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Different Aspects Of The Speech Presentation English Language Essay

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Speech analysis is an evaluation of different aspects of the speech presentation. It is a critical skill to study a speech and how to deliver an effective speech. It is one of the twenty-five essential for a public speaker. It includes whether you attend the speech presentation, or view a video or read the speech text.

Speech analysis is very important because the ability to analyze a speech will accelerate the growth of any speaker. It also will maximise the impact of the next speech presentation of a speaker. A common thing that happens after a speech is that you will start evaluating yourself right from the moment you leave the stage. Did everything go as planned? What did the audience think? Frequently, you will get so caught up in presenting your speech that you lose track of how the audience is reacting and responding. That’s why getting feedback after the speech is important, so you know what you did well and what you did poor. Thus, you can identify things that could make your speech even better.

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Incorrect method of the speech

On the speech organization, first thing the speaker started with his introduction which is not organized at all, because he suddenly said, “My speech is….” without satisfying the audience and without revealing the topic. Moreover, he didn’t explain what he is going to talk about in his speech. Thus, his introduction is poor while he didn’t preview his general and its points.

For the body organization, he didn’t really show what is the major point of his speech. He used to explain some photos and using some examples with it. There is no clear idea about the way he organized his speech, he kept talking about some things which are not belong to the speech. Like changing from a topic to another without knowing where the beginning of it, he just said whatever came on his mind. The way he organized his speech is very direct and without any introductions of his ideas that he is going to talk about.

In the end of the speech, he gave his personal opinion about the topic and how to go beyond your occupation, there is no specific purpose in his speech. There is no clear summary for his topic and he was like giving his personal idea only.

On the language, in the first place, the speaker having trouble in saying what he wants to say. This might be the weakness of the speech muscles. For example, like the muscles of the face, tongue, and lips.

The speaker also may have different speech characteristics. One of them is the speaker difficult to put sounds and syllables together in the correct order to form words. Longer words are usually harder to say than shorter words. Besides, he also made mistakes when speaking. The speaker may try saying a word several times before he said it correctly. Additionally, the speaker may not be able to communicate effectively with speech, and may need the help of additional communication methods.

On the speech delivery, the speaker supposes speaking extemporaneously by uses only a set of brief notes or a speaking outline to jog the memory. However, besides using a set of brief notes, the speaker has relied on the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop to read to his audience for his speech presentation.

On the other hand, on the speaker’s voice, although the speaker’s voice volume is loud enough for a small size of audience in a classroom, he gradually speak softly and not loudly when the time he read the script from the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop, the audience cannot hear clearly. The speaker also fall into repetitions pitch patterns that are just as hypnotic as a monotone. Although overall the speaker is not speaking too fast, he did mistakes again when the time he read the script from the presentation slide of the power point from the laptop. He is speaking so quickly that the audience lose track of his ideas.

In addition, the speaker does too many pauses especially when every time he is forgot the script. Furthermore, when he does pause, he also pauses at the middle of thought units. This may distract audience from his ideas. Most important, one of the major mistakes that he made is he fill the silence with vocalized pauses such as “uh,” “er,” and “um.” This annoying the audience and they create negative perceptions about the speaker’s intelligence. Moreover, the speaker spoke extemporaneously with poor vocal variety. He did not develop a lively and expressive voice throughout the speech.

On the speaker’s body, his physical actions affect much the outcome of his speech. Based on the personal appearance, the speaker wore a simple casual clothes and a hat during his speech. It’s not a suitable attire clothes while you give a formal speech to audience. He also wear a cap during a speech, it shows disrespect to the audience. Besides, the speaker did a big mistake in his movement. He shakes his body here and there while talking. Sometimes, his body faces back or side to the audience.

Next, is the gestures mistake that he had made. He moved too much of his hand throughout the speech. Sometimes he put his two hands inside his pocket; sometimes he let them hang at the sides; even sometimes he wring his finger and gently pat the table to retrieval his memory. These gestures that the speaker makes draw attention to themselves and distract from his message. The last mistake which he had made is his eye contact. He has almost no eye contact throughout the speech. He kept looking up and down from the laptop then back to audience again. It is the biggest mistake and the obvious part that he had made in this overall speech. Even sometimes, he closes his eyes to recall his memory.

Suggestion of the correct method to improve the speech

On the speech organization, the right organization that the speaker has to do is to gather his ideas and support the ideas with the right materials to send the clear idea of his speech, and as we said before, the writer didn’t announce his specific purpose he announced only the general idea of his speech.

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He has to work on his speech by choosing the right methods of organizing the ideas and the points to be clear to the audience. Moreover, he has to support the ideas with statistics, examples or testimony, but he only used one method with is the “examples” but it was not on its right place, because he kept on giving examples about his opinion.

The speaker should have organized his speech under the topical order because his general idea is about “the host club” so it is about a topical speech.

On the language, basically there are some language techniques that the speaker can use for an effective speech. First, adjectives. Adjectives are the simple persuasive language. Second, repetition. It can be used for emphasis. By the way, it ensures the audiences are listening because repetition catches the ear. Third, asking question. Of course, the list of the speech is not complete without the question. This is an effective speech because it requires an audience response.

It is also important for the speaker to remember that the language used in a presentation. Use only professional language to the audience. The speaker has to make sure that correct grammar and word choices are used through the presentation.

On the speech delivery, because of the speaker supposes speaking extemporaneously, he should well-prepare and rehearse for several times for the speech which is just presented from a brief set of notes and no other materials.

On the other hand, on the speaker’s voice, the speaker need to maintain his loudness throughout his speech and need to talk louder when the audience look puzzled, are leaning forward in their seats, or are otherwise straining to hear. The speaker also has to work on varying pitch patterns either upward or downward to fit the meaning of his words of the speech. Again the speaker has to maintain the rate he speaks throughout his speech, not too fast especially a slower tempo is needed when he is explaining complex information that is not familiar to the audience.

In addition, when the speaker does pauses, he should make sure his pause at the end of thought units. Most important, to ensure the speaker do not filled with vocalizations such as “uh,” “er,” and “um” when every time he is forgot the script, he has to practice the speech several times using only the speaking outline as practice makes perfect. Moreover, when giving the speech, the speaker should modulate his voice to communicate his ideas and feelings.

On the speaker’s body, posture, facial expression, gestures, and eye contact will affect the way audience respond to him. Based on the personal appearance, he should wear an at least formal suit and formal trousers. He has to take off his cap while giving the speech as it shows disrespect to the audience. Besides, on the movement, what he has to do is to stand straight and sometimes just move a little is possible. He body should also just face front to the audience.

Next, on the gestures, he should only move his hand when he emphasizes any keywords. Eventually, on the eye contact, he should direct visual contact with the eyes of audience to help gauge his truthfulness, intelligence, attitudes, and feelings. He should also prepare a speaking outline before his speech and practice or memorize some parts of the speech to avoid mistakes happened by looking on the laptop by the audience.


In summary, we’ve covered three ways to give feedback from watching a video recording of a speaker’s speech. For the first viewing, we recommended listening to audio only for the speech organization and writing down word for word what the speaker actually said. Next, for the second viewing, we recommended listening closely to language that has been speaking by the speaker. Finally, for the third viewing, we recommended looking for speech delivery. Speech delivery includes methods of delivery, the speaker’s voice, and the speaker’s body. Particularly, we recommended looking deeply for any distractive or repetitive mannerisms to polish and refine the speaker’s speech delivery. When you implement these tips, you will not only look more professional, but you will feel more confident in your speech presentation as you make a greater your impact on your audience.


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