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Protection And How To Control Noise Pollution Environmental Studies Essay

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Environmental pollutions constitute of three kinds :namely water, air and land ones. Noise pollution is included within the group of air pollution. In modern time like present time mankind expose to a lot of noise pollution which to some extend is dangerous to health- psychologically as well as physiologically. This paper tries to summarize the faqs, limit values and mitigation of noise problem One may find discrepancy within the writing but worth discussing

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Part I


The problem of noise pollution of the most important problems of crowded cities, especially cities, the industrial ones, and is undoubtedly a consequence of the progress of civilization and that adversely affect human health, especially the sense of hearing, Valdaudhae loud and continuous lead to the loss of the temporary and sometimes permanent hearing loss, also affect the nervous system and cause neurological and tensions may lead to mental breakdown.

And may cause reactions is balanced, such as straying mental, and reduce ability to concentrate, and is also caused high blood pressure, and excretion of excess of certain glands, which causes high blood sugar in the blood and stomach ulcers and headaches, feeling tired and insomnia.

And according to some studies carried out by Austrian scientists to the human life detracts from 8 to 10 years in large cities compared with rural population becauseof noise pollution.

Studies have shown that blood pressure in school children located near the airport in Los Angeles higher than for school children away from the airport and their speed in solving mathematical problems less, and when the failure to resolve the matter quickly Ermoha aside and not try to re-solved, and according to the results In some studies, published in England, one out of every four men and one out of every three women suffering from neurological diseases caused by noise,,, and complain that 16 million workers in the United States of noise in the factories where they work, and estimated the damage being inflicted workers and lead to absence from work whom have 4 billion dollars annually.

Questionnaire Results

1) Your eyes from the face of the most dangerous to human health

a. Noise pollution

b. Air pollution

2) What is the unit of measurement noise?

a. Microbar

b. DB

c. Pitch

3) Hinder the noise thinking in a peaceful way, and cause many problems, including excess nerve in dealing with others and narrow rapid Ocean

a. strongly agree

b. agree

c. neutral

d. disagree

e. Strongly disagree

4) Noise in general is responsible for 50% of mistakes in the business of mechanical and 20% of fatal accidents and wasting 20% of working days

a.strongly agree




e.Strongly disagree

Part II

v The Definition of Noise

Are those sounds that are not in line to hear the man and not went flat it, then it sounds ragged irregular, does not lead in their entirety to the meaning of a clear contrast to the melodies of music which is warmly her rights, as well as it sounds with high frequency and lead to vibration of the eardrum strongly.

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And sound interested in the first meaning of physiology, because our understanding of the sound depends on the ability of our nervous system to receive him and his analysis and there are voices we can not hear, and on the second physicist and is intended to those waves that we know it sound regardless of the existence of a future or non-existence.

And the human ear can understand the sounds ranging from 17 to 2000 pulse per second, and in nature there are fewer votes and the highest of these frequencies and know Balfoq and sound underneath.

And there is a set of actions can be taken to control noise pollution such as urban planning while maintaining a cover, the green because the trees absorb a large proportion of the votes in addition to be a street widening to ease congestion and outputs of the noise and others, can also improve the technical condition of the devices that give off noise.

Types of Noise Pollution

1. Noise and transportation.

2. Noise and music clips and songs and other media


3. Noise comments on the events and matches

4.Road noise and the streets are come mainly from cars, buses, vans and motorcycles as well as the assignee of the cassettes and transportation, all of these methods cause noise in different ways.

5.Noise rail (trains) do not get upset a lot of people, noise emitted from the cars as much alarmed by the noise the trains due to be considered a means of transport useful but indispensable to move within the city in some cities in the world This is the best way because it is fast but the most important disadvantages of the train he was the source of Voice of the higher

6.Aircraft noise (air noise) even though the aircraft has become less disturbing than it was before .. However, tariff escalation and the increasing number of airports to accommodate the number of aircraft .. Leads to the survival of noise, and considered the problem of aircraft noise disturbs people living near airports

7.Social noise is often the cause of this noise:

1 – Noise Factory 2 – home-based activities. 3 – assignee electrical appliances and homes. 4 – sounds of screaming people. 5 – auto repair.

Engineers may use certain materials in the walls to isolate these sounds and mitigation, but these materials are expensive.

Industrial noise (noise factory) and have come from factories or places of work which affect the workers in these places, as well as the general public. Although other types of noise considered harmful but that this noise is most serious at all.

8.The noise of water sound of the waves can be a nuisance, or a sound ship engines, and there are other creatures affected by these sounds and you hear from a distance, such as the whale

The Adverse Effects of Noise

Damage in the ear and hearing loss: It is well known that the ear downsample the sound waves into electrical signals or nerve to the brain, transformation .. Ear and are usually the result of damage to the recurrence of disturbing to hear the voices and consistently high, thus affecting the nervous system is affected when certain frequencies .. And it begins in the weak sense of hearing gradually eventually lead to lost completely. It is noted that with the aging of those who keep account of persons who are exposed to normal noise, and they occur gradually in the sense of hearing, has a high degree in old age.

And are summarized in the following factors which affect the sense of hearing due to noise:

  1. The noise level (in decibels) as well as reluctance.
  2. The type of noise.
  3. A period of daily exposure .. The length of the work in the year.
  4. The continuity of the Year.
  5. The change after the noise of a person without the other.
  6. Capacity of the place and the concentration of noise in it.

  7. The nature of the place .

  8. The timing of the noise (at night or during the day): For example .. May be the phone ringing during sleep in the very inconvenience, while acceptable in some way during the day.

Psychological effects :

  1. Nervous tension and anxiety.
  2. Headaches and head pain.
  3. Loss of appetite.
  4. The focus in particular in the mind.
  5. Inability to deal with others.
  6. Absence from work and frequent absences. (This leads to substantial economic loss)

Physiological effects :

  1. Increase the secretion of the pituitary gland.
  2. Increase the body’s sensitivity to the hormone adrenaline.
  3. Effect on the hearing and other physiological changes, including: increased loss of masculinity for men
  4. The weak response of individuals.
  5. Weak muscle activity.
  6. Involuntary movement in the eye with a change in the iris.
  7. Affecting the muscles and internal organs, due to inflammation of nerve cells.

Protection and how to control noise pollution

Growing interest in noise pollution, where there were many sources, and increased risks to humans, especially where he works on the defects of some members within the human body that requires preventive action such as:

  1. ongoing reform of the machines that are found in factories and this step could reduce the noise or be executed.
  2. strict control on industries and modify operations to control noise during the issuance and renewal of work permits.
  3. Issuing the necessary legislation and applied firmly to prevent the use of car alarms and control of their engines and stop the exporting of high voices.
  4. plants are the most important ways to absorb the noise, especially impulsive noise. The high Zraapalocjar help in reducing noise in cities and towns.
  5. prevent the use of microphones and recording devices in the city’s streets, cafes and department stores, 6 – to raise awareness through various media statement on the dangers of this pollution on human health so that one realizes that the acoustic space is not the property personally.
  6. excluding schools and hospitals for sources of noise.
  7. excluding airports, cities and populated areas a minimum distance of 30 km.
  8. must be rail lines and highways away from residential areas as much as possible
  9. Increased number of national parks because it has a psychological impact on the excellent help calm the nerves.
  10. the use of ear plugs in areas where there is noise.


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