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The document defines art as the visual expression of an idea or experiment and it requires skill and a medium to be formed. I feel that the way the text literally reads, can be translated to cut out some things. Music for instance is a form of art that isn’t visual that however needs a medium, can be enjoyed without the visual aspect. Poetry for instance doesn’t really need a medium unless it is writen,sp or if you include a persons spzvoice as a medium to re-sight the poems. Neither of those things need to be seen. I may have taken the text more literal than needed however I felt like the books interpretation of “what art is” isn’t broad enough for me.

I did think that the artwork by Janet Echelman in the introduction was beautiful and was well expressed. I would love to see that in action.

-1 pt. 2.In your own words, define art?

I define art as something produced out of a creative mind. How do you define a creative mind? An idea brought to life, music, song lyrics/poetry, food, body art, interior design, dance anything that you can produce from an idea, no matter if it is verbally, physically or materialistic.

3.Does art have to be visual and tangible? Explain

No, as I said before music and poetry are both things that are not visual and unless writen sp or recorded they are not always tangible. Dance is another good example of untangible sp art even though it is visually expressed and enjoyed.

4.For the sake of argument let’s say that the art world consists broadly of artists, art

critics, museums, galleries, art dealers, art historians, art educators, art students and those who enjoy and appreciate art. Consider art as those things specifically intended to be art. Do you think that you are greatly separated from the art world? Explain.

-2pts. Answer is confusing. I do not feel separated, I also do not feel like a celebrity in this world? however I feel like art is everywhere, even those things specifically intended to be art. Everyday in car you hear music, instruments and song lyrics. Buildings designed by architects, art work on the walls inside these buildings. All these things are intended to be art however we don’t always acknowledge them as art. Really? Have you seen Chapter 12 in your text?

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5.Name 3 purposes of art and give an example of each.

Personal Expression: Self portraits sp are used to express to the world who artist really is inside and how they feel about their place in life through their own eyes. Rembrandt’s self portrait sp is shown in the book. It shows he has a powerful presence. As Yong Soon Min’s Dwelling, expressed her sense of alienation and absence from the rest of the world.

Communicating Information: Modern day picture books and story’s for children to help them learn a story or a lesson. The book even gives an example as the stained glass in churches, were once used to tell a biblical story to the illiterate.

Visual Delight: This to me seems like the more common purpose. Many things are created for the purpose of appearance; re-models to give everyday house hold items a more modern and visually enjoyable look and feel. Even something as simple as the way a woman applies are make up sp differently in each society or social group within, is art for visual delight.

-3 pts. Incomplete and unclear. 6.What are some of the ideas art can communicate? How do you see these ideas

communicated in your everyday life? Any other ideas? Art can communicate religious ideas and beliefs. Church seems to be the best example. As the book said before the stained glass windows were once used to tell the stories for those who cannot read. To the statues you see in different denominations, such as the catholic crucifix. Telling you of Jesus’ pain and sacrifice. Incomplete sentence. Even in Buddhism, the statue of Buddha depicts him as a large man, when in real life he was skinny with dysentery. However the larger image in that culture was imagery showing his happiness and quality of life. What?

7. What structures or works of art are for spiritual sustenance? Are there any such

structures in your community? Statues of religious figures, churches and temples are all works of art . In many Vietnamese nail salons in my area there are altars dedicated to Buddha, with gold statues and hand painted figurines, even bamboo is twisted and formed to represent luck. There are many paintings and pictures of the Virgin Mary in many Catholic and Spanish derived communities near by. sp All of these are works of art.

8. Briefly describe the subject matter in the art of Romare Bearden. Everything is crammed together. The people seemed to more focused on simple things such as smoking. There is a rocket headed for the moon but is barely visible and hidden in the back ground. The picture seems loud and busy.

-2pts. 9. What does his art reveal about the time and place in which he (Bearden) lived?

It seems that he lived in poverty, a large city, and around people who are oblivious to things in the world other than what is going on directly around him. He also tried to show that the black experience was also relatable to universals. See the quote in the text.

-4pts. Did you read the list of traits on page 12? 10. What are three traits of creativity? -Being in touch with one’s unconscious yet be intensely conscious. -Wondering and being curious – Being able to analyze and evaluate

After reading the section in your book Art in the World, “Early Encounters with the Artist Within” answer questions 11 and 12.

-2pts. Incomplete answer. 11. Do you think humans have a need to be creative? Why or why not? Yes, for us to be able to design our houses, clothing, inventions that we have used to make life easier, as well as medicines and remedies from sickness.

-2pts. 12. Respond to the question at the end of the section regarding what becomes of ‘childrens’ extraordinary capacity? Reality, the more a child realizes or separates real life from imagination, the ore creativity is lost. What did you mean to say here? The more we teach a child how something should look the more they veer away from the way they saw it. As I said in response to one of the discussions. : One of the worst things we can do is teach out sp children to color in between the lines. And tell them the sky must be blue and the grass must be green. We teach them not to be creative.

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13. How do you see yourself as a creative human being? Elaborate. Yes I do, I notice my creativity more in problem solving ways ,and in organizational, and visually pleasing ways. My creativity is at its highest when I am given a problem to solve, when it comes to tangible items. I can build things without direction and turn havoc into a visually pleasing scene.

-2 pts. 14.Is the work of the untrained or outsider artist valid as works of art? Why or why not? Yes, even when untrained it is still a creation of that persons thought or idea. And the art can still be appreciated even though the name isn’t well known. There are many outsider artists who are very well known and have patrons who support them and their work. Sometimes I personally wonder if half of the people in the “art world” really aapreciate sp the art or the name signed to it. Oh you can bet there are people who care what name is on art—art auctions prove that! No matter what social group you find your self sp in there are always followers who are on the bandwagon. If you do no love a piece of art you shouldn’t own it just for who created it. Creation is art, appreciation of one person is validation enough. What do you mean here?

But you didn’t answer the question.

-1 pt.15. What is the difference between looking and seeing? Explain. You can look at something and not really see it. Looking at something is mearly sp pointing your eyes at it, focusing and your brain transmitting what you visually saw. Seeing, is being able to understand, and interpret what you are looking at and even translate and find the meaning or message. Run-on sentence.

-1 pt.16-18. Define representational, abstract and non-objective. Cite examples in the text to go with each definition.

Representational: Art in which it is the artist’s intention to present again or represent a particular subject, especially pertaining to realistic portrayal of subject matter.

Example: Photographs like the one by Lauren Greenfield taken of Dubai is a real depiction of the way this looks. As well as realistic self- portraits like the one of Rembrandt on page 6.

Abstract: Art that is based on natural appearance but departs significantly from them. Forms are modified or changed to varying degrees in order to emphasize certain qualities or content. Recognizable references to original appearances may be very slight. The term is also used to describe art that is non representational.

Example: Romare Bearden’s Rocket to the moon Not sure that is considered abstract since many of the forms are recognizable.

Non-Objective: Art reference to anything outside it’s self, sp without representation. Without recognizable objects.

Example: Anna Zemankova’s untitled piece on page 14

-4pts. You appear to have missed the meaning of the form and the content. Please read the text’s description. 19. Form is described as the total effect of what we see. Content refers to the meaning of the piece. How is the form and content similar/different in the artworks titled The Kiss by Rodin and Brancusi? The form as we see it in Rodin’s depiction is visually more realistic. It is a man and a women embarrassing sp in a kiss, in the nude, indicating it may lead further than that and unify them as one. Brancusi’s is visually less realistic and its content expresses more the idea of love than what it is in its literal meaning. Even though they are the same in the end. Incomplete sentence Rodin’s form allows you to figure out the content. It seems you must know the content of Brancusi’s before being able to really see the piece for what it is.

-2pts. 20. Content isn’t always what it appears to be as is the case in iconography. Define

iconography and elaborate on this as it applies to the painting on page 55 titled

The Virgin of Carmel Saving Souls from Purgatory.

Iconography: Is the symbolic meaning of sign, subjects and images used to convey ideas important to particular cultures or religions and the conventions governing the use of such forms. In The Virgin of Carmel Saving Souls from Purgatory it is used many different times. The icon that seems to be most widely know sp would be the white dove, many could look at this painting and know immediately that it represented the holy spirit because it has been used so often. The Virgin Mary is shown in a very recognizable way, holding baby Jesus, with the crown on her head. The text says that the fire shows the people trapped in purgatory;, however some may see that as hell if they were unaware of the title of this piece, so I disagree that it is an example of iconography as the book states. Your text names many more symbols and their meanings.


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