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Effects of Nature vs Technology

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People have been chopping down forests to clear land to develop crops for quite a long time and by doing as such we have modified our environment and homes for animals. On the other hand, the environment influences us from numerous points of view too. A basic precedent is the manner in which we change our clothes because of cold or warn climate. Our Environment means our physical surroundings and the qualities of the spot in which we live. We have been interacting with the environment for quite some time now. As a technological species we have put ourselves out of balance. Society depends on technology to find an answer to our problems, not realizing that it alters many aspects of life. Technology can be distracting force from nature, allowing are disconnection from the natural world. It can impact our communication and relationships with each other as well as nature. Technology is constantly changing and becoming a major part of our lives, having a positive but also a negative impact on our everyday lives. It has gone from being a convenient tool to be a bad impact on society. Our relationship with nature has been imbalanced and overused, as society evolved and populations grew more resources and technology were required. Technology complicates our relationship with nature because it doesn’t allow us to grow and connect with the natural resources we are fortunate to have. We limit ourselves when we become greedy with the use of technology. Allowing ourselves to become distant with our relationship to nature blinds us from the current calls for sustainability. In order to achieve sustainable future, humans need to assume a more natural role and have a less impact with the relationship to technology, causing a perceived division between man and nature.

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Understanding the advantages of collaborating with nature is significant for keeping up and improving human prosperity in a quickly urbanizing world. People have had a intimidate association with nature, most clearly relying upon it for maintaining. As present-day society rose, and the human populace dense into urban territories, industrialization liberated numerous individuals from dependence on excessive associations with nature. For sure, in post-war society, human nature has in a general sense moved from direct usage and misuse to more mutualistic connections in which individuals effectively search out associations with nature for entertainment and delight. Associating with nature may along these lines be significant for survival, yet additionally for human personal satisfaction. In reality, there is mounting experimental proof that communicating with nature conveys a scope of significant human advantages, including beneficial outcomes on physical wellbeing, mental prosperity. We can become disengaged from nature because we are distracted and influenced by society. Feeling this association with nature is additionally beneficial for us, and it brings a wide range of health benefits and advantages due to the introduction to nature. Knowing your place in nature brings significance and satisfaction.

The feelings of coming into contact with nature is freeing and beneficial to the person that is looking for a connection with the natural world. An example would be the unpredictable side of nature appears in the first pages of Into the Wild and continues to appear throughout the book. Chris isolates himself from society as well as the materialistic world he lived in. By isolating himself he journeys off in the wilderness, gaining a personal connection with the natural world. He realizes that there is more to life, that we limit ourselves from seeing by allowing ourselves to be blinded by society. He accomplishes his goal on his journey by finding his true self in the process of abandoning society. Chris’s rejection of money and material objects allows him to have a transcendent experience with nature. Soul of an Octopus would be an example of how we allow ourselves to overlook the beauty of the natural world. We are blinded by what is in front of us we don’t have the desire of looking deeper into nature and realizes how fortunate we are to be able to witness the vulnerable side of nature.

The distraction of the modern world and technology can stunt our growth and progress mentally and physically. The interference with technology allows us to take the “easy way out”, we have created a society in which we believe we no longer have to challenge our minds in way to grow our environment rapidly. The dependence on technology disconnects us from the natural world. When we no longer have this connection, we would have completely detached ourselves from this world of brilliance. Nature is a foundation that a society must understand to function correctly. Taking away our focus on nature allows society to dominant and interfere with our growth. This building of isolation between man and nature has caused closed minds and identical perspectives, rather than various points of views on how we can grow an environment with the foundation of simply having a relationship with nature.

Culture is a human establishment, it is where principles and qualities work. These, however, identify with human activity, and are in a manner of speaking, casualties and its changeability. Culture is additionally the space of assorted variety of convictions, of irregularity of interests, even of logical inconsistency in human choices (Hypergeo). Nature, then again, presents itself as a reality portrayed by perpetual quality and consistency. The repeat of seasons and sprouting, the consistency of living structures, yet in addition of the material world, cause nature to be a sort of certification of generosity. Nature gives a kind of strength on which humankind can depend on. It brings out many interactions we do not participate in. Nature hides a kind of truth that ought to be found.

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