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Perception Of Interpersonal Relationships English Language Essay

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Wordcount: 1875 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Learning the perception of Interpersonal Relationships the past few weeks have been a very rewarding experience for me. I have always enjoyed talking to people, listening to people, and just being around people, but I never really knew just how important communication was and being able to do it effectively. I’ve learned many things in this course, but my focus for this paper is going to be interpersonal relationships.

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What are interpersonal relationships? Interpersonal Relationships are very important when dealing with any kind of friendship. It is interaction with another person, usually in an informal setting, and is one of the best ways to develop and retain an association. In order to do this, you must have the ability to understand and get along with others. This is known as “emotional intelligence”: being self-aware, managing emotions, encouraging yourself, recognize emotions in others, and managing associations. Self-awareness is having the capability to get a little distance from the emotion so that you will be able to look at it without being overwhelmed or react too promptly. Managing your emotions is expressing them in an approach that is suitable to the situation. Motivating yourself is setting a goal and disciplines yourself to do what you have to do in order to reach that goal. Recognizing emotions in others is having Empathy, which you are capable of recognizing and sharing someone else’s feelings, and it’s essential to human associations. In order to handle relationships, you must be capable of organizing others, and negotiating solutions when there are problems to be solved, and generally bond with others emotionally. You must also have a sense of balance and be capable of recognizing your own needs and know how to execute them.

There is importance of emotional intelligence to strategic flexibility. You must have strong self-concept, which is the way you think about and rate yourself. The way you perceive people and the planet around you, and how fine you comprehend and cope with others have nonstop influence on your self-concept.

Perception, emotional intelligence, and self-concept have a nonstop manner on strategic flexibility because they can either improve or weaken your capability to expect, evaluate, estimate, choose, and relate your skills and behaviors. The healthier your perceptive skills, the more probable your emotional intelligence is high and your self-concept is encouraging.

While becoming familiarized to using strategic flexibility framework, you build up self-control through self-discipline. Listening to others becomes easier when you are secure in yourself. Your perceptions are more precise, your interpretation of nonverbal behavior of others and attempts to actually comprehend improves. There is a larger chance that you will be capable of managing relationships more productively. Managing relationships is not an easy job. It is a learned behavior, and by having emotional intelligence can help you launch and prolong enduring, significant relationships. Physical attraction is paying attention to somebody for the reason of the way they look. The attraction can also be sexual. It can be a reason for wanting to get to know someone, but is not usually the foundation for a durable relationship. Perceived gain is when we are mesmerized by someone because we assume we have something to achieve from them. We typically inquire about others in our same category, but for a moment we try to intermingle in with a higher category because we assume the awards will be of greater value.

Similarities are when we are mesmerized by someone because we share our attitudes and beliefs or seem knowledgeable about topics that are of concern and importance to ourselves. Our beliefs are convictions; our attitudes are the felt beliefs that preside over how we conduct ourselves. Compatibility is having related attitudes and personality, and enjoying the same activities.

Differences are when people have very different beliefs. This is usually very unlikely that a well-built and enduring relationship will be produced. But it is possible for people with different personality characteristics to be mesmerized by each other. Proximity is the close contact that occurs when people share an experience with each other such as work, play, or school.

Another type of attraction is cyber attraction, which is when we depend on cues such as verbal communication, mode, time, tempo of text, and utilization of punctuation and emoticons. This gives us the chance of interacting with others exclusive of the influence of physical attractiveness stereotype and the less significant number of cues has larger importance. A motive for interpersonal communication varies from person to person for the reason that each person has their own personalities and moods. When we take on a lot of interpersonal communication for pleasure, it is because it is fun. Affection is very important to happiness, whether it is articulated verbally or nonverbally. It is a heart-to-heart emotion. Inclusion is your association with others and is the most powerful human need. Belonging is everyone’s sense of well-being. Escape is used when we try to avoid doing something that we need to do. The newest form of escape is by computer. Chat rooms, e-mail, and surfing the net are ways of escaping without actually going anywhere. Relaxation is done to relax and unwind after dealing with the various activities of the day. Control is when you are capable of making choices. When it comes to health, it has been researched and shown that people with strong social ties live longer than those that isolate themselves. People whom are lonely are encouraged to join local clubs or organizations because of health-protective things. Cyber motivation is usually an amplified motivation because engaging in CMC is pleasurable and stimulating. It also has the capability of boosting self-esteem, and you are able to self-disclose with little risk of losing face. Relationships are governed by roles that the participants look forward to each other to play. They are for a time firmly clear; and at other times the participants have the flexibility to identify them.

The foundations for conversations are usually started with small talk. This allows a person to continue contact without making deep commitments. Some tips for the foundation of conversations are as follows: introduce yourself in a way that allows the person the opportunity to respond to you; give him/her a way to remember your name; and personalize your greeting.

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Bids and the bidding process is what hold relationships together. Bids are questions, gestures, looks, touches, or a distinct look so as to say I would like to feel attached to you. Responses to a bid can either be a positive or a negative answer to the call for emotional connection. Owned messages are acknowledgements of subjectively with the use of first person singular terms (I, me, my, mine). Self-disclosure is when a person tells another person something that they wouldn’t typically make known to just anyone. Social penetration is the development of escalating both disclosure and intimacy in a relationship. It is the majority of the most extensively studied process in relational development.

The process of self-disclosure is divided into four sections, know as the Johari Window. The first section is the open pane, which includes information about yourself that you are willing to communicate with others, and you are unable to hide. The second section is the blind pane, which is kind of an accidental disclosure area. These are things that you don’t know about yourself, but others know about you. The third section is the hidden pane, which is self-knowledge that is hidden from others. These are things you know about yourself that you don’t want disclosed to others. The last section is the unknown pane, which is a nondisclosure area without any possibility of being disclosed because it is not known by you or by others. Self-disclosure is most rewarding when it leads to greater intimacy. Intimate relationships allow us to really be who we are and share who we are with another person. It should only occur in relationships that are of most importance to us.

The essential elements of good relationships are: vocal skills, arousing self-expression, chatty focus, nonverbal examination, chatty support, concern and enjoyment, dedication, and adjustment. Vocal skills are having the ability to carry ongoing conversations, or dialogues with your partner about the relationship itself. Emotional Expressiveness is your ability to bid and respond to bids based on the way your brain process feelings, the way your emotions were maintained in your home, and your emotional communication skills. Conversational Focus is what you and another person agree to talk about. Nonverbal Analysis is your capability to interpret amid the lines and explore nonverbal cues of another person. Conversational Encouragement is vocalizations that reveal to someone that you are listening and interested, and prompts them to go on with talking and intricate their own ideas. Care and appreciation is a way of consistently using ways to communicate with a person whether you want a relationship with that person or whether you want to avoid that person. It is used mainly to foster a relationship. Commitment is the strong need by both parties for the relationship to go on and an eagerness by both parties to take accountability for the problems that come about in the relationship. Adaptation is the time and effort devoted to sustaining, heartening, and cultivation relationships, even the deep-rooted ones, and must be spent in both introspection and communication. It is important for you to speak, listen, agree, stay on track, and hold your relationship in an affectionate view.

Another way of forming interpersonal relationships is by the internet. You can benefit from internet communiqué because it promote vigorous contact and relations, offers stronger support systems for interpersonal relationships, allows people to be integrated into society and removes some barriers, reduces the cost of communicating with geographically distant acquaintances and strangers, increase social contacts beyond family and close friends, offers opportunities for communicating on an global altitude, and loosen the communal limitations that have traditionally protected morality and manners. Internet addiction can also be a problem. But it still affirms, reinforces, and assists in maintaining successful interpersonal associations.

These are all the tools that aide in holding a relationship together. If you are not capable of adapting and adjusting your skills and behaviors, these tools are ineffective. So, it is very important to learn and develop strong communication skills so that you can be more effective in your interpersonal relationships.

Communicating Effectively, Eight Edition by Saundra Hybels and Richard L. Weaver II.


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