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Analysis of 'Our Day Out'

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Literature
Wordcount: 980 words Published: 15th May 2017

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Willie Russell’s Our Day Out is a play which uses humour which covers some serious issues including some serious messages. The play is set in Liverpool; where the author was originally from. The story is about a school trip for a progress class visiting an old castle wreck in Wales however, the progress visits more than the old ruins. The central plot is that Mrs. Kay; the class teacher to give the progress class an opportunity to have fun but this opportunity for the kids tells us of the dissimilarities between the teaching styles of Mrs. Kay and Mr. Briggs. Russell uses this chance to tell us that staff sometimes hides their real feelings but show them when they are enjoying themselves show a completely different side of themselves. This play has several different themes, one of the main themes of the play is: what does the government do for underprivileged children who do not really have a chance to reach the levels. This theme is shows what Willie Russell really thought of the way education was dealt with during 1977.

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I think Mrs. Kay is the kind of person which is quite calm and collected, “Mrs Kay stares at him. She could blow up but she doesn’t.” This undoubtedly tells you that she can contain herself when angry. She is also very much like an activist as given away by this quote, “Ah well we’ll just have to deal with him the best way we can.” This precisely portrays her sense of cheerfulness in an attitude which gives of the sense that she’s telling you to make the best of what you got. A clear attribute of Mrs Kay is her mother-like care for the pupils as shown by, “She always reminds me of a mother hen rather than a teacher”. This plainly displays that she wouldn’t care if her pupils didn’t have education as long as they were happy and safe. “Kevin Bryant come here,” this quote effectively presents the fact that she knows how to be discipline her pupils. She also gets involved in their games and activities showing that she does more than care for her pupils, that is strongly illustrated by, “A game of football is in progress. Mrs Kay is in goal.” The quote “do you could educate these kids my remedial kids,” correctly expresses her belief that there isn’t any hope for her pupils to do well in their future life. I believe the reason why Mrs Kay is concerned a lot for her pupils for the reason that she feels that they have no possibility of achievement in their life and other than giving them an education she wants to give them a better chance at being happy by making sure they enjoy themselves before what she believes is the inevitably despondent years that lie ahead.

I believe Mr Briggs is someone who provides different attitude to Mrs Kay during the play. Mr Briggs is also intimidating because of, “(leaning in close, threatening) Now listen here young lady – I don’t like your attitude one bit!” This powerfully portrays his threatening position and selection of words. He can also get pretty grouchy, “(begrudgingly) Morning,” He can be very insulting to other people behind their backs which is visibly shown in, “We’ve got a right head case of a driver.” The quote, “You’ve got some real bright sparks here,” suggests a sarcastic way of speech which is to be expected a frequent part of his personality. “Don’t you mean try and find her,” this quote cunningly displays the idea that he has an unenthusiastic view on the world but a logical one, so he always anticipates the worst but not without any proper reasons. I felt Mr Briggs finds it effortful to show care or affection for his pupils for a long-lasting stage of time and considers that education and presenting the children little affection that will give them the best chance of success in later life, which is the opposite to Mrs. Kay’s view.

Mrs Kay is a open-minded teacher who wishes her pupils to have fun, at the expense of learning, “I get the impression she sees education as one long game.” She also gives the pupils full control in other word full freedom, “In another part of the castle the kids are rushing about playing medieval cowboys and Indians. Mrs Kay sits in a bench overlooking the scene.” She may be a pleasant teacher to have for the reason that she puts the happiness of the pupils before their education. She lectures that primarily a pupil must have fun and be shown love and affection before education is even declared. The inconvenience in being taught by Mrs Kay is that the pupil’s childhood life will be much happier and endurable; by the time they depart from school they will not really have any education and it inevitable that their futures will be unwelcoming and wretched. Mr Briggs teaches in a usual style which engages in not presenting the pupils love and sympathy by enforcing discipline and educating them properly, “It might look like love and kindness but if you ask me I don’t think it does the kids a scrap of good,”. These two statements, “Sit down! We don’t wander up and down the aisle. We talk quietly to our neighbour, not shout at our mates,” and, “Briggs with a group of ordered school children,” the customary teaching concept of rules, militaristic discipline and control. Mr Briggs may not be pleasurable as a teacher because of his belief of not allowing the pupils to take pleasure in themselves which will lead to leaving school as educated, regimented and as sensible people. He might be more advantageous as a teacher because you would get taught properly which could immensely enhance the likelihood that you would get an excellent career and a clear future because of that.


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