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Children And People Who Are Blind English Language Essay

Paper Type: Free Essay Subject: English Language
Wordcount: 1737 words Published: 1st Jan 2015

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Blind people require an audible signal and some sort off way of when the crossing starts and finishes. Children require a system which is simple, unambiguous and easy to understand. For the blind we have the bobbled paving at the start and finish of the crossing, also there is the audible sound which is given off when it’s safe to cross. On the crossing control the button is quiet large and easy to find thus enabling the person to find it. For children the system has a few more items which help explain when to cross. There are the displays which have a green man which is walking and a red man which is stood still. The child needs to know that red means danger, do not cross and green means safe to cross when lit. Also the child needs to know that the audible sound also means its safe to cross. Both sets of users need to know that the button requires pressing to get the response which they require to use the crossing.

The expectation is that all crossings should be of the same design in principle and ease of use.

I think it is simplicity as the pedestrians are given clear and simple instructions on what actions they should take depending on what they see and hear from the crossing. It breaks down when you can cross or not cross from the moment you press the button to use the crossing into unambiguous instructions and outputs via the display and audible given off. [Word Count 63]

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The push button uses visibility and feedback principles. This is achieved by the use of the red and green lights below the button. The red button will light up to give the indication that the button has been pressed and it’s unsafe to cross. This is tends to be the universal rule that red means danger and stop and green means safe and go. Once the traffic lights turn red the red light will extinguish and the green light will illuminate. When the traffic lights turns amber the green light on the box will extinguish and the red will not illuminate until the button is pushed again. [Word Count 108]

I feel that a pie chart would be better to visualise the data. This is due to the nature of the data it breaks down the data in proportion to the percentage and helps us interpret it. If we were to use a line chart I feel that it would not be fit for purpose as we would no be able to visualise the data as well as we can in a pie chart. [Word Count 75]

With figure 1 the visual representation is lacking as there is no data table which enables you to interpret the graph by comparison. Also there is the lack of labelling as there is no title to explain what the graph represents. I feel that the data is not presented at the detail which is required to make any sense of it thus losing the general idea of being able to draw the viewers’ ideas out. Overall I feel that the graph is very ambiguous and liable for misinterpretation. [Word Count 89]

Question 2

The digital divide is the gap between the developed rich countries of the world and the poor undeveloped and developing world. The Simputer bridges the cost and enables the poor to share a device by the use of individual cards which their information is stored on.

Another problem is the high level of illiteracy in the undeveloped and developing world this is due to the strong oral traditions of these people and cultures, the simputer can have an audio based guide choice which circumnavigates this problem and enables the individual to access the information they require. Some languages do not have a written form and other languages are not supported by traditional computers that we are use to. The simputer has a number of innovations which include user interface that uses languages which are mainly spoken and not written. The output is also by speech synthesis which does away with being literate.

The other problem is that the English language is used in many applications these days and many of these countries have little or no understanding if the English language. This means that how we interact with our computer is not suited for these people. The simputer over comes this by using icons which these people can recognise. [Word count 210]

Why speech recognition makes mistakes is the lack of clarity from the speaker, also background noise and the conversion process from analogue to digital. This is over come by having the system either asking for you to repeat the word or having large data bases for it to draw upon. With handwriting recognition we have the problem that everyone’s hand writing is different and that a computer is not able to comprehend information which is obscure and unreadable. As humans we are able to decipher this due to our brain and common sense. To over come this many systems will make you break your hand writing down into single characters as they can’t recognise joined up writing. Overall this limits the use of these methods. [Word count 126]

Question 3

The scenario falls into the phishing. It falls directly into this as it one of the most common ones for this type of scam. It asks you for your banking details by impersonating an internet banking site. Also it falls into identity theft as you are asked for your personal details which can be used to buy products, obtain credit or sign contracts using your name. [Word count 67]

How I broke the code was to use dusk as the starting point. This could have only been two of the four letter words either jvtl or kbzr. I ruled out alau as it has two of the same letters. I then use letter substitution so the D could either be K or J. I then used either letter as my starting point to move the alphabet from that point. I discovered that the only way that the cipher made sense was using K as my starting point. So JSLVWHAYH JVTL AV TF ALUA KBZR is CLEOPATRA COME TO MY TENT AT DUSK. The reason why I am confident of this by using frequency analysis of certain letters and also if I was to use the J as my starting point the sentence would make no sense at all. Also there are only 25 possible keys using a Caesar cipher. [Word Count 151]

The reason why frequency analysis is due some letters having a high frequency use in our language and some letters don’t. The most frequently occurring letters in English words are E (13.0%) and T (9.3%). Letters which least occur are J (0.2%) and Q (0.3%). This enables the cracker to substitute which letters occur the most and makes it easier to decipher. Also due to the fact that there can 25 possible keys for each letter also makes it easier to crack. [Word Count 83]

The reason why you can’t break a homophonic cipher using frequency analysis is the numbers are randomly generated also high frequency letters are given more than one number. This makes it difficult to break as you can’t associate a number to a letter due to the frequency being levelled out. [Word Count 50]

(iv) Using the table on page 26 of unit 14 is encrypted Cheltenham as IJLBZGDNCT using GCHQ as my key. I did this by repeating GCHQ across the table and then working down the first column to find the letter g. once there I worked across the top alphabet to the letter c then came down to where the G and C intercept each other to get the first letter for the Vigenere cipher. I then repeated this for all the letters using GCHQ until Cheltenham was encrypted. [Word Count 87]

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(v) To ensure that FBS is not using a false identity the FCA verifies the user and keeps a data base of the certificates it issues. This certificate relies on FBS and the public key it uses with the asymmetric cryptography method that it has used. as a digital signature will be assigned by using a hash of the certificate encrypted by the FCA. [Word Count 63]

Question 4

Has Technology Made Us More Aware

The effects and fall out from the G20 protests in London are far and wide on a technical and personal nature.

What we have discovered is that nothing can never really taken for granted due to the advent of new technology which we use in everyday life. This has open a whole new way of how we observe the world we live in

With the G20 protests we find that the police have had the tables turned on its self with the use of these new technologies. They have come under greater scrutiny more than ever through the use of personal phones and the way we use them. We now see that the authorities are coming under surveillance to a much greater degree than they could ever anticipate from the general public. This type of inverse surveillance is called sousveillance.

With the capture of these images from using a mobile phone, they were incredibly quick to reach the internet and make front page news. These images were not only confined to the internet but were in the newspapers and splattered over the television also.

In away because of the incidents we see that individuals did not know they were under any sort of surveillance and that their actions had isolated them as individuals. In general this falls into the theory of modern surveillance the panopticon as we can see. Every action can be potentially observed by someone without the individual knowing; it’s also it’s not labour intensive and targeted a particular group of people, the police.

From the side of the authorities they have their CCTV cameras which are either static or mobile which have monitored the crimes which some of the general public have carried out during these protests. From these images they have been able to make arrests and bring these people to justice in the eyes of the law.

As we can see the authorities were carrying out surveillance on these protests for these such incidents, but also we can gain from this that at sometime during our day we can come under surveillance at anytime with the increase in CCTV across the country in public areas.

In conclusion the greater use of cameras by the public and authorities has given rise to a greater portion of surveillance amongst us in general. Our every action can be observed no matter where we are. Is this a good thing? I am not sure as there are instances where it can be used for the greater good of people, putting no one above the law. But we have to off set that with how people use these items for self gain and crimes they record using them.


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