example, a specific security page can be included in the corporate intranet as a clearinghouse, and security identities can be developed so that when the latest events occur, employees will understand that they need to be aware of and take any suggested actions. Critical. This partnership can also serve as a starting point for creating a more secure culture and integrating security processes and concerns more naturally into a wide range of regular business operations.

When employees lose badges, work tracking badges, disable badges and change badges require the security team’s funding, time and attention. If employees become more aware of the consequences of accidentally losing their identity, they are more likely to take responsibility for their important role in the security level. Because security affects all aspects of the organization, the department has the unique ability to promote cultural development based on collaboration and collaboration across departments.


Because security affects all aspects of the organization, the department has the unique ability to promote cultural development based on collaboration and collaboration across departments. An internal communications representative can act as an emergency communications contact to share the earliest signs of problems identified by the security department with other applicable functions. Workflows can be developed to show how other departments, such as human resources, legal, regulatory, and corporate communications, are interconnected in managing crises. Sharing information across functions helps each team stay conscious and carry out personal work when necessary, while supporting a more cohesive organizational response.



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